Only Test, Bengaluru, Jun 14 - 18 2018, Afghanistan tour of India
(38.4 ov)(f/o) 109 & 103
India won by an innings and 262 runs
player of the match

5.50pm Dhawan, the Man of the Match, catches up with his Sunrisers Hyderabad team-mates Rashid and Nabi. Rahane collects the trophy and poses with his team-mates. Great gesture from Rahane: he asks the Afghanistan players to join them. It has been a harsh introduction to Test cricket for them but it will be a steep learning curve. On that note, this is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of Karthik Krishnaswamy, Chandan Duorah, and P Ranjith. Until next time, goodbye.

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Mel: "And Ajinkya Rahane maintains his 100% win record as Test Captain "

Rahane: This [win] feels really special. It is always an honour to lead your country The way we played, especially batting, Shikhar, Vijay, Rahul and Hardik. We did not take Afghanistan lightly. It was important for us to keep the basics and good habits. Credit to Afghanistan. Their seamers bowled really well, especially in the third session yesterday and I am sure they will go a long way.

Dhawan, Player of the Match: Really happy about the way I've been playing. It's good we finished the match early and we have a few days off. Before going to Ireland, we will be fresh. Of course, the ball was swinging and seaming but I was clear in my mind and it went my way. By the grace of god, I scored a century in one session and it feels special. I want to congratulate Afghanistan for making it to this level and Eid Mubarak to all of them. It's always a learning process. Once they play other sides and start winning, they will get confidence. It's a big boost for their country. I would like to thank the audience for all coming here.

5.40pm Stanikzai: Before we had not played a Test match, and now in the future against Full Member what we need to do. We were surprised with the match ending in two days because our team is good. Disappointed with the batting, but it is good for the future. We have a lot of times and camps to work on our weakness. Thanks to the fans supporting both teams.

5.25pm Umesh: When I got the new ball, I was just trying to keep bowling length and get swing. I think the wicket was a little bit slow and I was just trying to swing it.

Jadeja: Everyone was bowling well upfront. The seamers set the tone and I was just bowling in my areas. In IPL when we played here, the ball was turning like a rank-turner, but today's wicket was very flat and I was not getting turn. Me and Ashwin were talking about restricting them. We just looked to keep it simple.

5.30pm There it is - India's first Test win in two days. Afghanistan's Test debut ends in two days. Twenty-four wickets tumbled on the second day in Bengaluru. Never before have more wickets fallen in a day of Test cricket in India. Afghanistan dominated the entire post-tea session on day one and parts of the morning session on day two, but their batting line-up crumbled twice. They offered flimsy resistance in their first innings, getting routed for 109 in 27.5 overs in their first innings. They lasted 38.4 overs in their second dig, with their captain Stanikzai and Shahidi sharing a stubborn 37-run stand, but the others could not find a way past sustained pressure from India. Umesh and Ishant found swing with the new ball before Jadeja carved up the middle and lower order with turn or lack thereof. Harsh introduction into Test cricket for Afghanistan, not the perfect tune-up for India ahead of the England tour either. Do stick around for the presentation, which I will bring shortly

Mradul Gupta: "Dhawan and Vijay scored 212 runs combined in 41.3 overs, Whole Afg team scored 212 runs in 66.3 overs."

Avro: "At the start of the match, I was hoping that Afghans give us a mighty scare. And they have! If they can't learn from their first innings collapse, and produce such an encore in the second, I am super scared about their ability to succeed in test level. By no means is this a 100 all out wicket."

Ashwin to Wafadar, OUT

That is that! Done in two days. Ashwin lobs up an offbreak outside off, turns back in, Wafadar misjudges it and simply shoulders arms. The ball turns in to hit middle stump. Wafadar is left with a wry smile on his face

Wafadar Momand b Ashwin 0 (8m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Ashwin to Hashmatullah, 1 run

picked off the pads to deep square leg for one. Wafadar is now exposed

Ashwin to Hashmatullah, no run

flat on middle, down the track and laced to long-off. Shahidi denies the single on offer

Ashwin to Hashmatullah, no run

flighted outside off, Shahidi stays leg-side of the ball and drives to cover

end of over 38Maiden
AFG: 102/9CRR: 2.68 
Wafadar Momand0 (6)
Hashmatullah Shahidi35 (85)
Ravindra Jadeja9-3-17-4
Ravichandran Ashwin11-3-31-0
Jadeja to Wafadar, no run

dangled up outside off, driven off the front foot to mid-off

Jadeja to Wafadar, no run

slider outside off, ignored in the corridor

Jadeja to Wafadar, no run

pushed through on middle, blocked back to Jadeja

Jadeja to Wafadar, no run

tossed up slower and higher on middle, dead-batted away to the leg side

Jadeja to Wafadar, no run

round-arm dart, prodded with the angle to short leg

Jadeja to Wafadar, no run

slides in towards off then turns away slightly to beat the outside edge and off stump

end of over 374 runs
AFG: 102/9CRR: 2.75 
Hashmatullah Shahidi35 (85)
Wafadar Momand0 (0)
Ravichandran Ashwin11-3-31-0
Ravindra Jadeja8-2-17-4
Ashwin to Hashmatullah, no run

lobbed up outside off, stabbed back to Ashwin

kingkhan: "If Afganistan gets bowed out within 126, it will be largest test victory for India.

Ashwin to Hashmatullah, no run

good length on middle, jumps back and forces it to mid-off

Ashwin to Hashmatullah, no run

full and drifts into leg stump, inside edged onto the pad

Ashwin to Hashmatullah, FOUR runs

half-tracker on middle stump, Shahidi shifts his balance onto the back foot and slams a pull over midwicket

Ashwin to Hashmatullah, no run

back of a length on leg stump, dead-batted

Ashwin to Hashmatullah, no run

tossed up on middle, defended back to Ashwin