England v Pakistan, 4th Test, The Oval

Full coverage of The Oval chaos

ESPNcricinfo staff

The fourth and final Test between England and Pakistan ended in extraordinary controversy as the Pakistan team refused the take the field and the match was awarded to England. But that was just the start of the drama and here is Cricinfo's continuing full coverage of the incredible events

February 13, 2009
News - PCB looks into Oval Test again

February 1, 2009
News - ICC does U-turn on 2006 Oval Test result

January 30, 2009
News - PCB to resist reversing Oval Test result

October 30, 2008
News - Former PCB chief cautions ICC over reversing Oval Test result

October 29, 2008
News - PCB await ICC's reaction on Oval Test result
News - Morgan calls Oval Test reversal 'inappropriate'

October 26, 2008
News - 2006 Oval Test still a forfeit for MCC

July 12, 2008
News - MCC secretary not in favour of altered result

July 5, 2008
News - Holding quits ICC cricket committee

July 3, 2008
News - ICC changes Oval forfeiture to draw

January 11, 2008
News - Pakistan want forfeited Test to be overturned

February 25
News - Hair drops charges against Pakistan board

November 5
News - Ranatunga endorses Hair's removal

November 4
News - Hair banned from officiating in internationals
News - Ponting backs under-fire Hair

October 31
News - Senate probes Oval Test forfeiture

October 16
Audio - RoundTable: Ball-tampering - Is there a permanent fix?

October 11
News - England gives Pakistan until the end of October to settle
News - PCB formally rejects England's compensation claim

October 9
News - PCB official resigns as turmoil continues
News - Inzamam 'has lost confidence of senior officials' - Zaheer Abbas

October 8
News - Technicality rules Inzamam out of tournament

October 6
News - Shaharyar Khan resigns from PCB
News - Pakistan board rejects England compensation claim

October 5
News - Speed backs Hair to stand again
Exclusive - Let's get back to the Spirit of Cricket - Speed

October 3
Comment - Tim de Lisle: The telly factor

October 2
News - MCC considers change to the Laws
News - ICC hearing has hurt world cricket - Benaud
News - Rameez outburst 'sparked protest'

October 1
News - England to ask Pakistan to pay for Oval damages
Osman Samiuddin - More than an inconvenient truth

September 30
News - Umpires must not be allowed to play God - Boycott
News - Australian umpires consider unionisation

September 29
News - Madugalle wants more diplomacy
News - 'I forgive Hair' - Inzamam
Osman Samiuddin - Justice still awaits
News - Security not an issue - BCCI

September 28
Sambit Bal - All's well that ends well?
News - PCB considers disrepute charge against Hair
Profile - Nerves of steel and a heart of flint
Martin Williamson - ICC explanation lacks credibility
News - Hair never considered retirement
News - Hair out of Champions Trophy
Document - Full text of decision on ICC Code of Conduct hearing involving Inzamam-ul-Haq
News - Inzamam cleared of ball-tampering

September 27
News - Inzamam decision expected on Thursday
Osman Samiuddin - Making sense out of chaos
Timeline - Fourth Test controversy

September 26
Exclusive - Indian board opposes Hair standing in Champions Trophy
Exclusive - Umpires disagreed over timing of ball change

September 25
News - Zaheer Abbas blames 'internal politics' for removal
News - Inzamam prepares for ICC hearings

September 22
News - Zaheer Abbas not to appear at ICC hearing
News - Waqar says nothing was wrong with Oval ball

September 20
News - Hair set for swift umpiring return

September 12
News - Hair hits out at charges of racism

September 6
News - ICC consider use of forensic tests

September 4
News - Angry Speed issues warning to Inzamam

September 1
News - Sutherland supports "outstanding" Hair

August 31
News - Australia's umpires panel seem interested in Hair
News - Indian board for curtailment of umpires' powers

August 30
News - Match referee could rule on forfeits in future
News - ICC confirms Pakistan request for Hair investigation
News - Hair in 'big trouble' - Inzamam

August 29
News - Hair apologises for email
News - Pakistan wants Hair investigation before Inzamam hearing
Bob Woolmer - At the right place at the wrong time

August 28
News - Sonn cancels executive board meeting
News - Holding on 'first-world hypocrisy'
News - Lack of video evidence not a concern - Reid
Surfer - Speed burns Hair at the stake

August 27
News - Hair hits back at the ICC
News - Hair's career may be over - Speed
News - Speed 'wasn't prepared to lie'
Surfer - The drama and the crisis

August 26
News - Inzamam hearing due end of September
News - Pakistan have earned a moral victory - Zaheer
Surfer - Emails cast Hair into the wilderness
News - ECB abandon contingency plans
Anand Vasu - Doctrove into the spotlight
Exclusive - Dar defends Hair's original decision

August 25
News - Hair offered to quit for $500,000
News - Sonn: Pakistan tour goes ahead
Statement from Darrell Hair
Emails - Full transcripts of email conversations between Hair, Doug Cowie and Malcolm Speed
Andrew Miller - Another noxious whiff of scandal
News - Jarman exposes Woolmer in ball-tampering incident
Reaction - Players give their views
Surfer - 'The ICC should get rid of Hair'

August 24
Martin Williamson - Speed flies in for emergency talks
News - ECB makes contingency plans
Osman Samiuddin - Pakistan board under heavy criticism
News - Pakistan's 'focus is now on cricket'
Osman Samiuddin - Woolmer denies rift
John Stern - A whiff of scandal whets the appetite
Surfer - Inzamam does not need further punishment

August 23
News - Inzamam hearing delay means tour goes on
News - Hair vows to carry on
News - Speed supports Hair and Doctrove
News - 'Scrap the ball-tampering law' - Woolmer
News - Pakistan appoint top lawyer to defend Inzamam
Andrew Miller - Bring the dark arts into the light
Surfer - Oval debacle makes front page in US

August 22
Comment - What went on behind the scenes?
News - BCCI side with ICC
News - English authorities face £400,000 loss
News - Tour match in doubt as row rumbles on
Quotes - Woolmer: "There's room for reason"
News - England deny Fletcher claims
Australian paper round - Waugh backs Hair's decision
News - Hair and Doctrove were right, says Taufel
Tim de Lisle - Over-reacting to an over-reaction

August 21
Cricinfo exclusive - 'It's about respect' - Inzamam
Martin Williamson - Troubled times ahead
Osman Samiuddin - No easy answers
Andrew Miller - What a horrible mess
News - PCB chairman attacks Hair
News - Pakistan could face further charges
Quotes - Pakistan back at a deserted Oval
Reaction - Former Pakistani players back Inzamam
Feedback - Readers respond
Surfer - The Oval debacle
Timeline - A hair-raising past
Timeline - A recent history of ball tampering

August 20
News - Pakistan forfeit Test amid farcical scenes
Updates - As the chaos unfolded
News - Joint statement from ECB, PCB, ICC
Osman Samiuddin - Pakistan deny charges of ball-tampering