Batting Highest Strike Rate Innings

Records in Caribbean Premier League, 2014

Highest strike rates in an innings
Match Date
301023300.00Amazonv TridentsBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
50*19-6263.15Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
58*2436241.66Tallawahsv AmazonKingston02 Aug 2014T20
40*1715235.29Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
62*2754229.62Tallawahsv Red SteelBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
341542226.66Tridentsv Red SteelBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
371723217.64Red Steelv AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
38*1814211.11Zouksv TridentsBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
106*52108203.84Hawksbillsv AmazonBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
321632200.00Hawksbillsv TridentsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
81*4356188.37Tridentsv TallawahsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
844566186.66Amazonv Red SteelPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
372014185.00Amazonv HawksbillsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
90*4957183.67Red Steelv HawksbillsNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
382152180.95Hawksbillsv AmazonSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
905176176.47Amazonv HawksbillsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
111*63510176.19Tallawahsv ZouksSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
633645175.00Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
7745122171.11Red Steelv ZouksPort of Spain27 Jul 2014T20
29*1741170.58Zouksv TallawahsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
37*2223168.18Tridentsv ZouksGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
724328167.44Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
71*4373165.11Amazonv TallawahsBasseterre14 Aug 2014T20
59*3626163.88Tallawahsv HawksbillsKingston31 Jul 2014T20
976058161.66Amazonv ZouksBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
644054160.00Amazonv TridentsBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
483052160.00Tridentsv ZouksGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
674263159.52Red Steelv AmazonPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
110*6978159.42Tridentsv ZouksBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
784955159.18Zouksv AmazonBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
704473159.09Red Steelv TallawahsBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
65*4153158.53Tridentsv Red SteelBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
845474155.55Hawksbillsv TridentsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
104*6786155.22Tridentsv AmazonBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
261731152.94Hawksbillsv Red SteelNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
322132152.38Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
593935151.28Red Steelv ZouksGros Islet02 Aug 2014T20
513452150.00Amazonv HawksbillsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
67*4545148.88Hawksbillsv AmazonBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
563852147.36Zouksv TallawahsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
483325145.45Tallawahsv ZouksBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
725044144.00Tridentsv HawksbillsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
66*4662143.47Amazonv TallawahsBasseterre14 Aug 2014T20
332313143.47Red Steelv TridentsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
513661141.66Amazonv HawksbillsSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
69*4955140.81Red Steelv AmazonPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
664762140.42Amazonv ZouksBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
493533140.00Zouksv TallawahsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
624633134.78Zouksv AmazonBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
352621134.61Amazonv TallawahsKingston02 Aug 2014T20
362732133.33Amazonv ZouksProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
49374-132.43Tridentsv ZouksBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
29*223-131.81Zouksv TallawahsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
50*3861131.57Zouksv TridentsBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
46*3514131.42Zouksv Red SteelPort of Spain27 Jul 2014T20
55*4242130.95Tridentsv AmazonBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
604653130.43Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
54*4233128.57Red Steelv TridentsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
50395-128.20Tridentsv AmazonBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
322531128.00Amazonv Red SteelProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
322531128.00Zouksv AmazonProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
43*3423126.47Tallawahsv HawksbillsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
534261126.19Tallawahsv AmazonProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
55*4433125.00Red Steelv ZouksPort of Spain27 Jul 2014T20
504043125.00Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
433531122.85Zouksv HawksbillsGros Islet03 Aug 2014T20
625161121.56Red Steelv TridentsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
665544120.00Hawksbillsv TridentsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
373133119.35Tallawahsv HawksbillsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
322741118.51Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
332821117.85Hawksbillsv TridentsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
474032117.50Tallawahsv TridentsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
27234-117.39Zouksv TallawahsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
423632116.66Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
32*2811114.28Amazonv TallawahsProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
595263113.46Tridentsv AmazonBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
35313-112.90Amazonv HawksbillsSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
363222112.50Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
484321111.62Tallawahsv AmazonProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
68*6132111.47Amazonv TallawahsProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
51*4631110.86Red Steelv HawksbillsNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
363331109.09Hawksbillsv AmazonSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
55*5141107.84Amazonv TridentsBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
282622107.69Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
302811107.14Hawksbillsv Red SteelNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
50*4723106.38Amazonv ZouksProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
383621105.55Red Steelv HawksbillsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
252441104.16Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
272622103.84Zouksv TallawahsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
282712103.70Amazonv TridentsBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
33*3211103.12Amazonv Red SteelPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
35345-102.94Tridentsv HawksbillsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
393822102.63Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
383841100.00Hawksbillsv Red SteelNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
343413100.00Amazonv TallawahsKingston02 Aug 2014T20
303011100.00Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
37385-97.36Tridentsv Red SteelSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
34353197.14Tallawahsv AmazonBasseterre14 Aug 2014T20
39411295.12Tallawahsv Red SteelBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
33352194.28Red Steelv TallawahsBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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Jamaica Tallawahs v Guyana Amazon Warriors at Basseterre, Caribbean Premier League 2nd semi final, Aug 14, 2014 [Twenty20]

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