Player of the Match
Player of the Match
146dThe Bulletin by Andrew Miller

Pietersen and Ambrose revive England

Three months on from his series-saving century on the first morning of the third Test in Napier, Kevin Pietersen was back in the runs in similar circumstances at Trent Bridge

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Best performances - Batsmen

KP Pietersen
115(223) 14x4 - 0x6
Control %88%
  • Productive Shot
  • leg glance
  • 37 runs
  • 2x4 - 0x6
12 6 18 5 22 16 8 28
BB McCullum
71(126) 9x4 - 0x6
Control %76%
  • Productive Shot
  • off side drive on front foot
  • 30 runs
  • 5x4 - 0x6
3 0 11 7 24 16 1 9

Best performances - Bowlers

JM Anderson
RJ Sidebottom

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New Zealand , elected to field first

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Series result

England won the 3-match series 2-0

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Hours of play (local time)

11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 16.10-16.00, Close 19.00

Match days

5,6,7,8 June 2008 (5-day match)

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Match Referee

Sidebottom takes a stump in delight, England have killed off the game quickly this morning and they wait to allow Anderson to walk off the pitch first. England have shown an impressive finishing instinct today, Sidebottom leading the bowling to end with 6 for 67, while Anderson and Broad took two each this innings. So, England wrap up the series 2-0 and while their cricket has been less than convincing at lots of times, this win has been largely emphatic, although questions still remain over the form of Bell and Collingwood who got ducks in the first innings and didn't have the chance to make amends in the second. They will look to the one-day series now. New Zealand have plenty of question marks from this effort.

The presentations now and England are cheered with gusto. The Man of the Match is James Anderson and he gets loud applause. "It was great conditions for all three of us," he says of the first innings. "Just managed to get the ball in the right areas and they managed to miss it, so it was nice." He admits he has been mercurial and inconsistent in the past but is trying to put things right now.

England's Man of the Series, nominated by John Bracewell, is Andrew Strauss. "I spent about 12 months not knowing where my next run was coming from, so it was nice to turn it around. It's done a little bit all the way through all three games, but our bowlers have worked as a really good unit and this is as much for them as me. Just nice to return to form, feeling really happy at the crease, and it's good to see England winning as well."

New Zealand's Man of the Series, adjudged by Peter Moores, is Daniel Vettori. "If we look back on this performance here we were thoroughly outplayed. It's been real tough going." He doesn't regret bowling, first though. "Unfortunately our batting didn't stand up to the task."

What have the young players taken from this series? "They've learned how hard Test cricket is. It's five days of tough cricket and you have to perform for five days." And will they be looking forward to the one-dayers now? "That's our speciality at the moment. It's hard to just pass by what we've done in the Test match game but we have to turn it round pretty quickly."

And now the victorious captain, Michael Vaughan. How pleased is he overall? "Very pleased, I think we've got better as the series has gone on. We managed to sneak a close contest at Old Trafford. We always knew it was going to swing here and all our bowlers managed to do that [put the pressure on] this week.

"The pacers were very good this week. We know we're a developing team, we have a long way to go before we're the real deal, so to speak."

Cue much champagne throwing as Vaughan lifts the trophy for the photo opportunities. It's a very happy England on the stage but, as Vaughan just mentioned, they're not quite the real deal yet although they can be proud of their efforts - particularly this morning.

Many thanks indeed for joining us this Test. Do come back for the one-dayers which kick off next Sunday in Durham, preceded by the Twenty20 on Friday at Old Trafford. Till then, goodbye.

Anderson to Martin, OUT, edged and gone! Anderson has finished the match, ending with nine wickets for the match, Martin flashing weakly at it away from his body and snicks low through to second slip where Collingwood takes a similar catch as the one which removed O'Brien

CS Martin c Collingwood b Anderson 0 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

But the single has exposed Martin

Anderson to Oram, 1 run, short and pulled away to Bell at deep midwicket, and Oram brings up his fifty from 39 balls to warm applause from the crowd, some of them on their feet

England may yet have to bat again, Oram in the mood to stand and deliver

Anderson to Oram, SIX runs, round the wicket, Oram swings hard and tees right over long-on and the crowd love it

72 | 4 Runs 2 Wkts | NZ: 225/9

  • Chris Martin0 (1b)
  • Jacob Oram43 (37b)
  • Ryan Sidebottom24-7-67-6
  • James Anderson14-3-48-1

"His best shot of the series!" smiles Gnasher. Good catch from Collingwood by the way, had to react sharply and low

Sidebottom to Martin, no run, comes round the wicket and Martin middles this one straight to the man at cover

Martin to the crease (slaughter?) now

Sidebottom's got 6 for 67 on it now and somewhere there's a wall with some writing on it. New Zealand still trail by 16 runs

Sidebottom to O'Brien, OUT, edged and caught by Collingwood at second slip, diving in front of Strauss at first, the batsman driving hard at it and scooping an outside edge which almost sits up as Collingwood tumbles across to his left, accepting gratefully

IE O'Brien c Collingwood b Sidebottom 4 (4m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Sidebottom to O'Brien, no run, left alone through this time
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New Zealand 3rd innings Partnerships

1st21JM HowAJ Redmond
2nd12JM HowBB McCullum
3rd25BB McCullumLRPL Taylor
4th94BB McCullumDR Flynn
5th17GJ HopkinsDR Flynn
6th28GJ HopkinsJDP Oram
7th8DL VettoriJDP Oram
8th16JDP OramKD Mills
9th4JDP OramIE O'Brien
10th7CS MartinJDP Oram