North Group (D/N), Leeds, May 16 2017, Royal London One-Day Cup
(45/45 ov)
(42.4/45 ov, target 259)
Yorkshire won by 20 runs
Yorkshire Innings (45 overs maximum)
A Lyth c Eckersley b Parkinson5258717089.65
AZ Lees c Pettini b Griffiths2333551169.69
JA Leaning c Wells b Griffiths2780028.57
PSP Handscomb c Pettini b Wells1319270068.42
GS Ballance (c)hit wicket b Wells716611151107.57
TT Bresnan c McKay b Griffiths3447563072.34
MJ Waite run out (Klein)2690033.33
Azeem Rafiq not out52303933173.33
MD Fisher not out441000100.00
Extras(lb 2, w 3)5
TOTAL(45 Ov, RR: 5.73)258/7
Fall of wickets: 1-72 (Alex Lees, 13.5 ov), 2-76 (Jack Leaning, 15.2 ov), 3-82 (Adam Lyth, 16.6 ov), 4-98 (Peter Handscomb, 21.1 ov), 5-171 (Tim Bresnan, 35.2 ov), 6-178 (Matthew Waite, 36.6 ov), 7-236 (Gary Ballance, 42.6 ov)
D Klein904705.2231--20
CJ McKay905606.2225--00
GT Griffiths904635.1125--10
CF Parkinson904414.8822--00
TJ Wells906327.0022--00
Leicestershire Innings (target: 259 runs from 45 overs)
ML Pettini c Lyth b Bresnan043000.00
CS Delport c Lees b Azeem Rafiq68475393144.68
EJH Eckersley  b Carver4651814090.19
MJ Cosgrove  b Azeem Rafiq022000.00
CN Ackermann c Coad b Bresnan1528251053.57
LJ Hill c Azeem Rafiq b Carver1116192068.75
TJ Wells c Leaning b Coad1834481052.94
CF Parkinson c & b Carver3890037.50
CJ McKay (c)c Leaning b Fisher3537421294.59
D Klein c Fisher b Waite26213130123.80
GT Griffiths not out0814000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 6, w 6)16
TOTAL(42.4 Ov, RR: 5.57)238
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Mark Pettini, 0.4 ov), 2-107 (Cameron Delport, 13.4 ov), 3-107 (Mark Cosgrove, 13.6 ov), 4-137 (Colin Ackermann, 21.3 ov), 5-141 (Ned Eckersley, 22.4 ov), 6-158 (Lewis Hill, 26.3 ov), 7-165 (Callum Parkinson, 28.4 ov), 8-189 (Tom Wells, 35.6 ov), 9-231 (Clint McKay, 39.4 ov), 10-238 (Dieter Klein, 42.4 ov)
TT Bresnan804725.8729--00
BO Coad604116.8320--00
MD Fisher403619.0012--00
Azeem Rafiq904625.1124--10
MJ Waite2.401716.379--00
K Carver902432.6633--00
A Lyth401704.2511--10
Headingley, Leeds
TossLeicestershire , elected to field first
SeriesRoyal London One-Day Cup 2017
Hours of play (local time)14.00 start, First Session 14.00-17.30, Interval 17.30-18.15, Second Session 18.15-21.45
Match days16 May 2017 - day/night match (50-over match)
List A debut
Callum Parkinson
Jeremy Lloyds
Paul Baldwin
PointsYorkshire 2, Leicestershire 0