Records in Australian Domestic One-Day Competition

Most runs conceded in an innings
Match Date
10.0-102110.20Victoriav West AustPerth21 Sep 2019List A
12.0-10128.41Queenslandv VictoriaBrisbane07 Oct 2012List A
10.0-101110.10Queenslandv TasmaniaSydney18 Oct 2014List A
9.0-99-11.00South Austv West AustPerth08 Mar 2023List A
8.0-97112.12Queenslandv West AustSydney28 Sep 2018List A
12.0-9427.83South Austv VictoriaAdelaide15 Dec 2010List A
10.019429.40CA XIv South AustSydney15 Oct 2016List A
10.0-9429.40South Austv TasmaniaSydney10 Oct 2017List A
10.0-9419.40Victoriav NSWSydney15 Feb 2021List A
13.0-92-7.07Tasmaniav VictoriaMelbourne28 Oct 2012List A
10.0-91-9.10West Austv South AustPerth19 Dec 2007List A
13.019127.00West Austv TasmaniaPerth19 Feb 2013List A
9.0-91110.11Tasmaniav QueenslandSydney18 Oct 2014List A
12.019017.50South Austv NSWSydney12 Dec 2010List A
9.0-90110.00South Austv QueenslandSydney03 Oct 2018List A
11.0-89-8.09Queenslandv West AustBrisbane02 Feb 2013List A
10.0-89-8.90South Austv West AustSydney05 Oct 2015List A
9.0-8829.77NSWv South AustSydney06 Oct 2017List A
10.0-8818.80Victoriav QueenslandSydney07 Oct 2017List A
10.0-8728.70Tasmaniav QueenslandBrisbane21 Nov 1993List A
9.0-87-9.66NSWv VictoriaSydney20 Feb 2008List A
11.0-8737.90West Austv VictoriaMelbourne16 Nov 2011List A
12.0-8717.25Tasmaniav VictoriaMelbourne27 Nov 2011List A
11.0-8717.90Tasmaniav QueenslandHobart15 Feb 2012List A
13.018736.69Victoriav TasmaniaMelbourne28 Oct 2012List A
10.0-87-8.70NSWv QueenslandSydney27 Oct 2013List A
10.0-87-8.70South Austv VictoriaMelbourne19 Nov 2019List A
13.0-8636.61South Austv TasmaniaAdelaide25 Feb 2012List A
10.0-86-8.60Queenslandv TasmaniaSydney18 Oct 2014List A
10.0-86-8.60CA XIv NSWSydney05 Oct 2015List A
10.0-8618.60CA XIv NSWSydney05 Oct 2015List A
10.0-8638.60West Austv NSWSydney02 Oct 2019List A
10.0-8518.50West Austv South AustAdelaide05 Jan 1985List A
13.018546.53Victoriav NSWSydney18 Nov 2012List A
9.0-85-9.44Tasmaniav QueenslandSydney18 Oct 2014List A
9.3-85-8.94West Austv South AustSydney05 Oct 2015List A
10.0-85-8.50Tasmaniav VictoriaPerth04 Oct 2017List A
10.0-85-8.50South Austv West AustSydney15 Oct 2017List A
10.0-8528.50Queenslandv South AustAdelaide13 Oct 2021List A
10.0-8438.40Tasmaniav South AustHobart15 Mar 1987List A
13.0-8416.46West Austv QueenslandBrisbane11 Feb 2012List A
10.0-8438.40CA XIv South AustSydney15 Oct 2016List A
10.0-8418.40Tasmaniav NSWPerth02 Oct 2017List A
10.0-8428.40Victoriav QueenslandSydney07 Oct 2017List A
10.018448.40Queenslandv TasmaniaTownsville22 Sep 2018List A
10.018318.30West Austv NSWPerth04 Nov 2005List A
10.0-8328.30West Austv TasmaniaSydney15 Oct 2016List A
9.0-8329.22Tasmaniav West AustSydney01 Oct 2018List A
10.0-82-8.20South Austv NSWAdelaide18 Oct 1992List A
10.0-8228.20Tasmaniav NSWSydney24 Oct 1993List A
9.2-82-8.78West Austv VictoriaPerth08 Oct 2010List A
11.3-8237.13Victoriav NSWSydney18 Nov 2012List A
9.5-8228.33West Austv VictoriaMelbourne07 Oct 2018List A
8.0-81-10.12West Austv QueenslandBrisbane13 Feb 2004List A
8.0-81210.12Victoriav QueenslandBrisbane20 Feb 2010List A
10.0-81-8.10Queenslandv VictoriaBrisbane20 Feb 2010List A
10.0-8128.10West Austv South AustPerth10 Dec 2011List A
10.0-8128.10Queenslandv TasmaniaHobart17 Oct 2017List A
9.0-8028.88West Austv VictoriaMelbourne14 Nov 2009List A
12.018026.66Victoriav QueenslandBrisbane16 Oct 2010List A
10.0-8038.00West Austv VictoriaSydney15 Oct 2013List A
9.0-8018.88West Austv QueenslandSydney11 Oct 2017List A
10.0-8048.00Tasmaniav QueenslandHobart17 Oct 2017List A
8.0-80110.00Victoriav TasmaniaTownsville19 Sep 2018List A
9.0-8018.88South Austv QueenslandBrisbane28 Mar 2021List A
9.3-8038.42Tasmaniav West AustPerth08 Apr 2021List A
10.0-79-7.90Tasmaniav West AustPerth05 Nov 1989List A
10.017927.90Tasmaniav West AustHobart31 Jan 1998List A
10.0-79-7.90Tasmaniav NSWSydney14 Oct 2001List A
12.0-7926.58Tasmaniav VictoriaMelbourne28 Oct 2012List A
13.0179-6.07Queenslandv TasmaniaHobart14 Nov 2012List A
10.0-7927.90NSWv QueenslandSydney27 Oct 2013List A
10.0-7927.90CA XIv TasmaniaSydney13 Oct 2017List A
10.0-7917.90Tasmaniav QueenslandTownsville22 Sep 2018List A
10.0-7917.90Queenslandv South AustSydney25 Sep 2018List A
8.0-7919.87NSWv QueenslandSydney01 Oct 2018List A
9.0-7918.77Queenslandv South AustSydney03 Oct 2018List A
10.0-7817.80Queenslandv West AustPerth09 Jan 2004List A
10.0-78-7.80NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Nov 2007List A
11.017827.09Tasmaniav QueenslandHobart14 Nov 2012List A
12.017816.50West Austv TasmaniaPerth19 Feb 2013List A
10.0-7847.80NSWv VictoriaSydney12 Oct 2014List A
9.0-7848.66South Austv QueenslandAdelaide13 Oct 2021List A
10.0-7827.80Queenslandv NSWBrisbane26 Feb 2023List A
10.0-77-7.70NSWv TasmaniaHobart07 Dec 2008List A
10.0-7737.70Victoriav South AustAdelaide04 Nov 2009List A
10.017717.70Victoriav QueenslandSydney13 Oct 2013List A
9.0-77-8.55West Austv South AustSydney17 Oct 2013List A
10.0-7717.70South Austv VictoriaPerth05 Oct 2016List A
10.0-7717.70South Austv TasmaniaSydney19 Oct 2016List A
10.0-77-7.70Tasmaniav VictoriaPerth04 Oct 2017List A
10.0-77-7.70NSWv South AustSydney06 Oct 2017List A
10.0-7727.70South Austv QueenslandSydney03 Oct 2018List A
10.0-7727.70South Austv West AustPerth08 Mar 2023List A
10.0-7617.60Victoriav West AustPerth14 Oct 1990List A
10.0176-7.60South Austv VictoriaMelbourne15 Dec 2009List A
9.017628.44South Austv VictoriaAdelaide15 Dec 2010List A
10.0-7617.60Victoriav NSWSydney30 Oct 2011List A
12.0-76-6.33Queenslandv TasmaniaHobart15 Feb 2012List A
10.0-7627.60Tasmaniav West AustSydney13 Oct 2014List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Queensland v Western Australia at Brisbane, The Marsh Cup 1st match, Sep 24, 2023 [List A]

Western Australia v South Australia at Perth, The Marsh Cup final, Mar 8, 2023 [List A]

Queensland v New South Wales at Brisbane, The Marsh Cup 21st match, Feb 26, 2023 [List A]