Highest totals For Departmental One Day Cup, 2017/18

Highest totals
Match Date
344/347.07.311v National BnkHyderabad (Sind)1 Jan 2018List A
321/450.06.421v Khan RLHyderabad (Sind)28 Dec 2017List A
320/548.36.592v National BnkKarachi28 Dec 2017List A
318/345.17.042v Habib BankHyderabad (Sind)3 Jan 2018List A
317/750.06.341v Habib BankKarachi28 Dec 2017List A
314/847.06.681v WAPDAHyderabad (Sind)3 Jan 2018List A
301/749.06.142v Pakistan TVHyderabad (Sind)5 Jan 2018List A
30049.56.021v WAPDAHyderabad (Sind)5 Jan 2018List A
296/950.05.921v Pakistan TVKarachi28 Dec 2017List A
295/544.26.652v Sui NorthernKarachi5 Jan 2018List A
293/650.05.861v United BankKarachi5 Jan 2018List A
291/750.05.821v Khan RLHyderabad (Sind)30 Dec 2017List A
290/848.06.041v Habib BankKarachi9 Jan 2018List A
28647.46.002v Sui NorthernKarachi9 Jan 2018List A
286/850.05.721v Khan RLKarachi9 Jan 2018List A
277/950.05.541v Khan RLKarachi1 Jan 2018List A
27250.05.441v Sui Sthn GasKarachi28 Dec 2017List A
27050.05.401v Khan RLKarachi7 Jan 2018List A
265/850.05.301v Sui Sthn GasKarachi3 Jan 2018List A
253/850.05.061v Sui NorthernKarachi3 Jan 2018List A
250/747.05.312v United BankHyderabad (Sind)1 Jan 2018List A
24444.35.482v Pakistan TVKarachi3 Jan 2018List A
24449.54.891v National BnkKarachi30 Dec 2017List A
239/340.55.852v Sui Sthn GasKarachi11 Jan 2018List A
23848.44.891v Sui Sthn GasKarachi7 Jan 2018List A
23750.04.742v Pakistan TVKarachi30 Dec 2017List A
23549.14.771v United BankKarachi11 Jan 2018List A
234/143.05.442v Pakistan TVKarachi12 Jan 2018List A
233/850.04.662v WAPDAKarachi1 Jan 2018List A
232/344.25.232v WAPDAKarachi30 Dec 2017List A
23246.05.042v United BankKarachi28 Dec 2017List A
231/950.04.621v WAPDAKarachi12 Jan 2018List A
231/750.04.621v Sui NorthernKarachi30 Dec 2017List A
222/444.54.952v National BnkKarachi9 Jan 2018List A
220/443.05.112v WAPDAKarachi14 Jan 2018List A
21848.24.511v WAPDAKarachi9 Jan 2018List A
21848.34.491v United BankKarachi14 Jan 2018List A
213/950.04.262v Pakistan TVKarachi7 Jan 2018List A
21246.14.592v United BankKarachi3 Jan 2018List A
212/850.04.241v Khan RLKarachi5 Jan 2018List A
209/850.04.182v Sui NorthernHyderabad (Sind)28 Dec 2017List A
20649.44.142v Habib BankKarachi5 Jan 2018List A
204/231.46.442v National BnkHyderabad (Sind)7 Jan 2018List A
20444.14.612v Sui Sthn GasHyderabad (Sind)30 Dec 2017List A
203/950.04.061v Sui NorthernHyderabad (Sind)7 Jan 2018List A
20143.44.602v Habib BankKarachi7 Jan 2018List A
19946.44.262v WAPDAKarachi28 Dec 2017List A
198/229.16.782v WAPDAKarachi7 Jan 2018List A
19749.14.001v United BankKarachi7 Jan 2018List A
195/237.45.172v Pakistan TVHyderabad (Sind)9 Jan 2018List A
19446.24.181v Sui Sthn GasHyderabad (Sind)9 Jan 2018List A
17748.03.681v National BnkKarachi3 Jan 2018List A
17439.24.422v United BankKarachi9 Jan 2018List A
16847.43.522v Khan RLKarachi3 Jan 2018List A
122/122.45.382v National BnkKarachi5 Jan 2018List A
12032.43.671v Sui Sthn GasKarachi5 Jan 2018List A
118/017.26.802v Habib BankKarachi1 Jan 2018List A
11336.53.061v Pakistan TVKarachi1 Jan 2018List A
106/116.36.422v Habib BankKarachi30 Dec 2017List A
10431.23.311v United BankKarachi30 Dec 2017List A
72/114.44.902v Sui NorthernKarachi1 Jan 2018List A
7127.52.551v Sui Sthn GasKarachi1 Jan 2018List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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