Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 18 Runs | BDESH: 179/1 (19 runs required, RR: 8.95)

  • Mahmudullah64 (48b)
  • Tamim Iqbal88 (61b)
  • Kemar Roach4-0-36-1
  • Marlon Samuels4-0-32-0

So that is it from me, Suneer Chowdhary and it has been a lot of pleasure bringing you this series. Have a good night ahead!


Rahim yes the last over probably mattered but cannot blame Rubel because when Samuels hits he can do that to anyone. Missed out on a couple of full-tosses too but that happens. Young Anamul and Tamim played well and in the middle Mahmudullah played well too. Nice to see people scoring runs, especially in the top-order, hope they continue in the same vein.

Samuels, man of the match Was hoping to stick around, tried to get the pace of the pitch and then go after the bowling later. We have come here as champions and had a lot to lose. I dedicate this to the Prime Minister of Jamaica again. I try to get in by batting through the first few balls...going down under for the Big Bash League for the Renegades now.

Sammy Pleased with the outcome, wanted to finish the year on a good note. Samuels' innings reminded me of the WC final innings. We knew they had to keep coming at us, and they batted well but at the end we did well to restrict. Gayle's bowled well for us this series, not only today. Samuels and Roach bowled well as well. Want to thank Bangladeshi fans, they have supported the cricket well. We have enjoyed the stay here.

Nikhil: "Whoa!! Mahmudullah being selfish and playing slow??? Especially the last one, look at his score! I'd take a 64 off 48 balls any day!"

Anthony: "Bangladesh at home will be a challenge for any of the other sides; be it SA,Aus,Eng. I enjoyed the manner in which they played their limited over cricket. They still needs to understand that the 5 day version of the game requires patience, and concentration."

Roni Rahman: "Estremely selfish game from Mohmodullah. Totally tone deaf of what is needed. He does not belong in the T20."

Bangladeshi fan: "I wonder who will be more disappointed today. Tamim for not winning or getting a century. Mahmudullah for playing too slow. Mushfiq for dropping catches and not getting a bat or Rubel for that match-changing over. Tough call"

Asif: "Yeah, at last physical fitness keep away Bangladesh from another victory. Tigers need more physical fitness for such a long series."

In the end, an easy win for West Indies who never looked like losing after getting to the near-200 score, despite the margin of 18. It was strange sort of an innings from Bangladesh, on another day they would have probably got to more than 200 the way they went but for some strange reason they failed to hit full-tosses away.

One other thing that went against them was the running between the wickets, they got only one for many of them when they should have pushed harder for the second. Not too many happy Bangladeshi fans there but it was a decent overall effort with the bat. Of course there are some who are happy as well. Rahman is one of them: "I'm happy with Bangladesh's performance. I expected a good game and lots of fireworks, got exactly that :)"

For West Indies, very bowler bar Gayle went for eight runs per over or more!

Roach to Mahmudullah, SIX runs, fullish ball on the middle and it has been smoked over long-on for a six to end the game on a positive note but West Indies win by 18
Roach to Mahmudullah, no run, on a length and outside the off stump, it swings away from the bat, the batsman wants to go for a heave but misses the outside edge
Roach to Mahmudullah, FOUR runs, full-toss and spanked to mid-wicket for a four, where were these strokes earlier, especially off those umpteen full-pitchers?
Roach to Mahmudullah, SIX runs, slower bowler, shorter as well and he has been able to spank it over deep square-leg for...would you believe it...a six! it was a hoick over the boundary to get to his fifty and he does not celebrate one bit
Roach to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, outside the off and drilled to the off side for a single

Nahim: "I wonder if it's quite fair to allow the bowler to stop his delivery in mid-stride and thus find out the batsman's intentions, as Gayle and Samuels have done a couple of times? The batsman doesn't have the same option!" He does have the option to back away before the bowler releases the ball. But yes, the bowlers are well within their rules to do that.

Roach to Mahmudullah, no run, fuller on the middle and that is hit back to the bowler, hits the stumps at the non-striker's end

kk: "It is obvious that Tim does not realise that a good bowler adapts to the conditions and does what is necessary to negate the batting style of a batsman. Gayle realised they could not dispatch the full-tosses so he bowled them. Kudos to him!!" To be fair, Gayle had problems gripping the ball, which is where the full-tosses came from. That said, he did well to pitch them up than bowl them short.

19 | 12 Runs | BDESH: 161/1 (37 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.47, RRR: 37.00)

  • Mahmudullah46 (42b)
  • Tamim Iqbal88 (61b)
  • Marlon Samuels4-0-32-0
  • Kemar Roach3-0-18-1
Samuels to Mahmudullah, 1 run, yorker length on the middle and he was trying to hit it over mid-wicket, fails to get it over and they can get only a single
Samuels to Tamim Iqbal, 1 run, yorker-length ball and that has been tapped to the leg side for a single, Tamim wants a second but is sent back by Mahmudullah
Samuels to Mahmudullah, 1 run, fullish on the middle and he is only able to flick it to deep square-leg for a single
Samuels to Tamim Iqbal, 1 run, full-toss, that delivery that has been perfected by the West Indian spinners tonight, outside the off and it has been hit to long-on for a single
Samuels to Tamim Iqbal, FOUR runs, and that is the second one in as many balls, it was very full and on the middle, smacked over the bowler's head for another four
Samuels to Tamim Iqbal, FOUR runs, very full and driven down the ground and for four to the left of the long-off fielder...even 12 fours will only tie the game

They now need 49 from the last two overs. Tough ask off two batsmen who are looking increasingly exhausted

18 | 7 Runs | BDESH: 149/1 (49 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 8.27, RRR: 24.50)

  • Tamim Iqbal78 (57b)
  • Mahmudullah44 (40b)
  • Kemar Roach3-0-18-1
  • Chris Gayle4-0-18-0
Roach to Tamim Iqbal, 1 run, very full on the off stump and he can only push it to the extra-cover fielder for a single
Roach to Mahmudullah, 1 run, brilliant, yorker length and he can only tap it away to the leg side, just for a single

Jeff: "These two havent run very well between the wickets tonight, i think they needed to take the game on a bit more running and they would be another 20 runs closer to the target and right in it!"

Roach to Tamim Iqbal, 1 run, outside the off and fuller and Tamim has drilled it through the covers, it is a good shot but to the fielder in the deep
Roach to Tamim Iqbal, 2 runs, yorker length ball and he can only only drill it to fine-leg for a couple of runs

Tim: "Gayle hasn't bowled well, the Bangladeshi's have batted badly against him. When you're bowling flat and straight, often full tosses you should be sent to all parts. A team of better hitters would have taken Gayle for 60 today."

Roach to Tamim Iqbal, no run, fuller on the off stump and outside the off, he was clearing his legs but misses, this has to be exhausion
Roach to Mahmudullah, 1 run, short of length now and he has hit it across the line to the deep square-leg region for a single
Roach to Mahmudullah, 1 no ball, oh dear! full-toss above the waist height, almost takes the batsman with it, and called no-ball...he had bowled one last game as well.

Right so, Bangladesh have fought well but do they have the fire-power to hit 56 in three? Gayle's walking off to the dressing room.

Logan: "Now we know why gayle's out of form! He's been working on his bowling!!"

Nahid: "What is going on here? They are looking exhausted.. So just hit the ball up n go back to dressing room..."

17 | 3 Runs | BDESH: 142/1 (56 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 8.35, RRR: 18.66)

  • Mahmudullah42 (37b)
  • Tamim Iqbal74 (53b)
  • Chris Gayle4-0-18-0
  • Sunil Narine3-0-27-0
Gayle to Mahmudullah, 1 run, fullish ball on the pads and that is flicked away to deep square-leg for only a single, to end Gayle's spell that costs him only 18 runs, excellent stuff
Gayle to Tamim Iqbal, 1 run, goes down the track and hits it away to the deep square-leg for a single

Some gamesmanship there, Gayle pulls out of his action and then shadow-bowls at the batsman, who goes down the track and shadow-hits it out of the ground! Heh!

Max: "Bangladesh were sent to back foot in last 5 overs. WI scored 75 in last 30 balls. Now, Bangladesh need 78 from equal number of deliveries"

Gayle to Tamim Iqbal, no run, fuller on the off stump and he still cannot get it away, back to the bowler

Gayle has yet to conceded a four.

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