Decade Review 2009

Player of the Decade

The man who laughed in bowlers' faces

Like Don Bradman before him, Ricky Ponting turned the opposition into ball-ferriers, delighting in his mastery all the while. By Christian Ryan

Bigger, faster, greedier

From a genteel pursuit, cricket became big business in the 2000s, and lost a lot in the bargain. By Sambit Bal

  • What can we expect from the 2010s?
  • City-based franchises or a world Test championship? Rob Steen lists the best- and worst-case scenarios
  • What football and basketball can teach cricket
  • The influx of big money into cricket in the last decade has parallels in other sports; there are lessons to be found there as well. By Jayaditya Gupta
  • Little cricket, lots of corruption
  • In Zimbabwe the game was an afterthought in a decade of near anarchy under the Mugabe regime. By Martin Williamson
  • Whatever happened to context?
  • Cricket has become a victim of the culture of fun. Now there are no sub-plots, no drama and no rivalries. By Siddhartha Vaidyanathan
  • The age of the bat
  • Aided by fat bats, flat pitches and the absence of menacing bowlers, batsmen made merry in the 2000s. By Peter Roebuck
  • Why 55 is the new 50
  • Numbers indicate that the noughties was the best decade for batting in a long, long time. By S Rajesh
  • From match-fixing to Modi
  • The last 10 years in Indian cricket were defined by three kinds of madness. By Rahul Bhattacharya
  • Where is the game headed?
  • Harsha Bhogle: Twenty20 can save or destroy cricket. India, the financial backbone, must lead the rest into the next decade with responsibility and vision
  • Coaches: eyewash or essential?
  • Through the 2000s, the role of coach assumed more importance and complexity than ever before. By Peter English
  • West Indies' downward spiral
  • In the 2000s, the team went further and faster down a slippery slope, as infighting, apathy and instability came to reign. By Vaneisa Baksh
  • More Features
  • Gilly and Baz go bonkers
  • Flintoff's Edgbaston magic, a Tendulkar gem, that 434 chase, and the IPL's fiery start feature in the second part of our performances of the decade. By Dileep Premachandran
  • Ricky rampages, Shoaib sizzles
  • One of the greatests Test of the decade, four World Cup performances, a seven-for, and a blazing double feature in the first part of our pick of the performances of the decade. By Dileep Premachandran
  • A great decade for run-making
  • More results in Tests, more rewards for spinners; but batsmen dominate. A look at some significant numbers from the 10 years gone by. By Siddhartha Talya
  • The rise of the US, the death of Tests
  • Test cricket will die, Twenty20 will kill it; Test cricket will thrive, Twenty20 will peter out: Cricinfo's writers and columnists have all sorts of predictions for the 2010s
  • The teams of the decade
  • Five Australians and two South African allrounders figure in each of the two world XIs of the decade picked by Cricinfo's jury
  • Edgbaston and all that
  • England's Ashes glory, a Warne-Tendulkar battle, the advent of Twenty20: Cricinfo columnists and senior editors pick their favourite bits of the decade
  • The joy-givers of the decade
  • Sehwag takes the bronze, Ntini the silver. Who gets top position? By Rob Steen
  • Gone with the 2000s
  • The tubby batsman, Sharjah, the crowd invasion and other things cricket lost this decade. By Sidharth Monga


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