ICC Intercontinental Cup at Toronto, Aug 27-29 2005
(24.3 ov)
197 & 85
Bermuda won by an innings and 105 runs
Player Of The Match
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Leverock completes the formalities

Bermuda virtually guaranteed themselves a place in the Intercontinental Cup semi-finals with an innings-and-105-run victory over Cayman Islands

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Scorecard summary
Cayman Islands197(74 overs)1st Innings
Bermuda387/7d(89 overs)1st Innings
Clay Smith138 (186)
Irving Romaine111 (155)
Troy Taylor4/60(13)
Ryan Bovell2/50(19.3)
Cayman Islands85(24.3 overs)2nd Innings
Pearson Best23 (19)
Ryan Ebanks*17 (17)
Kevin Hurdle3/68(11.3)
Match details
Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club
TossCayman Islands , elected to bat first
SeriesICC Intercontinental Cup 2005
Player Of The Match
Clay Smith
Match days27,28,29 August 2005 (3-day match)
First-class debut
Daniel Morgan
Ainsley Hall
Keneil Irving
Pearson Best
Franklyn Hinds
Jalon Linton
Ryan Bovell
Ronald Ebanks
Ryan Ebanks
Kenute Tulloch
Troy Taylor
Tony Cooper
Trevor Henry
PointsBermuda 31.5, Cayman Islands 8.5