Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    0.5 makes him play and makes him miss, bowled him! This beautiful delivery had its seam shaping away as it pitched outside off, but landed on the seam and came in as Hafeez presented his bat but the ball sneaked through the gate 0/1
    9.3 he's gone, caught behind! Shehzad came down the track, Boult responded with a full and wide delivery outside off, he threw his bat with a full stretch, taking it on the full, and got an edge for the keeper 29/2
    11.2 loud appeal for lbw, given! This one swung in sharply from length to beat Younis' bat as he looked to whip it away. Younis reviews that, but he's struck in front of middle and that's hitting leg stump. Younis goes back 32/3
    41.5 Misbah also tries a lofted shot but he holes out to deep midwicket. It was a fullish delivery on the pads and he whipped the flick from the middle of the bat but it wasn't enough to clear Latham in the deep 198/7
    23.2 strikes on his second ball! Wasn't a great delivery - it was short and wide, Sohail cut it off the back foot and Guptill dived to his left to grab it with both hands 81/4
    31.4 he's yorked him with a slower ball! Elliott sent a wobbly seam down the pitch, Umar moved across a bit and the ball sneaked under his bat to rattle the stumps. Umar looks back in disbelief 113/5
    35.3 Sarfraz what have you done? He backs himself to clear deep square leg with a sweep picked up from outside off stump, but he doesn't hit it well enough to get it over the man there, who gobbles it comfortably. 127/6
    43.1 he gets Afridi in his last over! Pitched it up on the stumps, Afridi lofted it straight down the ground and Guptill takes another catch, coming in from long on 203/9
    42.4 he gives the batsman room and he gives a catch to backward point! It was a short ball outside off from Boult, Bhatti swing his bat, seeing the width, and handed it straight to Guptill 203/8
    45.3 that's it, Pakistan finish off on 210. Ehsan got a full delivery and in an attempt to go over the infield again he hands a catch to Baz at mid on 210/10
    not out
    13 (lb 3, nb 1, w 9)
    210 all out (45.3 Overs, RR: 4.61)
    Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Mohammad Hafeez, 0.5 ov), 2-29 (Ahmed Shehzad, 9.3 ov), 3-32 (Younis Khan, 11.2 ov), 4-81 (Haris Sohail, 23.2 ov), 5-113 (Umar Akmal, 31.4 ov), 6-127 (Sarfaraz Ahmed, 35.3 ov), 7-198 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 41.5 ov), 8-203 (Bilawal Bhatti, 42.4 ov), 9-203 (Shahid Afridi, 43.1 ov), 10-210 (Ehsan Adil, 45.3 ov)
    KD Mills1022922.90474011
    TA Boult902522.77423020
    AF Milne1004314.30396030
    NL McCullum603706.16200400
    CJ Anderson604727.83186120
    GD Elliott4.302635.77133010

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New Zealand , elected to field first

Player Of The Match

Series result

New Zealand led the 2-match series 1-0

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Hours of play (local time)

14.00 start, First Session 14.00-17.30, Interval 17.30-18.15, Second Session 18.15-21.45

Match days

31 January 2015 - day/night match (50-over match)

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Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Match Notes

  • Afridi - 231, rest - 53

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  • NZ quicks set up comprehensive win

    New Zealand's persistence with the ball and excellence in the field took fine advantage of Pakistan's indiscipline with the bat, as the hosts first trussed up the opposition for 210, then sauntered to the total inside 40 overs with seven wickets in hand

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st31BB McCullumMJ Guptill
2nd44MJ GuptillTWM Latham
3rd26LRPL TaylorMJ Guptill
4th112GD ElliottLRPL Taylor