1st Test, Galle, Jul 18-22 2010, India tour of Sri Lanka
(14.1 ov, target 95)
520/8d & 96/0
276 & 338
Sri Lanka won by 10 wickets
Player Of The Match
SL 2nd Innings
Full commentary
end of over 156 runs
SL: 96/0CRR: 6.77 
Tillakaratne Dilshan68 (47)
Tharanga Paranavitana23 (42)
Harbhajan Singh2.1-0-24-0
Pragyan Ojha3-0-11-0

That brings an end to our coverage of this wonderful Test. Hope you enjoyed and do join us for the next game on the 26th. On behalf of Team Cricinfo, this is Nitin Sundar signing off. Cheers!

Right, now we have a series of presentations for Murali! Boy he better have enough shelf space for these mementoes.. what a send-off! Finally he comes up to Tony Greig to have a chat.. Phew!

Murali: "I'd like to thank the president for coming to support me. Thanks to my wife and family for their support. To my team-mates, past and present, through the 19 years for supporting me... To the cricket board and officials, and everyone else." Well, thank YOU Murali!

"I started playing when I was 8 years old and I still listen to my coach from school days. Arjuna Ranatunga and de Silva and all those guys helped me through the tough times in 1995.. the umpires make their judgments through naked eye, so nothing against them.. I have no grudge against them and happy to have made it through the tough times. I always thought if something goes wrong I can bowl leg spin and continue playing cricket!"

"I'm available for the World Cup if the selectors need me. I want to play some more Twenty20 cricket. I made a lot of friends through cricket and sometimes my team-mates said I talk too much with opposition players!"

Tony Greig thanks the champ for all the memories and gives him three cheers!

Sangakkara: "From the start, winning the Test was the aim, that would have been the perfect send-off for Murali too. Pleased that he got to 800 and all the best to him. Malinga was truly the MoM, the way he bowled turned things around and made things easy for Murali and the rest.. Malinga's stand with Herath made a big difference. We must appreciate the groundsmen under Jayananda Warnaweera for his efforts.. on another ground, this match may not have been possible after all the rain."

Virender Sehwag is the "most stylish player of the match" and wins a motorbike for his efforts.

Malinga is deservedly Man of the Match. "I am playing after three years in Tests and it was a memorable Tests, so I am pleased. I am happy he took 800 and I will treasure the moment." He just smiles when Greig asks him whether he was worried he'll take all the wickets!

Dhoni: "Well of course, out of the 15 sessions played only one session we won, so that's not the ideal start to the series. Happy with the way Sehwag played.. Mithun bowled well, so plenty to look forward to. Great moment for Murali, we all knew he will come up with a great show being the great bowler he is, but that did not put us under pressure. Glad that he reached the magical figure of 800. You need a bit of experience given the conditions, so we did miss our senior seamers, still I am happy with the way Ishant and Mithun came back on the third day."

Lorgat: "This is a special day. All the fans have stayed on right to the end. On the behalf of ICC and the Indian team, we wish Murali the very best. You have been a living legend and extremely special to all of us. Thanks Murali from all of us."

The whole of Galle seems to have assembled for the presentation! Tony Greig does the honours. Haroon Lorgat is there too. Murali's family is on the podium, his son's tee shirt reads "6 runs"... Hmm.. looks like the little one is more interested in the willow than in the leather.

Stay tuned for the presentation. Ten Sports seems to be cashing in on the euphoria with an extended post-match analysis session.

Abhishek makes a valid observation: "Ntini hasn't retired either. He's currently at 390 wickets." Somehow I get the feeling Ntini's time is over. What a champ he was in his pomp! Don't think Murali and Ntini had competition for cricketers who seemed to just enjoy being out there.

Now with Murali bowing out, Harbhajan with 355 wickets becomes the man with highest number of scalps among active players. Is anyone likely to go past him in the near future? Chaminda Vaas finished with 355. Vettori has 325, Brett Lee has stalled at 310. Kallis is way behind at 266 (amazing that one of the best batsmen of alltime figures in this discussion!), ahead of Kaneria, Zaheer Khan and the rest. Steyn is a long way away though catching up fast. Hope he stays clear of injuries.. Who else? Mitchell Johnson has just picked one more in Headingley.

Maulik thinks its all bleak for tweak: "Era of greatest rivalry Warne, Murali and Kumble ends... Spin department is over in world cricket!!!" Arpit agrees with Maulik: "The one Murali named his successor went wicketless. That answers the question as to the future of spinners."

Anand: "Liked the gesture of authorities to allow free entry to the grounds today, which didn't happen here when Ganguly retired!! something to learn..."

Neel Desai: "Murali's bows out - a legend leaves. But what about the future of world spinners? Dont see any long haul runners in the wings." Sri Lanka doing a lap of honour. Murali is on his team's shoulders and Galle stands up as one to applaud the master!

The trend continues. India lost the opening Test in both their last previous tours to Sri Lanka. On both occasions they came back to win the second Test and then lose the third. They will want the first half of that script to play out in the second Test in Colombo in four days time.

All that can wait. Let's all put our hands together for a master bowler and a wonderful human being. Murali - you will be missed. Well played champ!

Harbhajan Singh to Dilshan, SIX runs
that's the way it's done! Dilshan sashays down the pitch, gets to the pitch of the ball and slams Harbhajan high over long on. That shot sums up Sri Lanka's dominance in this game. The only way it could have been more fitting was if Murali was the man hitting the runs, but no big deal - well played Sri Lanka!
end of over 143 runs
SL: 90/0CRR: 6.42 
Tharanga Paranavitana23 (42)
Tillakaratne Dilshan62 (46)
Pragyan Ojha3-0-11-0
Harbhajan Singh2-0-18-0
Ojha to Paranavitana, no run
flight again outside off, Paranavitana gets nicely across and defends to the on side.
Ojha to Paranavitana, no run
Ojha to Paranavitana, no run
flighted outside off, Paranavitana leans out and smothers the spin. No hurry.
Ojha to Dilshan, 1 run
tossed well up on off stump, driven firmly down to long off
Ojha to Dilshan, 2 runs
outside off and this time he plays it square for a couple
Ojha to Dilshan, no run
flight and turn from middle stump, Dilshan easily picks the spin and drives with the turn

Eight to win. The end is nigh.

end of over 137 runs
SL: 87/0CRR: 6.69 
Tharanga Paranavitana23 (39)
Tillakaratne Dilshan59 (43)
Harbhajan Singh2-0-18-0
Pragyan Ojha2-0-8-0
Harbhajan Singh to Paranavitana, no run
on off stump this time and Paranavitana comes forward into the defensive towards mid off
Harbhajan Singh to Paranavitana, no run
over-pitched on leg stump and Paranavitana taps it back to the bowler
Harbhajan Singh to Paranavitana, no run
flighted on middle and off, Paranavitana comes forward and defends
Harbhajan Singh to Dilshan, 1 run
another aggressive sweep, he's targetting Bhajji at the fag end of the game, this time just a single to midwicket
Harbhajan Singh to Dilshan, FOUR runs
beautiful cut shot, that turned well into him from outside off and he had no room to play it, still managed to send it very fine from the leg stump line

Gocho from London: "In the end, what decided the result of this game were the crucial runs that the indian pie-chuckers let Malinga and Herath score. Nice tail-piece what?"

Harbhajan Singh to Dilshan, 2 runs
average ball turning down the leg and swept away easily behind square
end of over 123 runs
SL: 80/0CRR: 6.66 
Tillakaratne Dilshan52 (40)
Tharanga Paranavitana23 (36)
Pragyan Ojha2-0-8-0
Harbhajan Singh1-0-11-0
Ojha to Dilshan, 1 run
short and wide outside off, Dilshan cuts again to Yuvraj sweeping on the fence
Ojha to Paranavitana, 1 run
this time he gets inside the line and tickes it behind square on the leg side for one