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Lahore Lions , elected to bat first

Player Of The Match


Hours of play (local time)

20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.20, Interval 21.20-21.40, Second Session 21.40-23.00

Match days

29 March 2012 - night match (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee


Lahore Lions 2, Faisalabad Wolves 0

Wolves 2nd innings Partnerships

9Asif HussainAli Waqas
40Asif HussainImran Khalid
30Asif HussainSabir Hussain
0Naved LatifAsif Hussain
53Asif HussainKhurram Shehzad
5Asif HussainJahandad Khan
2Mohammad SalmanJahandad Khan
7Saeed AjmalJahandad Khan
0Saeed AjmalHasan Mahmood (1)
0Saeed AjmalAsad Ali