28th match (N), Chattogram, Nov 25 2017, Bangladesh Premier League
(20 ov, target 177)
Riders won by 3 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Rangpur Rangers
RR Innings
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end of over 2017 runs • 2 wicket
RPR: 180/7CRR: 9 
Thisara Perera28 (14)
Lasith Malinga0 (0)
Taskin Ahmed4-0-38-1
Luis Reece2-0-13-1

10.04 pm That's all from Chittagong tonight. What a brilliant game we witnessed today. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the 28th BPL game, and we wish you a wonderful evening ahead. Tomorrow's a rest day but we'll be back day after. See you soon, but for now, it's Sreshth Shah signing off!

10.02 pm We're ready with the post-match presentation.

Winning captain and Man of the Match Mashrafe Mortaza: "Matches like these are always tight. Thisara did it beautifully last ball. Under pressure is always tough. I told Malinga not to run, because Thisara was the guy who could win it for us. (On batting at No. 3) it was a decision because I was there to slog everything. It was all luck."

Losing captain Luke Ronchi: "It was a good, close game of cricket and so feels bad to lose. Disappointed but looking forward, really. Lots of things to discuss with Taskin for the final ball, but it's a learning curve that it didn't come off. Our score was good, it was a good total to try and defend and they just played better cricket."

Aditya: "Now my prediction needs to be published... I already said whose boundary count will be more will win it... And RR did it in last ball and they won in the same ball too... Give a high five ..."

10.00 pm Wonderful sportsmanship on display here. Sikandar Raza lets Perera lead the players out of the ground. Handshakes all around but spare a thought for Taskin Ahmed. He bowled brilliantly today, except the last two balls. This is how fine the margins are in T20 cricket. The win belongs to Perera but also credit to Mashrafe Mortaza on choosing to pinch-hit from No. 3 on a day when Gayle and McCullum were not on song. Rangpur move to fourth on the table. Stick around for the presentation and reactions from the two captains.

Taskin Ahmed to Perera, SIX runs
I cannot believe it! It's a six! #Scenes here at Chittagong! The Rangpur Riders players race in to give Perera a bear hug! Taskin and Chittagong are distraught. It was a short ball on leg stump and Perera connects off the bat's middle. He knew it's a six as soon as it left his bat. Into the stands over midwicket. Rangpur Riders win by three wickets! It's a record chase, the highest total chased this season.
Taskin Ahmed to Perera, 1 wide
oh my god, it's a wide! Slow ball wide outside leg stump, Perera shuffles across to the off side a bit too much and misses the paddle. One crucial run, and now even the SuperOver can come into play. Three to win off the final ball

Sarkar dries the ball for Taskin. It's all on Perera now. A boundary will win it for Rangpur. Both teams on their feet.

Taskin Ahmed to Perera, 2 runs
short on leg stump, Perera backs away and pulls past midwicket. Perera wants two, and he'll get it. The keeper collected the throw very early but it was a wayward throw. He was nowhere near the stumps, allowing Perera to run through. Four needed off the last ball

What an important ball coming up...Perera on strike.

Taskin Ahmed to Shahriar Nafees, OUT
low full toss on middle, tries to slog over long on but takes a leading edge. In the air, and Soumya Sarkar catches it at long on. He holes out, but Perera gets back on strike because the batsmen crossed. Six runs to win. Two balls remaining.
Shahriar Nafees c Soumya Sarkar b Taskin Ahmed 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Shahriar Nafees in now. Today at No. 8. Rangpur need six runs off three balls.

Taskin Ahmed to Perera, OUT
slow yorker outside leg stump, Perera misses the slog and then chooses to go for the bye. The keeper collects and his throw breaks the stump. Poor strategy from Rangpur, this.. Neither do Rangpur earn a run, but now Perera is no longer on strike
Nahidul Islam run out (†Anamul Haque) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

oooh, six needed off four balls

Taskin Ahmed to Perera, SIX runs
short outside off, and carved over point for a six! Gets his front foot out of the way and slashes hard at the ball. It has got the distance. Hammered!

12 off five balls

The Rangpur dugout looks tense

Taskin Ahmed to Perera, 2 runs
yorker on leg stump, clipped wide of long on. They'll take two, Perera will keep the strike

Nail-biting stuff. This game has see-sawed.

end of over 195 runs • 1 wicket
RPR: 163/5CRR: 8.57 • RRR: 14.00
Nahidul Islam0 (1)
Thisara Perera12 (9)
Luis Reece2-0-13-1
Taskin Ahmed3-0-21-0
Reece to Nahidul Islam, no run
it's all happening! Finishes with a dot. Full toss on off stump that he hits back at Reece. Smacks the bowler's leg. Nahidul wants the single, but Reece recovers well ensuring there's no run available. 14 needed off the final over, with Perera on strike
Reece to Mohammad Mithun, OUT
got him! Slower ball on middle and cleans him up! Tries the big slog but he gets his eye off the ball, and makes a mess of that shot. The stumps are rattled! The danger man is good. Nahidul, the new man, will face the 19th's last ball
Mohammad Mithun b Reece 44 (29b 4x4 0x6) SR: 151.72
Reece to Mohammad Mithun, 2 runs
slower ball on leg stump, slogged along the ground to deep midwicket. They'll get two but that might not be enough at this stage
Reece to Perera, 1 run
full toss on leg stump, no real timing from Perera as he tries a cross-batted slog. Trickles away to long on. Reece bowling very well...
Reece to Mohammad Mithun, 1 run
full and wide outside off, bunted down the ground to long on. Only a single. Five men on the boundary around the ground
Reece to Perera, 1 run
low full toss on middle stump, dragged behind square on the leg side. Only the single as he can't time the slog well

Twelve balls to go. Nineteen to win. It's really anybody's game...

end of over 187 runs
RPR: 158/4CRR: 8.77 • RRR: 9.50
Thisara Perera10 (7)
Mohammad Mithun41 (26)
Taskin Ahmed3-0-21-0
Stiaan van Zyl2-0-30-0
Taskin Ahmed to Perera, 1 run
short outside off, wild slog from Perera and takes the inside edge. It might go for four, but no! Al-Amin - at fine leg - covers a lot of ground to stop that inside edge from earning anything more than a single. Wonderful over from Taskin

around the wicket

Taskin Ahmed to Mohammad Mithun, 1 run
full toss on middle, warily played down the ground to mid off. Quick run but Rangpur need a boundary somewhere now
Taskin Ahmed to Perera, 1 run
good length on middle, glanced to third man. The ball stayed lower than Perera expected. Keeps the scoreboard ticking though
Taskin Ahmed to Mohammad Mithun, 1 run
full outside off, width offered again and driven to cover. Wonder if the wide-ball line is part of Taskin's plan against Mithun
Taskin Ahmed to Mohammad Mithun, 1 wide
slower ball outside off, it's the legcutter and is too far away for the batsman to get to it
Taskin Ahmed to Perera, 1 run
good length on a leg-stump line, cramps Perera for room. He can only poke this towards short third man from his position

Saadat Ahmadzai: "Why would you catch that Najibullah? Bopara was winning you the match." -- Harsh, very harsh.

Taskin Ahmed to Mohammad Mithun, 1 run
low full toss drilled to cover, they're going for the single anyway. Ronchi is quick to release his throw but misses the stumps at the keeper's end. Perera would've been gone if that hit
end of over 1712 runs
RPR: 151/4CRR: 8.88 • RRR: 8.66
Thisara Perera7 (4)
Mohammad Mithun38 (23)
Stiaan van Zyl2-0-30-0
Soumya Sarkar2-0-24-1
van Zyl to Perera, SIX runs
Smashed! Slower, loopy ball on middle and sent for half-a-dozen over the bowler. In the slot, and punished. Perera looked out of touch for the first three balls, but what a way to break the shackles
van Zyl to Mohammad Mithun, 1 run
chooses to charge down the ground again, muscled towards midwicket for a single
van Zyl to Mohammad Mithun, FOUR runs
what glorious timing! Good length on middle and Mithun comes down the ground and drives it beautifully over the bowler's head. Threads the gap between long off and long on
van Zyl to Perera, 1 run
low full toss on middle, muscled down the ground. Gets off strike
van Zyl to Perera, no run
low full toss off stump, the ball whizzes under his bat as he ties to drive. Died on Perera