Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Ashraful: Sanath and Sanga played really well. The bowlers came back well after that, Our top order played well but we didn't carry on. I am batting well but need to carry on for some time. Murali is difficult to handle if you don't read the wrong un."

Man of the Match : Sanath Jayasuriya. "Since the IPL, I have come back to my form and I need to continue like this. What I can do is with do my stuff with bat and ball and people will realise that what they did was wrong [those who dropped him]. I feel good to be called a entertainer but what's most important to me is to make my team win. Individual performances are nice but Winning is the most important for me. Kumar is in good form, the bowlers are doing well and we need to continue.

Mahela : "We have played some good cricket in this tournament and we need to continue. We made a few mistakes today after that great start. Other than that we played very well. We might rest key players for the India game and the guys can get a longer break. Very disappointed with my performance. I am hitting well but not carrying on."

That's it from us. Good bye and Good luck.

Mendis to Farhad Reza, OUT, All over. Charges down the track, has a heave and edges it to Mahela at first slip. Emphatic win for Sri Lanka. Murali and Mendis. What a potent combo. The latter half of Bangladesh couldn't handle the spicy combination. Double Jeopardy.

Farhad Reza c Jayawardene b Mendis 5 (20m 16b 0x4 0x6) SR: 31.25

Mendis to Farhad Reza, no run, breaks back in from middle stump and jabbed to the on side
Mendis to Farhad Reza, 2 runs, leans forward to squeeze a delivery cutting into him past slip

38 | (wicket maiden) | BDESH: 172/9 (161 runs required from 11.3 overs, RR: 4.52, RRR: 13.41)

  • Farhad Reza3 (13b)
  • Muttiah Muralitharan10-1-31-5
  • Ajantha Mendis7-0-27-1
Muralitharan to Mashrafe Mortaza, OUT, Murali bags the five-for. Mortaza top edged a sweep to Silva at short fine leg.Murali waits for the catch to be taken, claps in delight and turns back to take the cap from Taufel who breaks into a smile himself. Completely mesmerizing stuff from the magician.

Mashrafe Mortaza c Silva b Muralitharan 2 (8m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00

Muralitharan to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run, flatter, quicker off break, defended to silly point
Muralitharan to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run, loopy delivery on the leg and middle, doesn't connect with the sweep and jabs it to on side
Muralitharan to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run, huge shout for lbw as a doosra completely beats the batsman. He was completely opened up and was struck in front of the off stump. That would have hit the middle.

slip, silly point and leg gully

Muralitharan to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run, turns in slowly after landing on the off stump, defended to silly point
Muralitharan to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run, lands on the off stump and it's the doosra, left alone. A touch too short

37 | 3 Runs | BDESH: 172/8 (161 runs required from 11.3 overs, RR: 4.64, RRR: 12.38)

  • Farhad Reza3 (13b)
  • Mashrafe Mortaza2 (2b)
  • Ajantha Mendis7-0-27-1
  • Muttiah Muralitharan9-0-31-4
Mendis to Farhad Reza, 2 runs, leg cutter around off stump, pushes at it and edged past the diving Mahela at slip
Mendis to Farhad Reza, no run, spins in and defended on the front foot

Bangladesh 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10NazimuddinTamim Iqbal
2nd43Mohammad AshrafulNazimuddin
3rd43NazimuddinRaqibul Hasan
4th20Mushfiqur RahimRaqibul Hasan
5th19Alok KapaliRaqibul Hasan
6th23MahmudullahRaqibul Hasan
7th4Abdur RazzakMahmudullah
8th6Abdur RazzakFarhad Reza
9th4Mashrafe MortazaFarhad Reza
10th2Shahadat HossainFarhad Reza