South Group (D/N), Taunton, Jul 26 2017, NatWest t20 Blast
(19.3/20 ov, target 205)
Somerset won by 14 runs
Player Of The Match
Somerset Innings (20 overs maximum)
L Gregory c Ervine b Berg43202890215.00
SM Davies c Vince b Shahid Afridi32132242246.15
J Allenby (c)c Berg b Topley37304131123.33
PD Trego c Bailey b Wheal88810100.00
JC Hildreth  b Berg25181612138.88
CJ Anderson c Ervine b Berg1230050.00
RE van der Merwe run out (Abbott)1581502187.50
MA Leask  b Abbott1381011162.50
C Overton not out1191300122.22
TD Groenewald c Vince b Abbott023000.00
MTC Waller not out4590080.00
Extras(lb 8, nb 6, w 1)15
TOTAL(20 Ov, RR: 10.2)204/9
Fall of wickets: 1-71 (Steven Davies, 4.4 ov), 2-83 (Lewis Gregory, 5.6 ov), 3-103 (Peter Trego, 8.2 ov), 4-147 (James Hildreth, 13.1 ov), 5-149 (Corey Anderson, 13.4 ov), 6-162 (Jim Allenby, 15.1 ov), 7-189 (Roelof van der Merwe, 17.1 ov), 8-190 (Michael Leask, 17.3 ov), 9-190 (Tim Groenewald, 17.5 ov)
RJW Topley403218.007--10
KJ Abbott4041210.257--02
GK Berg403538.758--01
BTJ Wheal4045111.257--00
Shahid Afridi4043110.758--00
Hampshire Innings (target: 205 runs from 20 overs)
JM Vince (c) b Gregory33151470220.00
RR Rossouw c Gregory b Overton2450050.00
MA Carberry run out (Groenewald)30193550157.89
GJ Bailey  b Groenewald64510150.00
SM Ervine  b van der Merwe19172011111.76
LD McManus c Allenby b Waller34182203188.88
Shahid Afridi  b Waller18111021163.63
GK Berg run out (Waller)31212611147.61
KJ Abbott c Overton b Groenewald94601225.00
RJW Topley  b van der Merwe023000.00
BTJ Wheal not out23100066.66
Extras(b 1, nb 2, w 3)6
TOTAL(19.3 Ov, RR: 9.74)190
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Rilee Rossouw, 1.2 ov), 2-36 (James Vince, 3.3 ov), 3-43 (George Bailey, 4.2 ov), 4-92 (Sean Ervine, 9.5 ov), 5-94 (Michael Carberry, 10.1 ov), 6-129 (Shahid Afridi, 13.1 ov), 7-152 (Lewis McManus, 15.5 ov), 8-163 (Kyle Abbott, 16.5 ov), 9-164 (Reece Topley, 17.3 ov), 10-190 (Gareth Berg, 19.3 ov)
MA Leask1012012.000--00
C Overton4044111.007--10
TD Groenewald402827.0010--20
L Gregory2.3031112.404--00
MTC Waller403228.005--00
RE van der Merwe4042210.505--01
The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
TossSomerset , elected to bat first
SeriesNatWest t20 Blast 2017
Player Of The Match
Lewis Gregory
Hours of play (local time)17.30 start, First Session 17.30-18.45, Interval 18.45-19.00, Second Session 19.00-20.15
Match days26 July 2017 - day/night match (20-over match)
Billy Taylor
Paul Baldwin
PointsSomerset 2, Hampshire 0