30th Match, Lahore, Mar 6 1996, Wills World Cup
(47.3/50 ov, target 282)
Pakistan won by 46 runs
Player Of The Match
Pakistan Innings (50 overs maximum)
Aamer Sohail c Thomson b Kennedy50626010080.64
Saeed Anwar run out (Thomson)62671130092.53
Ijaz Ahmed c Spearman b Cairns2646680056.52
Inzamam-ul-Haq run out3941634195.12
Javed Miandad run out (sub [Harris])519270026.31
Saleem Malik not out55476250117.02
Wasim Akram (c)not out28264220107.69
Extras(lb 5, nb 6, w 5)16
TOTAL(50 Ov, RR: 5.62)281/5
Fall of wickets: 1-70 (Aamer Sohail), 2-139 (Saeed Anwar), 3-155 (Ijaz Ahmed), 4-173 (Javed Miandad), 5-201 (Inzamam-ul-Haq)
DK Morrison201708.50---00
DJ Nash1014904.90---00
CL Cairns1015315.30---00
RJ Kennedy503216.40---00
NJ Astle905005.55---00
SA Thomson603505.83---00
RG Twose804005.00---00
New Zealand Innings (target: 282 runs from 50 overs)
CM Spearman c †Rashid Latif b Aaqib Javed14132920107.69
NJ Astle c †Rashid Latif b Waqar Younis617231035.29
LK Germon (c) †c sub (Ata-ur-Rehman) b Mushtaq Ahmed41671101061.19
SP Fleming st †Rashid Latif b Saleem Malik4243637097.67
RG Twose c Saleem Malik b Mushtaq Ahmed2438490063.15
CL Cairns c †Rashid Latif b Aamer Sohail3234281294.11
AC Parore c Mushtaq Ahmed b Saleem Malik36344130105.88
SA Thomson c †Rashid Latif b Waqar Younis1325320052.00
DJ Nash not out512180041.66
RJ Kennedy  b Aaqib Javed2370066.66
DK Morrison absent hurt-
Extras(b 4, lb 9, nb 1, w 6)20
TOTAL(47.3 Ov, RR: 4.94)235
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Nathan Astle), 2-23 (Craig Spearman), 3-83 (Stephen Fleming), 4-132 (Lee Germon), 5-138 (Roger Twose), 6-182 (Chris Cairns), 7-221 (Adam Parore), 8-228 (Shane Thomson), 9-235 (Robert Kennedy)
Waqar Younis923223.55---10
Aaqib Javed7.304526.00---20
Mushtaq Ahmed1003223.20---00
Saleem Malik704125.85---10
Ijaz Ahmed402105.25---01
Aamer Sohail1005115.10---00
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
TossNew Zealand , elected to field first
SeriesWills World Cup 1996
Player Of The Match
Saleem Malik
Match numberODI no. 1076
Match days6 March 1996 (50-over match)
Ian Robinson
TV Umpire
Raman Sharma
Match Referee
Sir Clive Lloyd
PointsPakistan 2, New Zealand 0
New Zealand 49 for the 4th wicket, 39 for the 7th wicket, record NZ partnerships in Pakistan.
  • Wasim Akram was injured while batting and could not bowl.
  • Morrison (groin strain) injured and left the field after bowling 2 overs.
  • New Zealand 2 wins from 9 matches against Pakistan in Pakistan.