29th Match, Chattogram, Mar 31 2014, Group 1 (D/N), World T20
(17.4/20 ov, target 134)
Netherlands won by 45 runs
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The bigger picture here was that this game didn't matter for the tournament with both sides eliminated but the game coming up shortly certainly is so stick with us here on ESPNcricinfo. Some county cricket coming up on Sunday too so make sure you're tuned in to our award-winning coverage, some solace perhaps for England supporters. Speak to you soon, enjoy the rest of the tournament...

Just when it seemed like England could take something into their summer from a solid showing in Bangladesh, they have crashed back down with a mighty thump here. An outrageously poor performance with the bat, and more slips in the field too. Something is very wrong. Now they can take stock back in county cricket and somehow try to improve before they come together again in May to face Sri Lanka. Who the Netherlands play next, nobody knows! But they have shown here that they are more than worth fixtures in international cricket.

Here's the jubilant Peter Borren: "We came into the second half thinking we didn't have enough. I asked for one final effort and we did that. I was really proud of our bowlers. To see us play some smart cricket I'm really proud. We've played a bit of 40-over cricket against these guys before and that gave us some confidence. Coming back from the Sri Lanka and South Africa games which knocked us back is a real achievement. Tonight we were pretty much spot on in the field and with the ball. It's a nice way to end the tournament. We've shown the cricket world we can play. We're here representing all the associates and with three performances shown the strength of associate cricket."

How on earth is Stuart Broad going to explain this: "It sums up our winter. It was similar to the sort of batting we put in after losing the Ashes. A very disorganised chase. The bowling and fielding was okay but we lacked application with the bat, no-one took responsibility. No excuses. We should have won it was a relatively straightforward chase. There were some extremely soft dismissals. It's not this loss that's knocked us out but the players have let the fans down. It seemed a complacent batting performance. Hugely disappointing. In the past year we've had trouble chasing down scores and it's a problem we need to eradicate it from our game. A new era is coming and that's exciting. It's been an awful winter. I'm not sure whether I'll keep captaining the T20 side. There will be decisions made right at the top over the next few months."

Man of the Match is Mudassar Bukhari for his fine spell with the ball but in reality it was a perfect display from the whole team in the field.

What a performance from Netherlands! Totally outplaying England and they have hammered them by 45 runs and take their second victory from two meetings! Memories of 2009 come flooding back but this was no last ball scramble, Netherlands have won by a street. England simply did not get to grips with this wicket at all. They tried to play the big strokes that served them well in the night matches but here it needed something different and they didn't bother to adjust at all. A shambles from them but take nothing away from the Dutch.

Mudassar Bukhari to Tredwell, 1 run, OUT
swing over the off side, it loops just over cover and Tredwell survives but oh my word there's a mix up mid-pitch and there's a run out!! And that will finish things off!!! What a calamitous way to end and it sums England's batting performance up, Parry totally stranded in the middle of the wicket
SD Parry run out (Swart/†Barresi) 1 (4m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
Mudassar Bukhari to Parry, 1 run
low full toss flicked out to deep midwicket

So Netherlands now on the cusp of another famous win over England...

Mudassar Bukhari to Broad, OUT
length ball wide of off stump, Broad aims a swing leg side and nicks it through to the keeper! England's last faint hope walks off. He had to try something, aimed a mighty whack to leg, got there too soon and feathered an edge behind
SCJ Broad c †Barresi b Mudassar Bukhari 4 (12m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00
Mudassar Bukhari to Tredwell, 1 run
low full toss outside off, slapped only to deep cover

If England win this, I'll eat my hat. Bukhari is back...

end of over 177 runs
ENG: 85/8CRR: 5 • RRR: 16.33 • Need 49 runs from 18b
Stuart Broad4 (4)
James Tredwell6 (4)
Ahsan Malik3-0-14-0
Logan van Beek2-0-9-3
Ahsan Malik to Broad, no run
slower ball, huge swing to leg and Broad misses
Ahsan Malik to Tredwell, 1 run
down the track again but can only run this to long-off
Ahsan Malik to Broad, 1 run
length, Broad swings to leg and gets it off an outside edge to short third man, they sprint a run
Ahsan Malik to Tredwell, 1 run
length outside off, slapped down to long-off
Ahsan Malik to Tredwell, FOUR runs
down the track, aims leg side, it comes off a huge top edge and whirls over point and will run away for four! Finally England find the rope