(N)ICL 20s World Series at Ahmedabad, Nov 23 2008
(20 ov, target 168)
ICL World XI won by 12 runs
Player Of The Match
ICL World XI
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Klusener show ensures World XI win

Lance Klusener starred with both bat and ball as the World XI overcame Bangladesh XI by 12 runs in the opening game of the ICL World Series

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Scorecard summary
ICL World XI167/6(20 overs)
ICL Bangladesh XI155/9(20 overs)
end of over 2011 runs
ICLBD: 155/9CRR: 7.75 
Mosharraf Hossain28 (21)
Mohammad Sharif2 (2)
Andrew Hall2-0-24-0

That's it. Bangladesh have lost a pretty narrow margin here, just 12 runs. Had their middle order not thrown away their wickets, the result may well have been different. It all started going wrong with Habibul Bashar's dismissal off Klusener. His two wickets off consecutive deliveries swung the match in World XI's favour.

Bangladesh were 75 for 1 at one stage, and looked set for a successful run-chase, but lost six wickets for 15 runs in four overs to deny themselves a chance to win this one.

Lance Klusener is the Man of the Match for his unbeaten 63 and 3 for 18.

Klusener: "It was certainly my night tonight. I got the opportunity to bat a reasonably long innings and had a little bit of luck with the ball. We needed a few wickets in the middle period, and it certainly worked for us tonight."

Habibul Bashar: "We didn't bat well and lost too many wickets in the middle of the innings. Our bowlers did a pretty good job and we were happy to keep them to 160-odd. We are slightly inexperienced but we have to learn from our mistakes and look to finish off games after getting into a good position."

Chris Harris: "We are pretty happy with that start. We could have got a lot more than we actually did. We were probably 20 short and probably let the Bangladeshis get 20 too many. We were under the pump with them at 75 for 1 and they are a dangerous side that can chase down any score, but we came back well."

So, that's all we have from here folks. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to join us tomorrow for the second ICL World Series match between India XI and Pakistan XI. Until then, it's goodbye and goodnight from Siddhartha Talya on the commentary and Sanjay Murari from the scoring desk. Adios!

Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, 1 run
short outside off, pulled towards mid wicket for a single
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, FOUR runs
shot! that was full on the pads, stands his ground and lofts it over mid wicket for a one bounce four
Hall to Mohammad Sharif, 1 run
good length ball on leg stump, makes room and drives it down to mid wicket
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, 1 run
slower ball bowled on a good length outside off, drags it down to short fine leg
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, FOUR runs
full outside off, makes room and steers it wide of third man for a boundary. That was well placed
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, no run
full outside off and swinging away, tries to heave that over mid wicket, misses

24 needed off the last over.

end of over 1916 runs • 1 wicket
ICLBD: 144/9CRR: 7.57 • RRR: 24.00
Mosharraf Hossain18 (16)
Mohammad Sharif1 (1)
Nicky Boje3-0-23-2
Boje to Mosharraf Hossain, 1 run
flat, bowled on a good length on the off stump, turned away to deep square leg for a single
Boje to Mohammad Sharif, 1 run
flatter on middle, turns away, tries to defend but lobs up off the bat, falls short of extra cover

26 needed off 8 now

Mohammad Sharif, the last man, walks in

Boje to Tapash Baisya, OUT
flighted on middle, much fuller, Baishya pushes it back to the bowler, and Boje bends down to take a good low catch
Tapash Baisya c & b Boje 13 (10m 6b 0x4 2x6) SR: 216.66
Boje to Tapash Baisya, SIX runs
flighted on the off stump, stays his ground and lofts that over long on for another big six
Boje to Tapash Baisya, SIX runs
big one! flighted on middle and leg, comes down the track and lofts it away over deep mid wicket for a big six
Boje to Mosharraf Hossain, 1 leg bye
flighted on leg stump, tries to sweep it down fine, gets a leg bye towards short fine leg
Boje to Mosharraf Hossain, 1 wide
short and down the leg side, given a wide

Boje back into the attack

end of over 1813 runs
ICLBD: 128/8CRR: 7.11 • RRR: 20.00
Mosharraf Hossain17 (14)
Tapash Baisya1 (3)
Andrew Hall1-0-13-0
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, 1 run
full on the off stump, Hall bowling length balls here, driven straight to long off
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, FOUR runs
full and wide, edged away to third man, where Gillespie misfields and allows the ball to dribble over the boundary rope
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, SIX runs
full on leg stump, makes room and strikes that over long on for a six
Hall to Tapash Baisya, 1 run
full on middle and leg, tries to swing that over mid wicket, gets a thick inside edge wide of short fine leg
Hall to Mosharraf Hossain, 1 run
full and wide, edged away to third man
Match details
Sardar Vallabhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad
TossICL Bangladesh XI , elected to field first
SeriesICL 20s World Series 2008
Player Of The Match
Lance Klusener
Hours of play (local time)19.30 start, First Session 19.30-20.50, Interval 20.50-21.10, Second Session 21.10-22.20
Match days23 November 2008 - night match (20-over match)
David Brandon
David Orchard
TV Umpire
Ranmore Martinesz
Match Referee
Ajit Wadekar
PointsICL World XI 2, ICL Bangladesh XI 0