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1st Test, Galle, July 18 - 22, 2010, India tour of Sri Lanka
(T:95) 520/8d & 96/0
(f/o) 276 & 338

Sri Lanka won by 10 wickets

Player Of The Match
64, 2/55 & 5/50
Sri Lanka 1st Innings
India 1st Innings
India 2nd Innings (Following on)
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Sri Lanka 1st Innings 
c †Dhoni b Sharma11123328912047.63
c †Dhoni b Mithun25245260104.16
c Tendulkar b Sehwag10314519812071.03
lbw b Sharma48781236061.53
lbw b Mithun077000.00
c Laxman b Sharma41581016070.68
lbw b Mithun27264821103.84
not out 809313710186.02
c Harbhajan Singh b Mithun6475959285.33
not out 510150050.00
Extras(b 2, lb 9, nb 5)16
TOTAL124 Ov (RR: 4.19, 537 Mins)520/8d
Fall of wickets: 1-55 (Tillakaratne Dilshan, 10.1 ov), 2-236 (Kumar Sangakkara, 61.1 ov), 3-259 (Tharanga Paranavitana, 69.2 ov), 4-260 (Thilan Samaraweera, 70.4 ov), 5-322 (Mahela Jayawardene, 87.5 ov), 6-344 (Angelo Mathews, 91.6 ov), 7-393 (Prasanna Jayawardene, 97.6 ov), 8-508 (Lasith Malinga, 120.6 ov)
69.2 to NT Paranavitana, jaffa from Ishant and he's sent Paranavitana back. Lovely ball after the previous one, this one angled away just a touch from back of a length. Paranavitana poked at it uncertainly off the backfoot and got a healthy edge, with Dhoni having to dive across to take the catch. After one and a half days of waiting, Paranavitana will be disappointed he could only add one run to his score.. 259/3
87.5 to DPMD Jayawardene, this time Harper has sent him on his way! Ishant pegs Mahela back again with one of those in-duckers, it rears nastily from off and middle towards leg stump. Mahela misses the attempted flick and is hit in front of middle and leg, a tad high. He was well back, and hawkeye says it would have his the top of leg. Ishant has his reward, this is a wonderful spell ladies and gentlemen.. 322/5
91.6 to AD Mathews, Ishant nips out one more! Mathews is gone, after exhibiting great restraint in the last couple of overs, this time he hangs his bat at one outside off. It flies off the outside edge to the right of VVS Laxman at second slip, who tumbled to his right and takes a smart catch. Ishant! What a spell! Respect!. 344/6
10.1 to TM Dilshan, Mithun has struck! Dilshan is gone! Very well-directed bouncer, angling in from off to leg, Dilshan is hurried into the pull and can only get some glove through to Dhoni. Lots of effort put into the ball, and as it happens so often, a wicket immediately after drinks. First Test wicket for Mithun and he deserved it. He's bowled exceptionally well to Dilshan all morning.. 55/1
70.4 to TT Samaraweera, he's nailed him this time! No need for a fielder if you can do it yourself eh Mithun! It's again that ball of his, which slants in late from outside off. He had Dilshan in trouble with it on day one, and now he's got Samaraweera. It may have hit him marginally outside off, and Hawkeye says it would have clipped the skin off the top of middle stump.. 260/4
97.6 to HAPW Jayawardene, Mithun strikes, that's the end of Prasanna, he was looking to play it to the leg side after moving across the stumps, he misses and his pad gets in the way of a ball that was going on to hit middle. 393/7
120.6 to SL Malinga, Finally India make the breakthrough, Mithun's short ball does the job, Malinga falls away as he swipes at that one, gets an edge that swirls to fine leg where Harbhajan pouches the catch. 508/8
61.1 to KC Sangakkara, Sehwag's golden arm sends back Sangakkara with a shocker of a delivery! Short and asking to be deposited well beyond midwicket, Sanga picked out Sachin Tendulkar some 15 yards in front of the boundary and he made no mistake.. 236/2
India 1st Innings 
lbw b Malinga22200100.00
c Paranavitana b Welegedara10911817519192.37
run out (Malinga/Mathews)1833641054.54
lbw b Muralitharan821291038.09
c Dilshan b Malinga2261942036.06
c DPMD Jayawardene b Muralitharan5264918181.25
b Muralitharan3347644070.21
st †HAPW Jayawardene b Herath28120025.00
not out 519280026.31
c DPMD Jayawardene b Muralitharan317180017.64
b Muralitharan81072080.00
Extras(b 1, lb 1, nb 10, w 2)14
TOTAL65 Ov (RR: 4.24, 296 Mins)276
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Gautam Gambhir, 0.2 ov), 2-68 (Rahul Dravid, 12.2 ov), 3-101 (Sachin Tendulkar, 20.4 ov), 4-169 (Virender Sehwag, 36.2 ov), 5-178 (VVS Laxman, 39.3 ov), 6-252 (MS Dhoni, 54.5 ov), 7-259 (Yuvraj Singh, 56.6 ov), 8-259 (Harbhajan Singh, 57.2 ov), 9-266 (Pragyan Ojha, 62.3 ov), 10-276 (Abhimanyu Mithun, 64.6 ov)
0.2 to G Gambhir, Gambhir has succumbed! Similar ball from Malinga, a hint of inward movement from off stump towards middle and leg, Gambhir seemed to fall over as he tried to flick. He misses and is caught plumb in front of the stumps, but has himself to blame here, trying to play across the line before getting his eye in. Sri Lanka have struck a huge blow here and Malinga's wonderful comeback to Test cricket continues!. 2/1
39.3 to VVS Laxman, another bad shot and Laxman plays right on to Sri Lanka's hands! The ball is short on the off stump and Laxman fetches it and pulls rather half heartedly, no real conviction in the shot, top edge lands safely down Dilshan's throat at deep square leg, the trap was set and he fell right in to it. 178/5
36.2 to V Sehwag, Sehwag will not want to see this replay! Welegedara can't believe his luck, the ball is banged short and angled wide across the right-hander, the ball moved away far more than Sehwag imagined and he reached out rooted to the crease and tried to carve it over point, tame edge to first slip who's wide. 169/4
57.2 to Harbhajan Singh, India push the self destruct button! Harbhajan tries to launch that out of Galle but is completely beaten in flight, very easy stumping for Jayawardene, no need for a replay. 259/8
20.4 to SR Tendulkar, Murali moves to 793 and what a wicket to pick! Full on middle, Sachin went for the sweep and missed it, there was not much turn and it would have hit the top of middle and leg. Sachin is gone and India are in come strife here.. 101/3
54.5 to MS Dhoni, 794! And watta ball! Sharp turn from the rough outside off, Dhoni gets his foot across but half heartedly hangs his bat out, bowled through the gate, wasn't expecting so much turn. 252/6
56.6 to Yuvraj Singh, 795! Comes round the wicket and draws Yuvraj forward to defend, just a hint of turn and takes the outside edge, easy catch for Mahela at first slip. 259/7
62.3 to PP Ojha, Murali inches ahead, the countdown continues! That is number 796 and one of the easier ones too.. Another sharp offspinner to Ojha who is clearly concerned about the doosra so he stays back and hangs the bat in the hope that the ball will somehow hit the middle of his blade. No such luck this time and the edge flies to first slip.. 266/9
64.6 to A Mithun, no need to appeal this time! Murali raises his arms in joy he has yet another five-wicket haul, his 67th! It was another fastish offspinner that curved in and then took off from outside off, Mithun was late on the cut and no shame in that, this ball has bamboozled far better batsmen. Leg stump is breached, leg bail is down, India are all out. Murali has 797 Test wickets. What a champ!. 276/10
India 2nd Innings (Following on) 
c †HAPW Jayawardene b Malinga032000.00
c DPMD Jayawardene b Welegedara31305460103.33
c Sangakkara b Malinga441522093028.94
lbw b Malinga8414216811159.15
run out (Mathews)691271945054.33
c DPMD Jayawardene b Muralitharan514231035.71
b Malinga4571080.00
lbw b Muralitharan814131057.14
lbw b Malinga2559515042.37
not out 311061264029.24
c DPMD Jayawardene b Muralitharan1350541026.00
Extras(b 5, lb 9, nb 8, w 2)24
TOTAL115.4 Ov (RR: 2.92, 457 Mins)338
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Gautam Gambhir, 0.3 ov), 2-42 (Virender Sehwag, 10.3 ov), 3-161 (Rahul Dravid, 52.4 ov), 4-172 (Sachin Tendulkar, 54.3 ov), 5-181 (Yuvraj Singh, 59.3 ov), 6-186 (MS Dhoni, 60.5 ov), 7-197 (Harbhajan Singh, 63.6 ov), 8-246 (Abhimanyu Mithun, 81.3 ov), 9-314 (VVS Laxman, 100.2 ov), 10-338 (Pragyan Ojha, 115.4 ov)
0.3 to G Gambhir, Malinga owns Gambhir as far as this Test is concerned! There shall be no epic rearguard from Gauti this time! This one was bowled with a slight angle from over the wickets, it lands on off and goes straight on without deviation. Gambhir pokes his bat at it unnecessarily and without any conviction and the outside edge flies into Prasanna's gloves. India are in more trouble.. 0/1
52.4 to R Dravid, Malinga has removed Dravid against the run of play! It is Dravid's old failing, failing to keep the flick down as he works it off his pads. Malinga got some reverse again and it ended outside leg and was asking to be flicked. Dravid obliged but it went quickly in the air, straight to Sanga at leg gully who took a sharp catch. BIG blow.. 161/3
54.3 to SR Tendulkar, Malinga has turned this Test firmly Sri Lanka's way with another fast yorker! Sachin was probably expecting it to reverse down the leg, but this 139 kph thunderbolt was headed straight for the base of leg stump. Sachin was looking to flick and missed the ball, it struck him flush on the back boot and the umpire makes the right decision. Malinga you beauty!. 172/4
60.5 to MS Dhoni, oh boy! Malinga has blown away Dhoni with a ball very similar to the one that got Tendulkar! That came in from that uncomfortable angle, homing in on legstump line and then straightening a tad as it crunched past Dhoni's toes into the base of leg and middle. Captain cool had no clue about that one and India have lost a big wicket.. 186/6
81.3 to A Mithun, Mithun has lasted exactly one ball of Malinga mayhem! That was as plumb as they come. Scorching reverse swinging yorker pins him in front of off stump. Harper took a moment thinking about it, but it was plumb the moment it left Malinga's hand. Screamer of a delivery!. 246/8
10.3 to V Sehwag, Chanaka Welegedera has taken out Sehwag. What a wonderful catch from Mahela Jayawardene. It was short in length and angled across Sehwag. He reached out to punch it on the up, ended up playing away from the body as the ball tailed away and it flew to left of backward point. Mahela lunged to his left, reached out over his head and grabbed a very good catch. And boy is he delighted or what? And why wouldn't he be? Huge wicket this.. 42/2
59.3 to Yuvraj Singh, 798! Murali gets Yuvraj in almost the same fashion as he did in the first innings. Sharp offspinner turning from middle towards first slip. Yuvraj obliged by edging it along its way into Mahela's hands. It kept a little low but went cleanly in. Umpire Harper confirms the decision.. 181/5
63.6 to Harbhajan Singh, see you later. Murali picks up 799! Doosra angling into middle and off from wide of the crease and Harbhajan tries the paddle sweep again. Terrible shot selection. He misses, the ball straightens and hits him in front of off. It would have taken out off. Harper agrees.. 197/7
115.4 to PP Ojha, 800 it is! The wait and the tension is finally over! Tossed up outside off and the four men around the bat wait in anticipation! Ojha lunges forward, edges it and Mahela falls to his left and takes the catch at first slip! No need to look anywhere for confirmation, straightforward and Murali is ecstatic. Wife, mother and mother in law can't contain their excitement in the stands, couldn't spot his dad there though. 338/10
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings (T: 95 runs)
not out 2342704054.76
not out 68477061144.68
Extras(nb 4, w 1)5
TOTAL14.1 Ov (RR: 6.77, 70 Mins)96/0
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Sun, 18 Jul - day 1 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 256/2 (Tharanga Paranavitana 110*, Mahela Jayawardene 8*, 68 ov)
Mon, 19 Jul - day 2 - no play
Tue, 20 Jul - day 3 - India 1st innings 140/3 (Virender Sehwag 85*, VVS Laxman 18*, 29.4 ov)
Wed, 21 Jul - day 4 - India 2nd innings 181/5 (VVS Laxman 9*, 59.3 ov)
Thu, 22 Jul - day 5 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 96/0 (14.1 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • India: 200 runs in 66.4 overs (405 balls), Extras 8
  • Drinks: India - 240/7 in 77.0 overs (VVS Laxman 30, A Mithun 25)
  • India: 250 runs in 83.4 overs (508 balls), Extras 11
  • New Ball Taken: India 253/8 after 85.1 overs (VVS Laxman 39, I Sharma 2)
  • VVS Laxman: 50 off 101 balls (3 x 4)
  • Lunch: India - 292/8 in 95.0 overs (VVS Laxman 58, I Sharma 18)
  • 9th Wicket: 50 runs in 90 balls (VVS Laxman 25, I Sharma 18, Ex 8)
  • India: 300 runs in 97.3 overs (591 balls), Extras 19
  • Drinks: India - 333/9 in 114.0 overs (I Sharma 31, PP Ojha 8)
  • Innings Break: India - 338/10 in 115.4 overs (I Sharma 31)
  • Sri Lanka 2nd innings
  • Sri Lanka: 50 runs in 7.2 overs (49 balls), Extras 5
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 49 balls (NT Paranavitana 13, TM Dilshan 32, Ex 5)
  • Tea: Sri Lanka - 63/0 in 9.0 overs (NT Paranavitana 21, TM Dilshan 37)
  • TM Dilshan: 50 off 37 balls (5 x 4)
Galle International Stadium
TossSri Lanka, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSri Lanka led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1964
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days18,19,20,21,22 July 2010 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee