2nd Match, Providence, Apr 30 2010, Group D (D/N), ICC World Twenty20
(16.4/20 ov, target 139)
West Indies won by 70 runs
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West Indies
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West Indies have finished with a 70-run win that could be enough to see them through to the Super Eights. Ireland will be incredibly disappointed with their batting effort, all out for 68. And it's fair to assume Darren Sammy will be the Man of the Match, he was in everything today - his 30 was the top score of the match, he took 3 for 8 and a world record four catches. All the West Indies bowlers played their part. George Dockrell showed something with the ball for Ireland, but there wasn't much else for them to cheer today. They'll have to beat England on Tuesday to have any chance of progressing.

"We were right in it at half time, but it was just disappointing with the bat," William Porterfield says. "We lost three wickets early, which put us right on the back foot."

"I had faith in the lower order, I knew once we got over 130 it would be difficult to chase," Dwayne Bravo says. "Chris will be in for the next game and I can't wait for him to be back."

That's it for today from Providence, where earlier in the day New Zealand beat Sri Lanka in a thriller. Don't forget to read the bulletin and Andrew McGlashan's post-match analysis over the next couple of hours. The next game is Afghanistan v India in St Lucia tomorrow, and it's an early start - 9.30am local time. Join us for that match - until then, goodbye.

Sammy to Dockrell, OUT
there it is, game over! Sammy gets his third wicket with a thin edge through to Ramdin
GH Dockrell c †Ramdin b Sammy 0 (5m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Sammy to Dockrell, no run
Sammy bowls straight, Dockrell defends
Sammy to Botha, 1 run
this one is turned to fine leg, they get a single and Ireland have avoided recording the lowest Twenty20 international score
Sammy to Botha, no run
tries to pull, can't get bat on ball
end of over 163 runs
IRE: 67/9CRR: 4.18 • RRR: 18.00 • Need 72 runs from 24b
George Dockrell0 (4)
Andre Botha3 (9)
Kemar Roach4-0-12-1
Daren Sammy3-0-7-2
Roach to Dockrell, no run
nudged to cover, no run
Roach to Dockrell, no run
driven away towards point, can't beat Pollard
Roach to Dockrell, no run
straight-bat defence from Dockrell
Roach to Dockrell, 1 wide
and another wide, really a long way down leg, Windies have given away 11 runs in wides tonight
Roach to Dockrell, 1 wide
down leg side, that's called wide
Roach to Botha, 1 run
a quick single to the off side