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Carlos Brathwaite left out to work on fitness, bowling - Stuart Law

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Stuart Law said playing the IPL would be a "good thing" for Carlos Brathwaite and give him the opportunity to work with the likes of Rahul Dravid © AFP

West Indies head coach Stuart Law has said Carlos Brathwaite was left out of the squad for the upcoming ODI series against Pakistan to allow him to work on his fitness and bowling. Law also confirmed that the selectors had allowed Brathwaite to play in the IPL, which he personally believed was "a good thing".

"From [those who played] the series against England, Carlos Brathwaite has been left out. I thought the opportunity was there for Carlos to go away and work on a few aspects of his game, namely his fitness and bowling, and getting back to bowling how he wants to bowl. That's why he's been left out, and it's just coincided that the IPL is there and we have no cricket after this IPL series and he hasn't been part of the last Test series. So the selectors gave him the option of going to the IPL as well, which I think is a good thing. [He'll] get to talk to guys like [Delhi Daredevils coach] Rahul Dravid, learn how to play spin, get plenty of practice, and work on his fitness and bowling."

Despite Brathwaite's reputation as a devastating power hitter in T20 cricket, his numbers in ODI cricket have been disappointing throughout his career, both with bat and ball. In 23 ODIs, he has scored 270 runs at an average of 13.50, only once crossing 25 in an innings. In the same period, he has taken 21 wickets, averaging 47.47. In the recently concluded ODI series against England, which the West Indies lost 3-0, Brathwaite scored 12, 23 and 7 while failing to take any wickets, conceding 148 runs in the 24 overs he bowled.

Law put down the omission of the other Brathwaite in the West Indies set-up - Kraigg - to a desire to see a more positive approach in the first Powerplay during an ODI. He has been replaced by Chadwick Walton, who scored three hundreds in his last five domestic games before being called up for the four-match T20 series against Pakistan, where he accumulated 80 runs in four innings.

"We spoke to Kraigg after the last series and we've spoken to him since. We're just looking for a bit more impetus at the top of the order in the first ten-over Powerplay. We need to make a bit more use of those overs, and Kraigg's aware of that. It's not like he's never going to play for the West Indies in ODI cricket again. He's got the opportunity to return to first-class cricket and score runs which he has done, and also a good opportunity for him to get in good nick and feel comfortable about his game before the Test series starts.

"Chadwick Walton, I saw him for the first time in the flesh in the ODI series, he had an outstanding 50-over [regional] tournament. He also scored a hundred in the warm-up against England in St Kitts. So he comes in with form under his belt so I'm looking forward to seeing what he can offer in the first ten overs."

Law also lamented what he considered a failure on his side's part to play to their potential in the T20I series, stressing that they had to become more consistent.

"We underachieved during the T20 series. The second game was the one that we threw away. We got in the driver's seat, got the total down to under a run a ball and unfortunately messed that one up. The fightback began in the third game where Evin Lewis basically took the game on single-handedly. In the last one we made poor decisions in the middle order. Players have got to start performing consistently."

The three-match ODI series between West Indies and Pakistan begins on April 7, with all three games to be held in Guyana.

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  • dysonc7900658 on April 6, 2017, 11:38 GMT

    One west Indies. We need to correct the ills that is plaguing our Cricket and our Cricketers. I think west Indies have the most difficult unit in Cricket because island and regions still fighting against each other. It is time we unite to safe the one thing that makes us a region. Put the best team on the field and write the criteria under which selection is made . That might go a long way to making people know why one person was selected and another was not. Instead we just put any under achiever on the field and think that we as fans should be satisfied. We have enough great who understand the region to administer our Cricket why do we need foreigners. Cricket is played on the field and if you love yourself more than Cricket then you are not right for the job . Cricket have to be your passion not your job.

  • Michael on April 5, 2017, 18:58 GMT

    @LINEKAR101......glad Kraigg is left out too.This time all yuh can make him the scape goat when the top order fails....and no..we in BARBADOS want back Carlos in the land so that he can continue talking to the greats like the Gary,the Everton,Greenidge and Haynes and Seymore Nurse and his batting will improve and of course the ' bird ' is always there to give some advice on his bowling. Sadly though that none of your boys can't learn ANYTHING when they return to your/their homeland.

  • Speak on April 5, 2017, 18:26 GMT

    WHOA......... Brute force????....Is he saying the team members lack brains and only rely on brawn?????? I think he had to be misquoted. W I cricketers have always been cricket wise but the physical facilities to support them has been ancient and subsistence. I feel the various island boards could do better in supporting the local players rather than leaving it for beach cricketers to just excel on their own.

  • Michael on April 5, 2017, 17:35 GMT

    Just read the comments after the last ODIs and would you believe that over 90% of the comments persons who said Brathwaite was a total failure BECAUSE of his PERFORMANCES of course and should NOT be PICKED for any future ODIs are some of the SAME ones who are now saying on this blog that he was NOT DROPPED but deliberately LEFT OUT to go to the IPL ? One can EASILY go back and READ what they had to say about Carlos THEN and what they are saying NOW.It is as simple as that and they along with their comments THEN and NOW and their CREDIBILITY will of course be EXPOSED ONE by ONE during the course of the up coming ODIs and beyond

  • Tracey on April 5, 2017, 17:28 GMT

    PLEEEEEZEEE Cricinfo!! Spare us from METMAN. The man does not know the difference between CRICKET (the Sport) and CRICKET(the Insect).

  • Michael on April 5, 2017, 16:57 GMT

    If Carlos Brathwaite was selected for the ODIs series ALL hell would have broken loose AGAIN.Now that he has been DROPPED we hear that he was deliberately left out to go to the IPL ..lord have mercy people,THE EVIDENCE IS THERE that he has FAILED !!! Holder in the last T20 series played as an ALLROUNDER yet certain people are more concerned about his bowling and choose to ignore his BATTING which was FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE than the EXPERIENCED BATSMEN POLLARD AND SIMMONS in which he scored MORE THAN TWICE their COMBINED total of runs....and people are saying that the Board needs to select their" best " players and include them SWARZI YOU are being BIAS,INSULAR and ONE SIDED for choosing to IGNORE the FACT that an all rounder has two roles to perform .For all of that long talk...NAME a player that SHOULD BE CAPTAIN. I have defended and given my reasons why he should CONTINUE as captain or a player.DEFEND and GIVE YOUR REASONS for your choice as captain or a player that should replace him

  • randolf on April 5, 2017, 15:42 GMT

    Cont'd: Hi folks, if you all think that I'm too hard on Jason Holder, look at what their coach Stuart Law said why Carlos Brathwaite was left out, while Jason Holder is not only kept in, but kept as captain! Here's what Mr Law said: "...I thought the opportunity was there for Carlos to go away and work on a few aspects of his game, namely his fitness and 'BOWLING', and getting back to bowling how he wants to bowl. That's why he's been left out..." Now people, ODIs and T/20s are all short format games. But while Mr Law is so concerned about Brathwaite's bowling in short format cricket, and so happy about Jason Holder's bowling, here's how Brathwaite and Holder match up in the last and final short format series which they just concluded against Pak: Both played as so called all rounders, and both played all 4 games. But Brathwaite's bowling returns are: 12 overs; 83 runs; 5 wckts at econ. rate of 6.8; compare to Holder's: 14 overs, 109 runs; 2 wckts; econ rate 7.69. Judge for yourselves.

  • randolf on April 5, 2017, 14:13 GMT

    I agree that players need to be left out when they need to up their game - whether in terms of fitness or skills. So it's good to hear that in the interest of improvement in the performance of the team, Carlos Brathwaite has been left out of the WI team to work on his bowling; but what about Jason Holder? I saw Kesrick Williams out-bowled Holder in all the T/20 matches that they just played against Pakistan - in terma of pace, penetration, line length, et al - yet, Holder is captain - a flawed fixation in the team, while Kesrick Williams is not even in the squad! How can Mr Law and associates expect to win matches facing a perpetual dilemma as this one? I am really interested in West Indies cricket, that's why I am like the lone voice in the wilderness crying out to the authorities to please, do the right thing. It doesn't matter whether or not Cricinfo publishes my perpetual lamentations on this particular West Indies cricket crisis!

  • Michael on April 5, 2017, 12:55 GMT

    @CRICFAN06484158....and so too are Evin Lewis,Kieron Pollard and Lyndl Simmons.

  • Tracey on April 5, 2017, 12:55 GMT

    I don't believe Stuart. I think Carlos was given A BREAK to fulfill his IPL Contract. If he cannot bat or bowl in the West Indies substandard league, how is he going to IMPROVE in the IPL? Under Cameron's LAW, STUART'S comment is expected.

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