Batting Most Runs From Fours Sixes Innings

Records in Indian Premier League, 2016

Most runs from fours and sixes in an innings
Match Date
12978521012112248.07RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru14 May 2016T20
113-5012896226.00RCBv Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
108945115378211.76Daredevilsv RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
10898588774186.20RCBv SupergiantsBengaluru07 May 2016T20
10994555868198.18RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru14 May 2016T20
96895614268171.42Kings XIv SunrisersMohali15 May 2016T20
9276509566184.00Sunrisersv RCBHyderabad30 Apr 2016T20
8275427664195.23RCBv SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
8252324864256.25Daredevilsv Guj LionsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
8657377664232.43Mumbaiv DaredevilsVisakhapatnam15 May 2016T20
73-324864228.12RCBv Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
7653384864200.00RCBv SunrisersBengaluru29 May 2016T20
10177548562187.03Supergiantsv Guj LionsPune29 Apr 2016T20
93965811362160.34Sunrisersv Guj LionsDelhi27 May 2016T20
90906013158150.00KKRv SunrisersHyderabad16 Apr 2016T20
7357415656178.04Guj Lionsv RCBBengaluru24 May 2016T20
89835712154156.14Kings XIv RCBMohali09 May 2016T20
84935410252155.55Mumbaiv KKREden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
9084597452152.54Sunrisersv MumbaiHyderabad18 Apr 2016T20
81965810252139.65Mumbaiv Kings XIMohali25 Apr 2016T20
7062367452194.44Mumbaiv Guj LionsKanpur21 May 2016T20
100886311150158.73RCBv Guj LionsRajkot24 Apr 2016T20
8582608350141.66Mumbaiv SupergiantsPune01 May 2016T20
8396598350140.67Daredevilsv SunrisersRaipur20 May 2016T20
7980475550168.08RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru24 May 2016T20
6958388350181.57Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru29 May 2016T20
74584712-48157.44Guj Lionsv Kings XIMohali11 Apr 2016T20
8368466448180.43RCBv SupergiantsPune22 Apr 2016T20
6954409248172.50Daredevilsv Guj LionsRajkot03 May 2016T20
6853426448161.90Kings XIv KKREden Gardens04 May 2016T20
6665427346157.14Supergiantsv MumbaiWankhede09 Apr 2016T20
7573517346147.05RCBv SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
5843254546232.00Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
7988487346164.58RCBv DaredevilsBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
5950317346190.32Sunrisersv Kings XIHyderabad23 Apr 2016T20
821025710146143.85Sunrisersv MumbaiVisakhapatnam08 May 2016T20
6449324546200.00Supergiantsv Kings XIVisakhapatnam21 May 2016T20
6970435444160.46Supergiantsv Guj LionsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
6886498244138.77Mumbaiv KKRWankhede28 Apr 2016T20
5124172644300.00Mumbaiv KKRWankhede28 Apr 2016T20
7495488244154.16Supergiantsv RCBBengaluru07 May 2016T20
4928315444158.06RCBv KKREden Gardens16 May 2016T20
5861368244161.11Guj Lionsv MumbaiKanpur21 May 2016T20
5965429142140.47Daredevilsv Kings XIDelhi15 Apr 2016T20
5547339142166.66RCBv DaredevilsBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
6052366342166.66Guj Lionsv DaredevilsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
6351379142170.27Guj Lionsv SupergiantsPune29 Apr 2016T20
6867509142136.00Daredevilsv KKRDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
6054296342206.89KKRv RCBBengaluru02 May 2016T20
5039367240138.88Guj Lionsv SupergiantsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
8085637240126.98RCBv SupergiantsPune22 Apr 2016T20
6572374440175.67Mumbaiv Kings XIMohali25 Apr 2016T20
6682494440134.69KKRv Guj LionsEden Gardens08 May 2016T20
5042327240156.25Guj Lionsv SunrisersDelhi27 May 2016T20
5346305338176.66Guj Lionsv DaredevilsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
5143298138175.86Guj Lionsv KKREden Gardens08 May 2016T20
7580515338147.05RCBv KKREden Gardens16 May 2016T20
5951315338190.32RCBv KKREden Gardens16 May 2016T20
7380568138130.35Sunrisersv DaredevilsRaipur20 May 2016T20
4849278138177.77Guj Lionsv MumbaiKanpur21 May 2016T20
4442308138146.66Sunrisersv KKRDelhi25 May 2016T20
5340289-36189.28KKRv Kings XIMohali19 Apr 2016T20
7586519-36147.05Guj Lionsv SunrisersRajkot21 Apr 2016T20
7461489-36154.16Sunrisersv Guj LionsRajkot21 Apr 2016T20
6068496236122.44KKRv SupergiantsPune24 Apr 2016T20
7293526236138.46KKRv DaredevilsDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
5250326236162.50RCBv KKRBengaluru02 May 2016T20
7076496236142.85KKRv Kings XIEden Gardens04 May 2016T20
5261399-36133.33Supergiantsv RCBBengaluru07 May 2016T20
5237306236173.33Daredevilsv Kings XIMohali07 May 2016T20
6881533436128.30RCBv MumbaiBengaluru11 May 2016T20
3926153436260.00Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru29 May 2016T20
4542307134150.00Mumbaiv SupergiantsWankhede09 Apr 2016T20
67105547134124.07Guj Lionsv MumbaiWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
6266444334140.90Mumbaiv RCBWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
3927194334205.26Mumbaiv RCBWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
6597487134135.41Mumbaiv DaredevilsDelhi23 Apr 2016T20
5157354334145.71RCBv Guj LionsRajkot24 Apr 2016T20
6768524334128.84Supergiantsv KKRPune24 Apr 2016T20
4534234334195.65Supergiantsv MumbaiPune01 May 2016T20
4851337134145.45Sunrisersv MumbaiVisakhapatnam08 May 2016T20
6372417134153.65KKRv Guj LionsEden Gardens08 May 2016T20
37-184334205.55KKRv SupergiantsEden Gardens14 May 2016T20
5365367134147.22Guj Lionsv KKRKanpur19 May 2016T20
5966414334143.90Kings XIv SupergiantsVisakhapatnam21 May 2016T20
5147304334170.00Sunrisersv KKREden Gardens22 May 2016T20
3515105232350.00RCBv SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
6795538-32126.41Supergiantsv Kings XIMohali17 Apr 2016T20
5363495232108.16Kings XIv SupergiantsMohali17 Apr 2016T20
6076468-32130.43Supergiantsv RCBPune22 Apr 2016T20
4241245232175.00Guj Lionsv RCBRajkot24 Apr 2016T20
4341225232195.45Guj Lionsv SupergiantsPune29 Apr 2016T20
3617135232276.92RCBv SupergiantsBengaluru07 May 2016T20
6454355232182.85RCBv Kings XIMohali09 May 2016T20
4449315232141.93Daredevilsv SunrisersHyderabad12 May 2016T20
5052355232142.85KKRv RCBEden Gardens16 May 2016T20
5463355232154.28RCBv SunrisersBengaluru29 May 2016T20
5254293330179.31KKRv MumbaiEden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
4131223330186.36Mumbaiv KKREden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
4958313330158.06Guj Lionsv SupergiantsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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