Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Well, more amazing scenes involving England at this World Cup. But their fate is out of their hands. Now they wait to see what happens when Bangladesh play South Africa on Saturday in Mirpur. A win for the home side will leave England needing India to beat West Indies on Sunday. Got all that? Once he's had time to collect his thoughts, Andrew Miller will provide the bulletin of another mind-boggling day. For now though, that's just about all from us today. But don't forget about the day's other big news - Shoaib Akhtar's retirement. Tomorrow's matches are Ireland v Netherlands and New Zealand against Sri Lanka. Do join us for all the action. From Andrew McGlashan and Sahil Dutta is goodbye as we head off to find (another) stiff drink.

Man of the Match goes to James Tredwell. First match of the World Cup, what a performance. "To get the nod was great and it was unbelievable. Hopefully when you get a chance you take and I did that today."

Presentation time. Darren Sammy "One of the guys who made a start needed to take us through. We have a few positives to take, Bishoo bowled well, but at the end of the day we lost. I was happy chasing 244 after the start they had." Some suggestion Thomas came out so high up because Sarwan was in the washroom!

Andrew Strauss "It's been pretty hard work all the way through the group stages. We should have got 260-270 but we fought brilliantly with the ball." When asked if it's fun leading England at the moment he said: "Not really!"

"We've pulled out results when we've needed them. We are still waiting on other results, but hopefully we've done enough to go through. It shows the spirit in the side, great credit to James Tredwell and Luke Wright who have been waiting in the wings. We have to be more clinical, but for the time being tonight we'll enjoy this victory."

Moments after that finish, Graeme Swann compared the raw emotion of that victory to winning the Ashes. That's some claim, but it really was all or nothing for England. However, this was also a match littered with some pretty average cricket. West Indies have lost by 18 runs with 32 balls remaining. That's not clever. They now face a crucial match against India to reach the quarter-finals.

England won by 18 runs. However, in the immediate aftermath of all that we must say they haven't qualified yet. That, though, can wait a moment. England looked gone while Russell was there, but then came a collapse of 4 for 3 in 20 balls.

Stuart Broad sums it up quite well on Twitter: "WOOOWWW another great game! U can always back a lower order batter for a run out!! 3 games to win a WC!" First, though, England need a favour from South Africa to beat Bangladesh, but if that goes wrong there is one final chance when India meet West Indies in the final group game. So they'll be some nervous days in the team hotel to come.

Bopara to Benn, 1 run, OUT, gone! England have done it. A run out to win the match. It was a wide ball, Benn got a bottom edge down which scoot down to fine leg...Trott was quickly in and picked it, then hurled it back to Prior with a brilliant throw. That allowed Prior to demolish the stumps and England are still alive at this World Cup. Breathless. Bonkers. But brilliant fun to watch.

SJ Benn run out (Trott/†Prior) 2 (19m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66

Bopara to Benn, no run, driven firmly but straight to mid-off and too hard for a single
Bopara to Benn, no run, pushed firmly down the pitch, Bopara dives in his follow through and gets a hand on it
Bopara to Benn, no run, takes the pad out to midwicket

Bopara continues...big faith from Strauss

44 | 1 Run 2 Wkts | WI: 224/9 (20 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 5.09, RRR: 3.33)

  • Devendra Bishoo0 (1b)
  • Sulieman Benn1 (8b)
  • Graeme Swann10-1-36-3
  • Ravi Bopara8-2-21-2

Another wonderful effort from Swann, has he done enough for England?

Swann to Bishoo, no run, round the wicket, leans forward and defends down just in front of Bopara at silly point

Swann's last ball...four men round the bat

One ball for Bishoo...he bowled superbly earlier today

Swann to Benn, 1 run, tossed up on the stumps, driven towards cover who is quite deep and allows a single

Mid-off drops back to the rope

Swann to Benn, no run, pushed into the off side

The debutant in at No. 11, Devendra Bishoo...what drama, what tension. But it's Benn on strike with three round the bat

Five matches and five thrillers. Make that six out of six now whatever happens here. England have had an epic World Cup and we aren't out of the group stage yet

Swann to Roach, OUT, gone! And another! He tries to go down the ground, but doesn't connect and lofts it towards mid-off where Tremlett makes good ground to his right and takes a smart, low catch

KAJ Roach c Tremlett b Swann 0 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Swann to Roach, no run, pushes into the off side

Slip and short leg in

It's down to the bowlers's Kemar Roach

Swann to Sarwan, OUT, gone! Would you believe it. Swann has struck. Extra bounce, Sarwan went to turn it on the leg side and gets an inside onto the thigh pad which loops gently to Ian Bell at short leg. You couldn't write these scripts

RR Sarwan c Bell b Swann 31 (114m 68b 3x4 0x6) SR: 45.58

Here's over to go

43 | 1 Run | WI: 223/7 (21 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 5.18, RRR: 3.00)

  • Sulieman Benn0 (6b)
  • Ramnaresh Sarwan31 (67b)
  • Ravi Bopara8-2-21-2
  • James Tredwell10-2-48-4
Bopara to Benn, no run, full at the stumps, driven down to mid-off
Bopara to Benn, no run, gee, finds the inside edge which cannons into the pads and away from the stumps
Bopara to Sarwan, 1 run, nicely whipped down to deep square-leg...two balls for Benn to survive
Bopara to Sarwan, no run, forced off the back foot into the covers
Bopara to Sarwan, no run, driven firmly back to the bowler
Bopara to Sarwan, no run, pushed into the off side

Here's a gamble as Bopara continues...Swann's one over being saved

42 | (wicket maiden) | WI: 222/7 (22 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 5.28, RRR: 2.75)

  • Sulieman Benn0 (4b)
  • Ramnaresh Sarwan30 (63b)
  • James Tredwell10-2-48-4
  • Ravi Bopara7-2-20-2

A fine over for Tredwell to finish with...a superb comeback into the side after so much time on the bench

Tredwell to Benn, no run, nicely bowled on middle and off, defended to the off side
Tredwell to Benn, no run, half a stride and defended, but not with confidence
Tredwell to Benn, no run, lunges forward and defends again...bat this time

Phew, what a moment...that took an age but correct decision

Tredwell to Benn, no run, not given lbw, England review this time. Benn propping forward. What a moment. Inside edge is first's mighty close. We are still waiting for the pitch map. Umpire wants to check the edge again. And after all that it's umpire's call on height. Just clipping the bails.

My oh my. Here we go again

Tredwell to Russell, OUT, gone! Tredwell strikes and there are no reviews left. Tredwell was round the wicket, Russell played played back and was given lbw, he doesn't look pleased but he can only walk off for 49

AD Russell lbw b Tredwell 49 (59m 46b 2x4 3x6) SR: 106.52

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st58CH GayleDS Smith
2nd9DS SmithDJG Sammy
3rd24DJG SammyDM Bravo
4th22DJG SammyDC Thomas
5th5RR SarwanDC Thomas
6th32RR SarwanKA Pollard
7th72RR SarwanAD Russell
8th1RR SarwanSJ Benn
9th0SJ BennKAJ Roach
10th2SJ BennD Bishoo