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Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, 3rd ODI at Kandy, SL v AFG, Nov 30 2022 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd ODI (D/N), Pallekele, November 30, 2022, Afghanistan tour of Sri Lanka
(49.4/50 ov, T:314) 314/6

Sri Lanka won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
83* (72)
Player Of The Series
278 runs
Full commentary

And that brings an end to this riveting series between two very evenly matched sides. The spoils were shared 1-1 in the end but that arguably is the fairest result, as both these sides on several occasions showed glimpses of some top class cricket. Truth be told, a five-match series would not have gone amiss. But if you're craving more Sri Lankan cricket, the LPL starts in less than a week, so be sure to join our coverage of that! But until then, on behalf of Shashwat, Chandan and Ranjith, it's me (Madushka) signing off!

Winning captain Dasun Shanaka: "First of all I should thank the crowd that came to support us. It was a great game of cricket, we started really well. At times we were down in the chase, but the partnerships kept us going. In the middle phase with the ball, we were a little indisciplined, and a little worried about the umpiring decisions that went against, so we should have focused more on the game. Plan with the bat was to bat until the 45th over. [Dunith and Charith?] Charith did outstanding, and he's a great finisher. Dunith whenever he comes on to the field he has tended to deliver for us, not with the ball today, but with the bat."

Losing captain Hashmatullah Shahidi: "Score was good enough, but unlucky cos the Sri Lankan batters chased really well. When Rashid came to bowl he did his job really well, but I think the other bowlers didn't really stick to the plan. But still I think the Sri Lankan batters did really well. It was a good experience playing here, Sri Lanka are tough team in their home conditions, but very happy with the good cricket we played."

Player of the Series goes to Ibrahim Zadran: "First of all I will say I'm very about my performance. I thought there was a difference from the last two games. The ball was coming on slow, and sometimes it wasn't coming on a little low. So I took my time and wanted to go for as long as possible. We lost three wickets early on, and at that time Najibullah and I put on a good partnership, but as that went on we started to get in and targeting 300. I'm feeling so great, I've just started my cricket and I just want to get better for my country and the people of Afghanistan. I want to dedicate this award to my parents and my family for supporting me in my cricket."

Player of the Match award goes to Charith Asalanka: "I'm really happy with our team performance, we were behind in the game but we did really well. [on partnership with Dasun] Firstly I believe in my captain, and he kept the scoreboard ticking with a good strike rate, so I'm very happy. As for Wellalage, we know that he has the talent and he proved what he's capable of doing. [how are you feeling?] Now it's getting better, but out in the middle I was just focusing on staying till the end."

Presentation time...

Mahz mahroof : "To sum it up all three new weds put on performance for Lanka! Rajitha in his first spell, pathum with the opening partnership and charith in the buffle and end!"

Avinash: "In a team when u see a batsman score 162 and bowler taking 4 wkts for 37 runs, you wud thk that team wud have won...well played sri lanka...better effor from other players from afg wud have helped them hard loss."

10.38pm Well! What a way to end what has been an absolutely tub thumping series between these two sides! Afghanistan fought every step of the way, but the final blow is struck by the hosts. And in the process, Sri Lanka have completed the highest ever chase in Pallekele! Charith Asalanka stands tall on 83*, but it was 19-year-old Dunith Wellalage with his 21-ball 31 that revived Sri Lanka from the mat after Rashid Khan had landed some potentially knock out blows at the death. In fact the entire game was filled with potentially match-winning hands, starting with Ibrahim Zadran's 138-ball 162 - the highest ever score by a visiting batter in SL - followed by a 100-run opening stand between Kusal Mendis and Pathum Nissanka, and then another crucial 79-run partnership between Asalanka and skipper Dasun Shanaka, before Rashid returned to strike some decisive blows on his way to figures of 4 for 37. But in the end it was Asalanka and Wellalage that remained, securing a win that will last long in the memory for the Lankans.

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Asalanka, SIX runs

And it's outta here! Sri Lanka level the series in style! Asalanka fittingly completes the chase, as he swats this short ball flat over deep square leg!

Imam: "People who are watching FIFA...Plzz...change the channel....return to cricket...and enjoy the thriller lest you should think yourself wretched "

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Wellalage, 1 run

good length on the stumps, heaved to wide long-on. Asalanka can't turn back for two.

7 off 4.

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Wellalage, no run

Short ball, 112kph slower ball, Wellalage looks for the ramp but misses out. That's one bouncer for the over.

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Wellalage, SIX runs

Parried over the man at deep midwicket for six! What a start to the over, as this is pulled off the front foot, flat and far. Rashid gets a hand to it, but can only push it over the ropes.

13 off 6. Farooqi to bowl the final over.

Ran: "Dumith is a fighter, I hope he gets to play more often. No point keep playing failing Chandi all the time."

end of over 4916 runs
SL: 301/6CRR: 6.14 RRR: 13.00 • Need 13 runs from 6b
Dunith Wellalage24 (18b 4x4)
Charith Asalanka77 (71b 5x4 3x6)
Gulbadin Naib 6-0-48-0
Fazalhaq Farooqi 9-0-57-0
Gulbadin to Wellalage, 1 run

Lofted on-drive down to long-on, but this time he finds the fielder. Only a single, and he keeps the strike.

Equation down to 14 off 7.

Gulbadin to Wellalage, FOUR runs

Struck handsomely down the ground! What a hand this is by Wellalage! Takes the cutter off a length, and swings right through this, straight down the ground.

Dr Aminul : "Why AFG choose Gulbadin to ball the penultimate over. In 2019 World cup, they lost to Pakistan due to his bowling. Is he will be the reason of heartbreak for AFG again?"

Gulbadin to Wellalage, FOUR runs

Slower ball long hop down leg, Wellalage winds up and slaps this past short fine!

Gulbadin to Wellalage, no run

slower ball on a length, goes for the pull but gets a thick inside edge on to his pads. Run was on, but Asalanka would never have made it

Gulbadin to Wellalage, FOUR runs

Ramped over short fine leg! This is pace-on, it's the cross seam outside off on a length, but Wellalage walks across and connects with the ramp!

Gulbadin to Wellalage, 1 wide

Another short, wide one, and another one that's too wide. Even with Wellalage walking across the crease he can't reach that

Gulbadin to Wellalage, 1 wide

slower ball on a length outside off, but this time it's too wide

Gulbadin to Asalanka, 1 run

Short and slices it straight up, but there's no one in the ring in front of the wicket! Falls in no man's land!

29 needed off 12. Asalanka on strike. Naib given the ball.

end of over 488 runs
SL: 285/6CRR: 5.93 RRR: 14.50 • Need 29 runs from 12b
Dunith Wellalage11 (13b 1x4)
Charith Asalanka76 (70b 5x4 3x6)
Fazalhaq Farooqi 9-0-57-0
Rashid Khan 10-0-37-4
Fazalhaq Farooqi to Wellalage, FOUR runs

Finds the gap! Crucial boundary, and Wellalage finds it. This was a low full toss on off, he makes room and carves it past extra cover.

Praveen: "The afghans have found it, and it is called on air as well. It will be the short ball against Asalanka. Wellalage has to step in now - he has the ability."

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Asalanka, 1 run

short ball, another one pace-off, Asalanka pulls this towards deep midwicket. He's not looking comfortable here.

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Wellalage, 1 run

back of a length outside off, 109kph, opens the face and uppercuts this down towards third man

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Wellalage, no run

Goes for the scoop but misses out. This looks to have gone down leg, but no wide given as the umpire reckons this clipped the pads

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Asalanka, 1 run

Short, slower ball, pulled to deep square leg

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Wellalage, 1 run

good length, clipped towards deep midiwicket

end of over 473 runs
SL: 277/6CRR: 5.89 RRR: 12.33 • Need 37 runs from 18b
Charith Asalanka74 (68b 5x4 3x6)
Dunith Wellalage5 (9b)
Rashid Khan 10-0-37-4
Fazalhaq Farooqi 8-0-49-0

End of a fine, potentially match-winning spell from Rashid. 10-0-37-4.

Rashid Khan to Asalanka, no run

Almost a leading edge! Asalanka looks to work this onside off a good length, but the googly does him in. Ball goes off the edge towards short third.

Rashid Khan to Asalanka, no run

Googly, goes past Asalanka's edge as he looks to work this onside

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