High scores for New South Wales in List A

High scores
Match Date
1972101412010139.71NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney24 Oct 2013List A
179*1731221311146.72NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney30 Oct 2011List A
171*203143202119.58NSWv QueenslandSydney03 Feb 2010List A
165*139112199147.32NSWv TasmaniaSydney29 Nov 2008List A
164*-135174121.48NSWv CA XISydney07 Oct 2016List A
164----0.00NSWv South AustSydney03 Dec 1981List A
158*190141114112.05NSWv South AustAdelaide18 Dec 2005List A
152*207141132107.80NSWv QueenslandSydney13 Nov 2005List A
152-143134106.29NSWv West AustSydney02 Oct 2019List A
151198149182101.34NSWv West AustPerth13 Feb 2002List A
143*175122105117.21NSWv CA XISydney05 Oct 2015List A
139-126136110.31NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney17 Oct 2013List A
139181127144109.44NSWv South AustNorth Sydney05 Nov 2022List A
138*169116102118.96NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Nov 2007List A
138173137151100.72NSWv TasmaniaHobart25 Jan 2006List A
138-111165124.32NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney20 Oct 2013List A
137-119231115.12NSWv TasmaniaPerth02 Oct 2017List A
136*178129145105.42NSWv VictoriaBowral26 Oct 2003List A
136*20914212195.77NSWv QueenslandSydney16 Oct 2015List A
13617714011397.14NSWv South AustSydney15 Feb 2004List A
135*18013714198.54NSWv West AustPerth25 Feb 2001List A
134*-134144100.00NSWv QueenslandSydney01 Oct 2018List A
13117414011193.57NSWv QueenslandBrisbane01 Nov 1992List A
1311841468189.72NSWv West AustSydney12 Mar 1994List A
131143112105116.96NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney12 Oct 2014List A
127-12496102.41NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney15 Feb 2021List A
12617013317194.73NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney15 Oct 1991List A
12620413015396.92NSWv TasmaniaNorth Sydney16 Feb 2023List A
125-112173111.60NSWv South AustAdelaide17 Feb 2013List A
124*19913912089.20NSWv TasmaniaHobart11 Feb 2013List A
123137103162119.41NSWv TasmaniaSydney14 Oct 2001List A
123-113103108.84NSWv CA XISydney08 Oct 2017List A
122-121151100.82NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney16 Oct 2016List A
122-1378489.05NSWv QueenslandSydney13 Oct 2017List A
121140105124115.23NSWv South AustNorth Sydney12 Dec 2010List A
12011784174142.85NSWv TasmaniaSydney14 Oct 2001List A
12012411097109.09NSWv West AustNorth Sydney31 Oct 2004List A
11915112010299.16NSWv VictoriaCanberra10 Dec 2006List A
119-12610594.44NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney14 Feb 2024List A
118*147118154100.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney12 Oct 2015List A
118174108141109.25NSWv TasmaniaHobart29 Nov 2003List A
11717912814291.40NSWv VictoriaMelbourne23 Sep 2022List A
1161901389184.05NSWv South AustAdelaide15 Oct 2011List A
116-112123103.57NSWv QueenslandSydney01 Oct 2018List A
1151401269591.26NSWv West AustNorth Sydney04 Feb 2001List A
11515213613184.55NSWv England XISydney06 Dec 2002List A
11513110293112.74NSWv West AustSydney22 Nov 2006List A
11312610381109.70NSWv England ASydney05 Dec 1996List A
112*-96121116.66NSWv West AustSydney30 Sep 2019List A
112188-1300.00NSWv West AustSydney02 Feb 1974List A
11215712311291.05NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney15 Oct 1991List A
11211597122115.46NSWv QueenslandBrisbane24 Oct 1999List A
112-89135125.84NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney16 Oct 2016List A
111*----0.00NSWv VictoriaSydney19 Nov 1981List A
1091641386178.98NSWv West AustNorth Sydney13 Oct 1996List A
108*18613411080.59NSWv QueenslandSydney22 Oct 2000List A
1081049057120.00NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney02 Nov 2008List A
10815012010290.00NSWv CA XISydney05 Oct 2015List A
10818611510093.91NSWv TasmaniaHobart18 Mar 2021List A
1081621224388.52NSWv West AustSydney11 Apr 2021List A
105-10484100.96NSWv South AustSydney06 Oct 2017List A
1041451287381.25NSWv TasmaniaSydney02 Feb 2003List A
103*-7237143.05NSWv South AustAdelaide20 Oct 2023List A
101*17012011084.16NSWv QueenslandSydney18 Nov 2001List A
101*1591327176.51NSWv West AustSydney03 Feb 2002List A
101*11894131107.44NSWv West AustNorth Sydney02 Nov 2003List A
1011951522266.44NSWv West AustPerth07 Feb 1982List A
1011571287178.90NSWv South AustSydney04 Feb 1996List A
101113100132101.00NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney31 Mar 2021List A
101-11410088.59NSWv TasmaniaHobart17 Nov 2022List A
100----0.00NSWv South AustSydney03 Dec 1981List A
100-11117090.09NSWv West AustPerth04 Nov 2005List A
1001311069394.33NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Feb 2012List A
1001941396071.94NSWv West AustSydney10 Oct 2015List A
99*877981125.31NSWv West AustPerth23 Jan 1998List A
99*11888111112.50NSWv West AustPerth16 Sep 2012List A
98-1116188.28NSWv VictoriaMelbourne17 Nov 2019List A
97-54152179.62NSWv TasmaniaHobart07 Dec 2008List A
96*-7153135.21NSWv VictoriaSydney13 Feb 2005List A
961701299074.41NSWv QueenslandBrisbane10 Oct 1993List A
9615312910174.41NSWv South AustAdelaide15 Oct 2011List A
96-10612290.56NSWv West AustNorth Sydney19 Oct 2016List A
95-1037292.23NSWv TasmaniaSydney22 Oct 2010List A
93908490110.71NSWv TasmaniaNorth Sydney20 Oct 1991List A
92*-1385066.66NSWv TasmaniaSydney08 Feb 1998List A
9212911711178.63NSWv TasmaniaSydney16 Oct 1990List A
9214611910277.31NSWv VictoriaMelbourne21 Nov 2004List A
9213110610186.79NSWv South AustWollongong26 Jan 2010List A
928168103135.29NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney18 Nov 2012List A
92-1039089.32NSWv TasmaniaHobart17 Nov 2022List A
92-63114146.03NSWv TasmaniaMelbourne27 Sep 2023List A
901711226273.77NSWv West AustPerth22 Oct 1995List A
891511209074.16NSWv CanberraCanberra31 Oct 1998List A
891108681103.48NSWv QueenslandSydney16 Oct 2015List A
88*11578102112.82NSWv South AustNorth Sydney25 Oct 2015List A
887155161160.00NSWv West AustPerth23 Feb 2003List A
8812288131100.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane10 Oct 2004List A
871131009187.00NSWv South AustNorth Sydney16 Oct 1994List A
871451389063.04NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney13 Oct 2002List A
87-74131117.56NSWv South AustAdelaide04 Mar 2021List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New South Wales vs Western Australia at Sydney, The Marsh Cup Final, Feb 25, 2024 [List A]

Victoria vs New South Wales at North Sydney, The Marsh Cup 21st Match, Feb 14, 2024 [List A]

Western Australia vs New South Wales at Perth, The Marsh Cup 16th Match, Feb 1, 2024 [List A]