Most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances

Records for T20I Matches

Most matches between appearances
Missed Span
2009-202212West Indies13 Feb 201313 Dec 20218y 303d102
2015-202311Bangladesh7 Jul 20159 Mar 20237y 245d100
2014-202417New Zealand3 Jan 20178 Apr 20236y 95d93
2018-20245Pakistan31 Oct 201819 Jan 20245y 80d92
2011-202448West Indies27 Sep 20165 Oct 20226y 8d89
2007-202126West Indies29 Sep 20123 Mar 20218y 155d85
2018-20234Bangladesh15 Feb 20184 Oct 20235y 231d82
2009-202013England20 Feb 201027 Oct 20188y 249d79
2012-202220Bangladesh15 Nov 20152 Jul 20226y 229d79
2013-20238Afghanistan11 Oct 201314 Jun 20228y 246d76
2006-201922England15 Jun 200626 Nov 20159y 164d74
2008-20178Sri Lanka4 Sep 200926 Oct 20178y 52d73
2015-202425India19 Jul 201510 Jan 20204y 175d73
2007-202127West Indies11 Nov 201523 Oct 20215y 346d73
2013-202126Pakistan17 Jan 201616 Jul 20215y 180d73
2006-20168Sri Lanka13 Oct 20085 Jul 20167y 266d72
2019-202421India2 Feb 202018 Aug 20233y 197d70
2008-20175Pakistan18 Sep 201112 Sep 20175y 359d66
2012-20229India7 Aug 201229 Jun 20185y 326d65
2013-20226Afghanistan30 Sep 201317 Mar 20217y 168d65
2010-202265India9 Jul 20173 Nov 20214y 117d65
2012-20229India24 Feb 201920 Sep 20223y 208d65
2015-20239Ireland12 Jul 201912 Jan 20233y 184d65
2018-202412West Indies19 Jan 202016 Dec 20233y 331d64
2015-202414Sri Lanka1 Aug 201524 Jun 20215y 327d63
2014-202329South Africa25 Mar 201627 Jul 20226y 124d62
2015-202325England18 Mar 201623 Jan 20225y 311d61
2018-20242Nepal29 Jul 20181 Mar 20245y 216d60
2009-202050Pakistan6 Jul 201015 Jan 20165y 193d57
2006-202260India11 May 20109 Jul 20177y 59d56
2020-20236Pakistan20 Dec 202024 Mar 20232y 94d56
2021-20239Uganda5 Apr 202120 Aug 20232y 137d55
2008-201616Pakistan12 Oct 200823 Aug 20134y 315d54
2014-202413Hong Kong24 Nov 201419 Sep 20238y 299d54
2013-202121Pakistan27 Sep 201612 Apr 20214y 197d54
2010-202323Afghanistan5 Jun 20174 Oct 20236y 121d54
2021-20233Pakistan23 Apr 20213 Oct 20232y 163d54
2014-20246Hong Kong18 Jan 201727 Feb 20247y 40d53
2011-202333England30 Nov 201523 Jun 20215y 205d52
2017-202310India14 Mar 201817 Nov 20213y 248d52
2018-202327West Indies3 Apr 201813 Dec 20213y 254d52
2016-202426Australia8 Jul 20185 Apr 20223y 271d52
2020-202313New Zealand5 Mar 202117 Aug 20232y 165d52
2007-201415Australia1 Feb 200831 Jan 20145y 364d51
2009-2023104England15 Nov 200923 Jun 20155y 220d51
2009-20177South Africa16 Oct 201120 Jan 20175y 96d51
2013-20198New Zealand21 Nov 20136 Sep 20195y 289d51
2013-20196Sri Lanka14 Feb 201419 Mar 20195y 33d51
2009-202356South Africa21 Jun 20179 Jun 20224y 353d51
2012-20185Bangladesh25 Sep 20123 Jun 20185y 251d50
2009-201712Australia14 Jan 201117 Feb 20176y 34d49
2012-20173Afghanistan24 Mar 20125 Jun 20175y 73d49
2008-201613Pakistan3 Jun 201222 Mar 20163y 293d49
2011-201822Sri Lanka2 Aug 201315 Feb 20184y 197d49
2016-202318Sri Lanka27 Oct 201929 Oct 20223y 2d49
2009-202484Sri Lanka7 Mar 202114 Jan 20242y 313d49
2017-202443India20 Mar 202120 Nov 20221y 245d49
2006-201826Sri Lanka7 Aug 201225 Jan 20174y 171d48
2020-20239Zimbabwe11 Mar 202025 Oct 20233y 228d48
2012-202326New Zealand1 Nov 20171 Sep 20213y 304d47
2017-202325Bangladesh22 Dec 20181 Sep 20223y 253d47
2012-202432Sri Lanka10 Sep 202121 Feb 20242y 164d47
2011-202275England10 Mar 201920 Sep 20223y 194d46
2009-202124Australia15 Feb 200910 Oct 20134y 237d45
2016-202316England1 Feb 201723 Oct 20214y 264d45
2019-202312England5 May 201920 Sep 20223y 138d45
2017-202348Pakistan25 Apr 202124 Mar 20231y 333d45
2009-201717New Zealand15 Feb 200912 Feb 20133y 363d44
2012-202141New Zealand19 Feb 20123 Jan 20174y 319d44
2012-202432Sri Lanka28 Jan 20136 Sep 20174y 221d44
2014-202415Australia9 Nov 20148 Nov 20194y 364d44
2014-202232Ireland12 Mar 20174 Sep 20214y 176d44
2006-202260India27 Feb 20199 Jun 20223y 102d44
2014-202223India9 Jul 201711 Dec 20192y 155d43
2016-202211England18 Feb 201822 Jan 20223y 338d43
2015-202452India24 Feb 201812 Mar 20213y 16d43
2012-202444Netherlands25 Jun 201928 Feb 20244y 248d43
2014-202248Bangladesh21 Sep 20191 Sep 20222y 345d43
2017-202415Sri Lanka29 Jul 202114 Jan 20242y 169d43
2008-20187Zimbabwe18 Sep 20114 Jul 20186y 289d42
2010-202123Australia7 Oct 20179 Jul 20213y 275d42
2018-20247Sri Lanka14 Sep 202118 Jan 20242y 126d42
2006-201830West Indies20 May 20109 Nov 20155y 173d41
2016-202454Pakistan4 Mar 20165 Oct 20193y 215d41
2012-202233Netherlands13 Mar 201611 Jul 20226y 120d41
2012-201922Pakistan22 Mar 20163 Nov 20193y 226d41
2020-20234Zimbabwe20 Mar 202124 Oct 20232y 218d41
2021-20248Pakistan28 Jul 202124 Mar 20231y 239d41
2006-201415Australia9 Jan 20071 Feb 20125y 23d40
2006-201212New Zealand15 Feb 200921 Dec 20123y 310d40
2014-202223Netherlands9 Mar 201618 Oct 20215y 223d40
2016-20233Hong Kong12 Mar 201622 Sep 20237y 194d40
2008-202124Netherlands13 Feb 201029 Jul 20188y 166d39
2010-202161Pakistan20 Feb 201023 Aug 20133y 184d39
2008-201624West Indies20 May 201011 Jan 20154y 236d39
2013-202445Australia27 Mar 20168 Sep 20204y 165d39
2019-202315England20 Mar 20219 Mar 20231y 354d39
2021-20239New Zealand10 Sep 202115 Apr 20231y 217d39
2021-202319India26 Jun 202218 Aug 20231y 53d39
2007-20103Pakistan2 Feb 200726 Oct 20103y 266d38
2009-20133Australia29 Mar 200926 Jan 20133y 303d38
2009-201711New Zealand13 Nov 200921 Nov 20134y 8d38
2012-201713Sri Lanka31 Mar 201317 Feb 20173y 323d38
2011-20197West Indies9 Nov 20158 Mar 20193y 119d38
2010-202125Afghanistan27 Mar 201631 Oct 20215y 218d38
2017-20217New Zealand3 Feb 20181 Sep 20213y 210d38
2021-202418New Zealand10 Sep 202114 Apr 20231y 216d38
2009-202366India31 Aug 202212 Dec 20231y 103d38
2006-20103Pakistan28 Aug 20065 Sep 20104y 8d37
2007-201621Australia14 Jan 201126 Jan 20165y 12d37
2011-20197West Indies25 Sep 20119 Nov 20154y 45d37
2006-201618Sri Lanka25 Nov 201114 Feb 20164y 81d37
2010-202020Bangladesh12 May 201326 Oct 20174y 167d37
2013-201916Pakistan13 Dec 201313 Sep 20173y 274d37
2006-202191West Indies27 Sep 201615 Jan 20203y 110d37
2021-202312Australia4 Aug 20211 Dec 20232y 119d37
2006-20148England14 Jan 201120 May 20143y 126d36
2008-202036Pakistan21 Apr 20115 Oct 20143y 167d36
2011-201913West Indies4 Jun 20119 Jan 20153y 219d36
2010-20169Australia8 Aug 201129 Jan 20164y 174d36
2010-202226West Indies6 Jul 20144 Nov 20184y 121d36
2013-201814Pakistan5 Oct 201429 Oct 20173y 24d36
2017-202338England25 Jun 201723 Jun 20213y 363d36
2015-202214Sri Lanka24 Mar 201915 Feb 20222y 328d36
2019-20236Malta30 Mar 20194 May 20234y 35d36
2018-202321West Indies16 Dec 202121 Dec 20232y 5d36
2007-20158South Africa9 Jan 20119 Jan 20154y 0d35
2011-201941West Indies11 Oct 201114 Jan 20153y 95d35
2019-20235Singapore28 Jul 201928 Sep 20234y 62d35
2018-202223West Indies29 Nov 20203 Jul 20221y 216d35
2012-202326New Zealand10 Sep 20212 Apr 20231y 204d35
2011-202475West Indies6 Nov 202112 Dec 20232y 36d35
2014-202223India8 Nov 202123 Oct 20220y 349d35
2018-202310Zimbabwe24 May 202210 Dec 20231y 200d35
2007-20137Australia30 Aug 200926 Jan 20133y 149d34
2013-201914Pakistan24 Apr 201522 Jan 20182y 273d34
2015-202458Zimbabwe22 Jan 201621 Apr 20215y 89d34
2016-202246Bangladesh8 Jan 201722 Jul 20214y 195d34
2021-20236South Africa16 Apr 202125 Mar 20231y 343d34
2017-202417Australia16 Jul 20211 Sep 20232y 47d34
2008-20175Pakistan10 Oct 200816 Sep 20112y 341d33
2008-20125New Zealand28 Dec 20081 Jul 20123y 186d33
2016-20215New Zealand17 Jan 20166 Sep 20193y 232d33
2009-201984Pakistan27 Sep 20165 Oct 20193y 8d33
2009-202366India9 Jul 20173 Aug 20192y 25d33
2009-202124Australia10 Oct 20174 Dec 20203y 55d33
2019-202310Germany16 Jun 20199 Jun 20233y 358d33
2017-202428West Indies17 Nov 201913 Dec 20212y 26d33
2020-202317Bangladesh11 Mar 202031 Jul 20222y 142d33
2021-20236Sri Lanka25 Jul 202123 Oct 20221y 90d33
2021-20235West Indies16 Dec 202114 Dec 20231y 363d33
2021-202413New Zealand5 Aug 202227 Dec 20231y 144d33
2009-202135Sri Lanka3 Jun 201210 Jan 20163y 221d32
2015-202419Afghanistan21 Jul 20155 Feb 20182y 199d32
2015-20194Afghanistan10 Jan 201624 Feb 20193y 45d32
2015-202490Pakistan7 Sep 20161 Feb 20192y 147d32
2011-202485Australia9 Sep 201621 Feb 20203y 165d32
2018-20217New Zealand2 Nov 20181 Sep 20212y 303d32
2019-202414Singapore28 Jul 20193 May 20233y 279d32
2019-20234Gibraltar27 Oct 20195 Oct 20233y 343d32
2020-202415Zimbabwe4 Sep 202127 Oct 20232y 53d32
2015-202366Pakistan11 Nov 202124 Mar 20231y 133d32
2010-201613Pakistan3 Jun 201222 May 20152y 353d31
2011-201922Zimbabwe2 Mar 20135 Feb 20184y 340d31
2019-202318Nigeria22 May 20194 Oct 20234y 135d31
2019-202310Zimbabwe20 Sep 201911 Jun 20222y 264d31
2018-202415Nepal9 Dec 201921 Oct 20233y 316d31
2019-20237Kuwait24 Feb 202031 Oct 20233y 249d31
2011-202454Australia3 Feb 201231 Aug 20153y 209d30
2014-202210Nepal15 Jul 201512 Feb 20226y 212d30
2015-202018Sri Lanka28 Mar 20161 Sep 20193y 157d30
2015-202437Hong Kong18 Jan 20178 Mar 20236y 49d30
2008-202036Pakistan2 Apr 20177 Oct 20192y 188d30
2010-202453New Zealand2 Nov 201830 Mar 20212y 148d30
2011-202120New Zealand11 Jan 20191 Sep 20212y 233d30
2016-202110New Zealand11 Jan 20191 Sep 20212y 233d30
2011-202243England20 Mar 20219 Oct 20221y 203d30
2017-202319Australia9 Aug 20213 Sep 20232y 25d30
2021-20235Bangladesh20 Nov 20214 Oct 20231y 318d30
2022-202420India31 Aug 20223 Oct 20231y 33d30
2005-20103New Zealand17 Feb 20053 Feb 20104y 351d29
2007-20138Pakistan4 Sep 20078 May 20102y 246d29
2006-201826Sri Lanka20 Sep 200725 Nov 20114y 66d29
2009-201727India9 Jan 201126 Jan 20165y 17d29
2012-20156South Africa22 Feb 20129 Nov 20142y 260d29
2012-20145Pakistan27 Feb 20125 Oct 20142y 220d29
2016-20182Australia29 Jan 201628 Oct 20182y 272d29
2016-202460Pakistan4 Jul 201811 Feb 20212y 222d29
2019-20224Bahrain24 Jan 201921 Dec 20223y 331d29
2010-202226West Indies10 Mar 201916 Jul 20212y 128d29
2019-202420Nepal10 Oct 201927 Sep 20233y 352d29
2015-202217England10 Nov 201922 Jan 20222y 73d29
2021-202311South Africa24 Jul 202130 Aug 20232y 37d29
2021-202313Rwanda22 Oct 202115 Jun 20231y 236d29
2019-202312Bahrain28 Oct 202116 Sep 20231y 323d29
2021-202319Ireland23 Dec 202115 Jan 20231y 23d29
2021-202320Ireland23 Dec 202115 Jan 20231y 23d29
2013-202457New Zealand9 Nov 202223 Feb 20241y 106d29
2007-20127Australia7 May 20095 Sep 20123y 121d28
2009-20145New Zealand13 Nov 200930 Oct 20122y 352d28
2010-202467Australia16 Oct 20115 Oct 20142y 354d28
2013-20162Sri Lanka21 Nov 20135 Jul 20162y 227d28
2014-201819West Indies15 Jan 201427 Sep 20162y 256d28
2006-201758Pakistan1 Apr 201426 Mar 20172y 359d28
2014-202119South Africa4 Apr 201426 Oct 20173y 205d28
2010-202467Australia27 Mar 201627 Oct 20193y 214d28
2014-202422Hong Kong6 Mar 202014 Feb 20243y 345d28
2020-202434West Indies30 Nov 202029 Jan 20221y 60d28
2019-202321Bahrain28 Oct 202115 Sep 20231y 322d28
2013-202466Sri Lanka4 Nov 20212 Apr 20231y 149d28
2016-202316England7 Jul 202212 Dec 20231y 158d28
2021-202340Uganda17 Jul 202220 Aug 20231y 34d28
2009-202212West Indies2 Aug 200910 Dec 20123y 130d27
2010-201714Bangladesh29 Nov 201115 Nov 20153y 351d27
2006-201743Sri Lanka3 Jun 201230 Jul 20153y 57d27
2015-20182Pakistan30 Nov 201528 Jan 20182y 59d27
2013-202031Bangladesh26 Mar 20163 Nov 20193y 222d27
2015-202214Sri Lanka28 Mar 201619 Mar 20192y 356d27
2017-202351India24 Dec 201718 Sep 20191y 268d27
2018-202225India18 Mar 20185 Jan 20201y 293d27
2017-202346Ireland17 Jun 201815 Jan 20201y 212d27
2018-20228Australia27 Jun 20184 Dec 20202y 160d27
2014-202415Australia8 Dec 20205 Apr 20221y 118d27
2021-202420New Zealand17 Nov 20212 Apr 20231y 136d27
2018-202325India4 Oct 20221 Dec 20231y 58d27
2008-202036Pakistan20 Apr 20085 Sep 20102y 138d26
2010-20145New Zealand1 Jul 20125 Dec 20142y 157d26
2013-202015Zimbabwe11 May 201318 Jun 20163y 38d26
2015-202312Scotland12 Mar 201617 Sep 20215y 189d26
2012-202372New Zealand8 Jan 20173 Nov 20192y 299d26
2007-202168West Indies5 Jun 201717 Nov 20192y 165d26
2019-20224Netherlands19 Sep 20194 Aug 20222y 319d26
2010-202373Afghanistan7 Nov 20214 Oct 20231y 331d26
2022-20239New Zealand5 Aug 202217 Aug 20231y 12d26
2010-2024117India10 Nov 202214 Jan 20241y 65d26
2007-20158South Africa16 Dec 20079 Jan 20113y 24d25
2007-201225Pakistan20 Feb 20105 Sep 20122y 198d25
2008-20136South Africa2 May 201021 Dec 20122y 233d25
2010-20159India9 Jan 201117 Jul 20154y 189d25
2007-20138Pakistan21 Apr 201113 Nov 20132y 206d25
2010-201710India6 Apr 201428 Aug 20162y 144d25
2008-202249Zimbabwe15 Nov 201514 Sep 20193y 303d25
2016-202217Scotland20 Jan 20179 Oct 20214y 262d25
2018-20247Sri Lanka24 Mar 201914 Sep 20212y 174d25
2019-202327Namibia2 Nov 201924 Oct 20233y 356d25
2019-20235Mozambique6 Nov 201928 May 20233y 203d25
2020-20239United Arab Emirates25 Feb 202017 Aug 20233y 173d25
2019-202110Bangladesh9 Mar 202019 Nov 20211y 255d25
2018-202457New Zealand21 Nov 20212 Apr 20231y 132d25
2019-202333Sri Lanka13 Feb 20227 Jan 20230y 328d25
2017-202310India27 Feb 20224 Oct 20220y 219d25
2020-202411Afghanistan3 Mar 20224 Oct 20231y 215d25
2007-2024151India10 Nov 202211 Jan 20241y 62d25
2021-202327Tanzania8 Dec 202222 Nov 20230y 349d25
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Qatar v Hong Kong at Doha, 3rd T20I, Mar 1, 2024 [T20I # 2491]

Nepal v Namibia at Kirtipur, Nepal Tri-Nation T20I Series [Feb 2024] 4th Match, Mar 1, 2024 [T20I # 2490]

Qatar v Hong Kong at Doha, 2nd T20I, Feb 29, 2024 [T20I # 2489]

Namibia v Netherlands at Kirtipur, Nepal Tri-Nation T20I Series [Feb 2024] 3rd Match, Feb 29, 2024 [T20I # 2488]