South Division, Newport, Jul 2 2018, Second Eleven Twenty20
(19.3/20 ov)175/3
Middx 2nd XI won by 7 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Glamorgan 2nd XI INNINGS (20 overs maximum)
Nick Selman not out 82637970130.15
Jack Murphy c Chapman b Cullen55800100.00
Kiran Carlson lbw b James Rogers1330033.33
David Lloyd c †White b James Rogers1240050.00
Aneurin Donald (c)c Lincoln b Martin31151851206.66
Graham Wagg c & b Martin78100087.50
Owen Morgan c †White b Cullen1116230068.75
Ruaidhri Smith not out 17101020170.00
Extras(lb 9, nb 4, w 6)19
TOTAL(20 Ov, RR: 8.70, 79 Mts)174/6
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Jack Murphy, 2.2 ov), 2-23 (Kiran Carlson, 3.1 ov), 3-30 (David Lloyd, 3.5 ov), 4-79 (Aneurin Donald, 7.4 ov), 5-95 (Graham Wagg, 10.5 ov), 6-146 (Owen Morgan, 17.2 ov)
Kristian Martin402726.75---00
Martin Andersson403308.25---01
Blake Cullen302729.00---21
James Rogers302628.66---30
Thilan Walallawita3034011.33---00
Henry Chapman301806.00---10
Middlesex 2nd XI INNINGS (target: 175 runs from 20 overs)
Tom Lace (c)run out (Murphy)29293930100.00
Martin Andersson c Donald b Carlson64395462164.10
Robbie White not out 48354221137.14
Joe Cracknell c Murphy b Wagg21121930175.00
Dan Lincoln not out 93810300.00
Extras(nb 2, w 2)4
TOTAL(19.3 Ov, RR: 8.97, 82 Mts)175/3
Fall of wickets: 1-76 (Tom Lace, 9.4 ov), 2-113 (Martin Andersson, 13.3 ov), 3-152 (Joe Cracknell, 17.6 ov)
Owen Morgan1010010.00---00
Timm van der Gugten403909.75---01
Ruaidhri Smith403107.75---00
Graham Wagg3.303419.71---20
Kieran Bull403709.25---00
Kiran Carlson302418.00---00
Spytty Park, Newport
TossMiddlesex 2nd XI, elected to field first
SeriesSecond Eleven Twenty20
Match days02 July 2018 - day(20-over match)
England Image
James Middlebrook
England Image
John Wheeler
PointsMiddlesex 2nd XI 2, Glamorgan 2nd XI 0