Bowling Best Strike Rate Innings

Best strike rates in an innings for New South Wales in T20s

Best strike rates in an innings
Match Date
3.0-1544.50NSWv QueenslandSydney08 Jan 2008Twenty20
4.0-1346.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart30 Dec 2009Twenty20
4.0-1646.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart01 Feb 2011Twenty20
4.0-4546.00NSWv RCBBengaluru07 Oct 2011Twenty20
3.0-2136.00NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney08 Jan 2006Twenty20
3.0-1136.00NSWv VictoriaDelhi21 Oct 2009Twenty20
3.0-2036.00NSWv South AustSydney17 Jan 2010Twenty20
3.0-1536.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane24 Jan 2011Twenty20
2.0-1526.00NSWv VictoriaMelbourne06 Jan 2008Twenty20
2.0-1026.00NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad23 Oct 2009Twenty20
2.0-2326.00NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad23 Oct 2009Twenty20
2.0-1826.00NSWv QueenslandSydney13 Jan 2010Twenty20
2.0-426.00NSWv South AustSydney17 Jan 2010Twenty20
3.2-2136.66NSWv South AustAdelaide04 Jan 2011Twenty20
3.3-1837.00NSWv West AustSydney10 Jan 2008Twenty20
2.3-727.50NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney08 Jan 2006Twenty20
3.5-2137.66NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad23 Oct 2009Twenty20
4.0-3938.00NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney21 Jan 2006Twenty20
4.0-3838.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane05 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-2238.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane26 Dec 2008Twenty20
4.0-3838.00NSWv South AustAdelaide06 Jan 2009Twenty20
4.0-3538.00NSWv South AustAdelaide06 Jan 2009Twenty20
4.0-2138.00NSWv VictoriaSydney24 Jan 2009Twenty20
4.0-1238.00NSWv EaglesDelhi09 Oct 2009Twenty20
4.0-2338.00NSWv SussexDelhi11 Oct 2009Twenty20
4.0-1538.00NSWv SomersetHyderabad18 Oct 2009Twenty20
4.0-2838.00NSWv South AustAdelaide04 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-2338.00NSWv South AustAdelaide04 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-2938.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney19 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-2438.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane24 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-2838.00NSWv CSKChennai04 Oct 2011Twenty20
2.5-2128.50NSWv CSKChennai04 Oct 2011Twenty20
3.0-1829.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart10 Jan 2006Twenty20
3.0-2229.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart10 Jan 2006Twenty20
3.0-2629.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Jan 2008Twenty20
3.0-1329.00NSWv EaglesDelhi09 Oct 2009Twenty20
3.1-2629.50NSWv TasmaniaHobart30 Dec 2009Twenty20
4.0-31212.00NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney08 Jan 2006Twenty20
4.0-24212.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart10 Jan 2006Twenty20
4.0-38212.00NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney21 Jan 2006Twenty20
4.0-25212.00NSWv West AustPerth01 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-32212.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane05 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-21212.00NSWv South AustNewcastle07 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-23212.00NSWv South AustNewcastle07 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-36212.00NSWv South AustNewcastle07 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-26212.00NSWv South AustNewcastle07 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-55212.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney10 Jan 2007Twenty20
4.0-32212.00NSWv South AustAdelaide01 Jan 2008Twenty20
4.0-21212.00NSWv South AustAdelaide01 Jan 2008Twenty20
4.0-19212.00NSWv South AustAdelaide01 Jan 2008Twenty20
4.0-20212.00NSWv VictoriaMelbourne06 Jan 2008Twenty20
4.0-36212.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane26 Dec 2008Twenty20
4.0-26212.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane26 Dec 2008Twenty20
4.0-24212.00NSWv West AustSydney30 Dec 2008Twenty20
4.0-45212.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney12 Jan 2009Twenty20
4.0-40212.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney12 Jan 2009Twenty20
4.0-32212.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney12 Jan 2009Twenty20
4.0-25212.00NSWv VictoriaSydney17 Jan 2009Twenty20
4.0115212.00NSWv VictoriaDelhi21 Oct 2009Twenty20
4.0-25212.00NSWv VictoriaDelhi21 Oct 2009Twenty20
4.0-32212.00NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad23 Oct 2009Twenty20
4.0-24212.00NSWv South AustSydney17 Jan 2010Twenty20
4.0-27212.00NSWv West AustSydney09 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-32212.00NSWv West AustSydney09 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-31212.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney19 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-28212.00NSWv VictoriaMelbourne22 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-35212.00NSWv VictoriaMelbourne22 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-25212.00NSWv VictoriaMelbourne22 Jan 2011Twenty20
4.0-27212.00NSWv Trinidad & TChennai28 Sep 2011Twenty20
4.0-15212.00NSWv MIChennai02 Oct 2011Twenty20
4.0-18212.00NSWv MIChennai02 Oct 2011Twenty20
4.0-34212.00NSWv CSKChennai04 Oct 2011Twenty20
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Minimum of 2 wickets
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New South Wales vs Royal Challengers Bengaluru at Bengaluru, Nokia Champions League T20 1st Semi-Final, Oct 7, 2011 [Twenty20]

New South Wales vs Chennai Super Kings at Chennai, Nokia Champions League T20 Group A, Oct 4, 2011 [Twenty20]

Mumbai Indians vs New South Wales at Chennai, Nokia Champions League T20 Group A, Oct 2, 2011 [Twenty20]