14 | 11 Runs | KXIP: 120/9 (83 runs required, RR: 8.57)

  • Sandeep Sharma5 (5b)
  • KC Cariappa12 (8b)
  • Chris Gayle3-0-25-0
  • Sachin Baby1-0-4-0

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Virat Kohli is the Player of the Match for his 50-ball 113. "When all that was happening out there, I thought surely I can't get a 100 in 15 overs. I wasn't believing that it was happening. Chris, looked dangerous in the last game, he was in the zone again today. Everything is coming together. In the previous tournaments, we panicked. But hopefully we can continue what we have been doing. My main aim is to get runs, it doesn't matter how I play. Momentum is a big thing in T20s, when you get into the zone, you feel you can hit any ball. So you just want to give yourself. I didn't hit any balls because I was injured, but when I settled down, I thought I shouldn't think about my stitches. When I got the flow going, and the pain went away, I was able to play shots. T20s is just three hours a day. You still have 21 hours away, so why relax on the field? Today was a shortened game, but I was glad we got 15 overs in. We were desperate to get onto the park. It wouldn't have mattered even if it was a five-overs game. We wanted four in four, we now have three in three. So there's no reason why we can't win. We have got to that stage, where we've stopped thinking about other teams. We are just relaxed, the guys in the dugout are doing a great job. We've got the momentum now.

M Vijay: We thought 180 could have been chased down, but credit to them for the way they played. It's difficult to bowl to those two (Gayle and Kohli), and we weren't good enough today. We want to finish on a high, we will play out heart out in our last game.

Here's a look at the points table, for those asking

12:30am It's official. That's that. Third win on the trot for RCB. Believe it or not, they've jumped from No. 7 to No. 2 in a matter of six days. It didn't look like we'd have play. For two hours, Chinnaswamy was a party waiting to take off. For a while, the crowd was on tenterhooks, but when play started, they witnessed a demolition of the kind they witnessed last week against Gujarat Lions. Incredible performance this, to get 200 plus in 15 overs and then dismantle a deflated unit as easily as they did in the end. Margin of victory: 82 runs via DLS method

It has started to pour at the Chinnaswamy. Is that it?

Keshav : "Kohli's brilliance should be enough to get RCB into the knockout stages. As long as they can play a full game against Delhi and win, they should be through. Their 2 thumping recent wins will mean that no other team with 8 wins can touch them on NRR and that will not be an issue at all for them. Plus, there match against Delhi is the last one so they will be aware of exactly what their situation demands."

Gayle to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run, generously tossed up on off stump, turned wide of midwicket
Gayle to Cariappa, 1 run, nicely tossed up, he looks to clear long on, ends up hitting it to the fielder on the bounce
Gayle to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run, full toss on middle and leg, worked to deep midwicket
Gayle to Cariappa, 1 run, flat hit down to long-off
Gayle to Cariappa, SIX runs, in the slot for the swing, and he gets maximum elevation. Slogged across deep midwicket
Gayle to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run, fires a full ball on middle, squeezed to long on

13 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | KXIP: 109/9 (94 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.38, RRR: 94.00)

  • Sandeep Sharma2 (2b)
  • KC Cariappa4 (5b)
  • Sachin Baby1-0-4-0
  • Chris Gayle2-0-14-0
Sachin Baby to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run, pushed wide of Watson at cover
Sachin Baby to Cariappa, 1 run, hit back over the bowler's head, excellent work by AB running to his left from long-off, lobbed the ball on the relay to Jordan who was running across from long-off
Sachin Baby to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run, short, has enough width for him to crunch that to deep cover
Sachin Baby to Cariappa, 1 run, makes room and smears it to deep cover to get off the mark
Sachin Baby to Sharma, OUT, punched to Watson who fires a throw to Baby from cover, he collected the throw well to beat a desperate Mohit Sharma who was trying to lunge back into the crease. He was miles outside the crease.

MM Sharma run out (Watson/Sachin Baby) 14 (12m 12b 2x4 0x6) SR: 116.66

Sachin Baby to Sharma, no run, gently tossed up outside off, slapped wide of cover for an easy single

Sachin Baby into the attack

12 | 9 Runs | KXIP: 105/8 (98 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 8.75, RRR: 49.00)

  • Mohit Sharma14 (10b)
  • KC Cariappa2 (3b)
  • Chris Gayle2-0-14-0
  • Yuzvendra Chahal3-0-25-4


Gayle to Sharma, 1 run, gets forward and bunts it down to long on
Gayle to Cariappa, 1 run, through with the swing even before the full toss came to him, sliced to long off

Kohli and records


Runs for Kohli in IPL career - first batsman to get there. He was the 4th highest run-getter in IPL before the start of this season.

Season of 100s


No. of centuries scored in this IPL - most in a single season. There were 6 100s in 2008, 2011 and 2012. There were 7 100s in 2014 and 2015 seasons combined.

Rapid partnership


Run rate of the 147-run stand between Gayle-Kohli - 2nd-highest for a century stand for 1st wicket in IPL. This was the 50th century stand for 1st wicket in IPL.

Both openers firing


No. of times in last 6 matches RCB had opening stands of 50 or more runs, including today. They didn't have any such stand in first 7 matches.

Toss matters?


Win-loss record for KXIP when they won the toss in this IPL, before this game. They are the only team not to win any match after winning the toss.