West Indies v South Africa, 3rd Test, Barbados July 1, 2010

Steyn and Roach fined for disciplinary run-ins

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Dale Steyn and Kemar Roach have been fined 100% and 50% of their match fees respectively after being found guilty of breaching the ICC code of conduct in separate incidents during the third Test between West Indies and South Africa.

Steyn pleaded guilty to spitting in the direction of West Indies' fielder Sulieman Benn, and was found to have committed a Level 2 breach of clause 2.2.11 of the ICC code of conduct, which relates to conduct of a serious nature that is contrary to the spirit of the game.

The incident took place when Steyn was dismissed in the 132nd over of South Africa's first innings after having exchanged words with Benn in the previous few overs. As Steyn walked off, he appeared to spit in Benn's direction.

The match referee Jeff Crowe condemned Steyn's actions even though they had been instigated by Benn. "Dale's behaviour was entirely unacceptable and he knows that. The fact that he was provoked by Sulieman during his time at the crease helps to explain his actions but cannot excuse them," Crowe said. "Test cricket can be an examination of one's emotions as well as skill and players must learn to keep those emotions in check sufficiently to play within the spirit of the game. This was an ugly moment of which I'm sure Dale is not proud."

Benn escaped without a penalty, but his team-mate Roach was punished for a run-in with Jacques Kallis on the fourth day. Roach repeatedly walked up to and exchanged words with the batsman after testing him with a series of bouncers. The stand-off threatened to escalate and required the intervention of the umpires and West Indies fielders to come under control. Roach pleaded guilty to a Level 1 offence and was found to have breached clause 2.1.8 of the code which relates to conduct of a minor nature that is contrary to the spirit of the game.

"Kemar was involved in an unpleasant altercation in the final overs of the Test where he had to be pulled away by one of his fellow players," Crowe said. "This was after he received warnings from the umpires and so it could easily have been avoided. It was not acceptable behaviour for a player at this or any level of the game and it's not the first time Kemar has been involved in such behavior."

Since this was Roach's second breach of this clause within a 12-month period, the range of sanctions applicable was more severe - between 50% of his match fee up to a maximum of his full match fee and/or two suspension points, which amounts to one Test match or two ODIs.

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  • Michael on July 5, 2010, 0:37 GMT

    Now I am hearing that SA wants the ICC to take action against Benn!WHAT AM I HEARING?as far as I know,Benn wasnt reported by the Umpires nor fined by the Match Referee.If that is the case,the WI should want the ICC to investigate Kallis too,and also look into the spitting incident with Stein,because all right thinking people were flabbergasted that he was only fined.WICB AND LAWYERS please take note of what is happening!

  • Michael on July 4, 2010, 11:50 GMT

    Very well said Everfaithful77, I am in complete agreement with you!Joel Garner told Kemar Roach in Australia,he needs to be more aggressive,more hostile in his bowling and I am glad he has finally taken his advise.If the batsman says any thing to you,ALWAYS have something to say( within the spirit of the game of the game of course) ,back to him!If he insults you! insult him TOO!and to all you who are saying that Roach because he is young,should not have bowled those short pitched balls at Kallis ,a batsman with over 11000 runs----.this is the year 2010 ,and we are in the WEST INDIES,not in SA in the days when a black man could not even play on the same field as a white man,far less bowl bouncers at him!Who the hell is Kallis?Remember he played in the same team as HANSIE CRONJE!

  • Venkatesan on July 4, 2010, 8:12 GMT

    I am an Indian and I cannot agree with few Indian fans here who claim that Indian cricketers know no sledging. Hope they haven't forgotten the very infamous Shreesanth at World T20 in 2007. And Bhajji! Don't we know about his third rated behaviour against Andrew Symmonds and still managed to get away from the incident after BCCI threatened to withdraw from the on-going series? I can give hundred more examples/incidents. Except Srilanka and Bangladesh, I can't think of any team that play gentleman's game. Typical example is how Shakib reacted politely to our Veeru's infamous remarks against the Bangladesh team saying "Pretty oridnary". That's where Bangladesh players differ from Indians. So, Indians may be sledging less than Aussies but no way better than them.

  • mahjut on July 3, 2010, 9:04 GMT

    Well, there is a difference between aggression and provocation whether you like it or not. I didn't see the match but I've watched and played enough cricket to know that bowling fast and hard and staring at or saying to a batsmen "play that" or "how do you like it?" is very different from losing your cool and decending into insults when your aggression fails to make the impression you're hoping for...this most often happens when either, the batsman copes emotionally with your aggression or you fail to get them out. So, now I will be provocative; the more likely players to decend in to provocation (or at the very least be deemed so) will be the team which is losing...

  • Pramod on July 2, 2010, 14:02 GMT

    I never said anything about racism.. I just said its double standard.. Just to give one more example, we all know about that test in SA in 2001 where 6 Indians were fined in a single match.. In that match, Veeru was fined by Mike Denness for over appealing. But in that exact same match Shaun Pollock had a few appeals where he kept screaming at the Umpire but was let of by the Mr Denness.. What would you guys call that... Standard procedure?? I just feel that Teams like India, Pakistan and SriLanka often suffer at the hands of Referees..while players from Australia, England , South Africa often escape without punishments or with fines.. Its just my view... Or May be like @IC_M told The asian blocks are undereducated in the art of sledging..

  • Manju on July 2, 2010, 8:42 GMT

    For those who are bagging Indian cricketers, spare a thought for them, first of all they don't know how to sledge, or any subcontinent team for that matter. Anything said on the ground by other teams who are much better at sledging (No 1, Aussies, Kiwis, Poms and SA) are taken personally by subcontinent players and they reacts straight away. Players are still learning the so called "art of sledging" as it is not practiced at 1st class level in subcontinent. Unlike in AUS or other sledging specialist countries, it starts from school cricket. If anything cricket should be played with talent instead of playing with mind games. Just look at the great West Indian team in the 70's, the sledging was minimal but threat with bat & ball was maximum. I think AUS and other so called professional sledging teams should learn lot from this and change the way cricket is played, with raw talent not with rotten tongue.

  • Rue on July 2, 2010, 5:35 GMT

    I am so fed up of hearing complaints of unfair treatement on incidents like this, it does not matter what the players colour is or what country they are playing for they should all conduct themselves in the spirit of cricket. I watch Star Cricket and whenever an Indian player is fined or reprimanded the commentators say it was harsh and play the race card. Please grow up and lose the chip on your shoulder! These incidents would not happen so much if the boards jumped on the behaviour of all their players. If a player breaches the code of conduct then he should be banned for games and lose all his match fees and I dont mean a "PCB ban and fine". meaningless and revoked a day later! All countries should control their players, after all they are representing their nation.

  • Cameron on July 2, 2010, 5:15 GMT

    perl57: what are you talking about? "his career would have been ruined like that of Symo"(sic). Firstly, what has this issue got to do with WI v SA? Secondly, what did Andrew Symonds do in India, other than having whole sections of stadiums monkey-chanting at him, as well as being racially vilified repeatedly by Harbhajan Singh??? This in my opinion is the lowest ebb for the ICC & India in recent cricket history, & you use it like a whip.This issue was completely & totally dismissed due to the overt threats of BCCI. One man is severely denigrated without remorse or apology & this appears to be completely okay with you. Andrew Symonds had well publicised inner demons & this issue played it's part in pushing him to the brink. Think about that for a second, please. It's not something to be proud of.

  • A. on July 2, 2010, 5:10 GMT

    As a WI fan I dont like the image of Benn always in the middle of an on field controversey. It seems as though he likes to be a part of the action too often, and it has tarnished his reputation somewhat. That being said, the behaviour of Steyn in this test was at times obnoxious and over the top. His talent alone speaks volumes and the constant chatting at tailenders and hooting and muscle flexing became annoying to watch. His spitting offence was worthy of at least a 1 test ban or 2 odi's and a fine. Kallis got what he had coming. He chirped and repeatedly bounced tailenders and got a beauty off the chin from Roach who should have left it at that and not followed Kallis. The bullies got their own medicine. Simple.

  • Hildreth on July 2, 2010, 4:46 GMT

    I agree with you Silva-Surfer there is nothing wrong with agression once it does not go overboard. What I don't understand is why fine Roach and not Kallis who exchanged most likely unpleasant words with Roach. The truth is this was the first time a West Indian bowler had shown true agression and hostility to the SA batsmen reminiscent of the glory days of Roberts, Holding et al. Kallis felt the pressure and reacted badly when he was hit hard on the helmet by a Roach bouncer. I say bravo to Roach and keep it up. SA were given a dose of their own medicine. This is the type of fire & passion badly lacking in all areas of WI cricket. The WI team must recruit fast bowlers willing to dish out that type of hostility to partner Roach and a new leader willing to encourage and utilise it wisely like LLoyd and Richards did.The batting and field placings must also embrace this type of aggression. Roach may have earned a fine but in that short spell he showed what's needed in WI cricket right now.

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