South Division, Woodman Cote, Aug 6 - 7 2019, Second Eleven Championship
(10.3 ov, target 37)322 & 40/2
Sussx 2nd XI won by 8 wickets
Gloucestershire 2nd XI 1st INNINGS
Tom Price c †Billings b Archer11616006.25
George Drissell c †Billings b Shaw1024472041.66
Gareth Roderick c Carson b Archer519211026.31
George Hankins (c) b Shaw319190015.78
Gregory Willows c Carson b Archer3864896059.37
Milo Ayres c †Billings b Sakande411141036.36
Oliver Price c Kapil b Sakande4791057.14
Matt Brewer  b Archer59111055.55
Dominic Goodman c Haines b Archer11928005.26
Jack Worgan  b Archer022000.00
Jack Gibbs not out 0612000.00
Extras(lb 2, nb 6)8
TOTAL(32.1 Ov, RR: 2.45, 136 Mts)79
Did not bat: Adrian Neill 
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Tom Price, 4.1 ov), 2-12 (Gareth Roderick, 8.3 ov), 3-16 (George Drissell, 11.2 ov), 4-23 (George Hankins, 13.5 ov), 5-32 (Milo Ayres, 16.4 ov), 6-40 (Oliver Price, 18.5 ov), 7-47 (Matt Brewer, 21.4 ov), 8-70 (Dominic Goodman, 28.4 ov), 9-70 (Jack Worgan, 28.6 ov), 10-79 (Gregory Willows, 32.1 ov)
Jofra Archer12.142762.21---01
Abidine Sakande1152021.81---01
Jordan SHaw611322.16---00
Tom Haines301705.66---01
Sussex 2nd XI 1st INNINGS
Aneesh Kapil  b Neill812131066.66
Tom Haines c †Roderick b Goodman1845643040.00
Alastair Orr c †Roderick b Neill625331024.00
Scott Lenham c Willows b Goodman1033500030.30
Marcus Campopiano c Drissell b Neill2241754053.65
Jofra Archer lbw b Neill10899102124109.09
Luke Wells (c)c Goodman b Drissell59831128171.08
Joe Billings c Brewer b Goodman4280943052.50
Elliot Hooper c Brewer b Gibbs17130014.28
Abidine Sakande not out 2051602039.21
Jordan SHaw lbw b Neill1631293051.61
Extras(b 4, lb 3, nb 4, w 1)12
TOTAL(84.1 Ov, RR: 3.82, 325 Mts)322
Did not bat: Jack Carson 
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Aneesh Kapil, 2.6 ov), 2-24 (Alastair Orr, 10.5 ov), 3-35 (Tom Haines, 14.6 ov), 4-52 (Scott Lenham, 22.3 ov), 5-123 (Marcus Campopiano, 33.1 ov), 6-204 (Jofra Archer, 49.6 ov), 7-262 (Luke Wells, 64.2 ov), 8-272 (Elliot Hooper, 67.5 ov), 9-291 (Joe Billings, 75.4 ov), 10-322 (Jordan SHaw, 84.1 ov)
Adrian Neill20.147453.66---10
Dominic Goodman2046733.35---02
Jack Worgan1125304.81---00
Jack Gibbs1023213.20---00
George Drissell1416814.85---00
Oliver Price922102.33---00
Gloucestershire 2nd XI 2nd INNINGS
Tom Price  b Sakande13111730118.18
Gregory Willows st †Billings b Hooper391081394136.11
Gareth Roderick  b Shaw1233352036.36
George Hankins (c)c Sakande b Hooper2255634040.00
George Drissell c Campopiano b Archer914171064.28
Milo Ayres  b Hooper3966856059.09
Oliver Price  b Lenham571071336153.27
Matt Brewer run out (Kapil/†Billings)3263645050.79
Dominic Goodman not out 1736331147.22
Jack Worgan  b Sakande059000.00
Jack Gibbs  b Shaw36130050.00
Extras(b 21, lb 10, nb 4, w 1)36
TOTAL(83.4 Ov, RR: 3.33, 306 Mts)279
Did not bat: Adrian Neill 
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Tom Price, 3.4 ov), 2-57 (Gareth Roderick, 13.3 ov), 3-105 (George Hankins, 31.3 ov), 4-118 (George Drissell, 36.2 ov), 5-120 (Gregory Willows, 37.2 ov), 6-200 (Milo Ayres, 59.3 ov), 7-254 (Oliver Price, 74.4 ov), 8-261 (Matt Brewer, 77.5 ov), 9-268 (Jack Worgan, 80.3 ov), 10-279 (Jack Gibbs, 83.4 ov)
Jofra Archer1917814.10---01
Abidine Sakande1624622.87---01
Jordan SHaw12.463622.84---00
Elliot Hooper2446132.54---00
Tom Haines31501.66---00
Luke Wells611602.66---10
Scott Lenham30612.00---00
Sussex 2nd XI 2nd INNINGS (target: 37 runs)
Luke Wells (c)lbw b Neill2780028.57
Tom Haines not out 1729374058.62
Aneesh Kapil c Brewer b Neill1325213052.00
Alastair Orr not out 42710200.00
Extras(lb 3, w 1)4
TOTAL(10.3 Ov, RR: 3.80, 37 Mts)40/2
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Luke Wells, 2.2 ov), 2-26 (Aneesh Kapil, 8.4 ov)
Adrian Neill5.302524.54---00
Dominic Goodman511202.40---10
Blackstone Cricket Club Ground, No1 Pitch
TossSussex 2nd XI, elected to field first
SeriesSecond Eleven Championship
Players per side12(11 batting, 11 fielding)
Match days6,7 August 2019 - day(3-day match)
England Image
Billy Taylor
England Image
John Tomsett
PointsSussex 2nd XI 24, Gloucestershire 2nd XI 4
Tue, 06 Aug - day 1 -Sussx 2nd XI 1st innings 280/8 (Joe Billings 36*, Abidine Sakande 4*, 71 ov)
Wed, 07 Aug - day 2 -Sussx 2nd XI 2nd innings 40/2 (10.3 ov) - end of match