Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Right then, it's over to the SCG after the early finish at the MCG. I'll leave you with Dan Brettig's match report, and there'll be lots more later. This is Abhishek Purohit signing off for the moment. Cheers

Clarke: "Our tail were outstanding with their batting, and we have to give full credit to the bowlers. You always want to have plans against whatever team you play and we were able to execute the plans. Credit has to go to Ponting and Hussey as well. India are a fantastic team. It is great to have them here in Australia. We know they'll come hard at us in Sydney."

Dhoni: "Bowlers brought us back in to the game. We were short by 50-odd runs in the first innings. Their lower order scored some runs, if we had got them earlier, we would have had 50-60 runs less to chase. We are known to be tentative starters, I think in the next game we will be slightly better. You have to give credit to the Australia bowlers for the way they bowled." He also keeps the faith in his experienced batting line-up and says he is not worried by them failing twice here in Melbourne

James Pattinson is the Man of the Match. Pattinson: "It's a pretty surreal feeling right now. We were coming off a bit of pressure after losing in Hobart to New Zealand. It is fantastic to win here at the MCG. Victorian supporters are the best in the business. Siddle is fantastic, he keeps everyone in the side going."

The fast bowlers form both sides bowled their hearts out, Australia's the more disciplined. Australia showed the character to bounce back from 27 for 4 in the second innings though

The teams exchange handshakes after Australia go 1-0 up in the four-Test series. Australia look a very pleased lot, hugs and smiles all around It was a hard-fought Test for the first three days, until India capitulated, again, in the second innings, following their collapse in the first. This is their fifth consecutive defeat in overseas Tests, and their batsmen have a lot of answering to do.

Gautam Gambhir, for instance, averages under 30 since his last Test century, which was back in January 2010

nitin: "Margin of defeat = No of runs by Ponting in this test match."

Viv: "A very similar script to the Nottingham test against Eng. Getting the opponents reeling at 150/8 or so and then conceding runs to the tail. Following up that with a solid top order performance only to lose 7 wickets for 30 runs or so..."

Lyon to Yadav, OUT, he goes for another big one, but this time he hasn't got enough on the shot, and Warner takes a leaping, scrambling catch at long on just inside the rope, running to his right, throws the ball in the air and Australia celebrate

UT Yadav c Warner b Lyon 21 (26m 25b 2x4 1x6) SR: 84.00

Lyon to Yadav, no run, flatter ball nudged towards short leg
Lyon to Yadav, SIX runs, Umesh sees the flight and swings hard, and gets enough on it to take the ball over long-on
Lyon to Yadav, no run, turned in to the leg side off the pad
Lyon to Yadav, no run, played out with the turn to midwicket

Craig: "Ponting and Hussey: too old, too slow? No, too good!!"

Kishore: "Supreet - Burn your bean bag."

47 | 2 Runs | INDIA: 163/9

  • Umesh Yadav15 (20b)
  • Ishant Sharma6 (14b)
  • James Pattinson15-2-53-4
  • Nathan Lyon5-0-19-0
Pattinson to Yadav, 1 run, bowls it fuller and across Umesh now, he presses forward and runs it towards point
Pattinson to Yadav, no run, fends at this shortish ball in to the ribs, it pops off the thigh pad to short leg, Australia appeal but they are not getting this one

around the stumps now, more music coming up Umesh's way

Pattinson to Yadav, no run, gets behind the line and pushes towards point
Pattinson to Yadav, no run, almost got into grief again but this time the ball whizzed past as he offered the poke even as he withdrew the head
Pattinson to Yadav, no run, hit on the glove as he takes his eyes off the short ball
Pattinson to Sharma, 1 run, pushes a short of a length ball to extra cover for one

46 | 6 Runs | INDIA: 161/9

  • Umesh Yadav14 (15b)
  • Ishant Sharma5 (13b)
  • Nathan Lyon5-0-19-0
  • James Pattinson14-2-51-4
Lyon to Yadav, FOUR runs, takes on the flight this time, and swings him in to the straight boundary
Lyon to Yadav, no run, flights it up, but Umesh does not go after it and pats it away
Lyon to Yadav, no run, played out against the turn to covers
Lyon to Sharma, 1 run, reaches out and pushes towards extra cover for one
  • Ponting's fine, Ponting's odd

    In Melbourne he began both innings serenely, before losing form a bit. He now seems to need to think where once he barely had to

  • India need to rethink strategy against tail

    Australia's last four wickets outscored India's by 79 runs over both innings at the MCG. In a series that could be decided by lower-order contributions, MS Dhoni may need to change his defensive tactics

  • Dhoni backs umpires over DRS

    India will not support the DRS until they are convinced that the technology is 100% perfect, captain MS Dhoni has reiterated

  • India must learn to get tail out - Dhoni

    After India's 122-run loss at the MCG, India's third first-Test loss on their last four tours, MS Dhoni said it was the batting that let the side down

  • MCG victory needs repeating - Clarke

    Michael Clarke is conscious of going to Sydney with a greater accent on repeating the good of Melbourne while remedying the bad.

India 4th innings Partnerships

1st17G GambhirV Sehwag
2nd22R DravidG Gambhir
3rd19SR TendulkarR Dravid
4th10SR TendulkarVVS Laxman
5th1SR TendulkarV Kohli
6th12SR TendulkarMS Dhoni
7th36MS DhoniR Ashwin
8th24MS DhoniZ Khan
9th1MS DhoniI Sharma
10th27I SharmaUT Yadav