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Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe, 2nd Test at Abu Dhabi, AFG v ZIM, Mar 10 2021 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Abu Dhabi, March 10 - 14, 2021, Afghanistan v Zimbabwe
(T:108) 545/4d & 108/4
(f/o) 287 & 365

Afghanistan won by 6 wickets

Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
264 runs • 2 wkts
AFG 2nd Innings
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And as Sean Williams and Asghar Afghan pose with the beautiful trophy to sign off a tied series, it's time for us to say goodbye too. The T20Is start very soon - the first one is on March 17. We'll see you then. On behalf of Thilak Ram, Chandan Duorah, Karthik Krishnaswamy, Firdose Moonda, Shashank Kishore and me Sreshth Shah, thanks for joining us.

3.33pm The presentation has started.

Asghar Afghan, the second Test's winning captain. He says, "Winning the match was very important for us. We learnt a lot from the first game. Our guys showed that too, especially in the batting side. Hashmat was impressive. I play my own game, sometimes attacking. The first game we were disappointing, but we are new in Test cricket. These two matches, we learnt a lot. Rashid wasn't totally fit, he was injured. But everytime he does something good for his country. With a broken finger. I will give a lot of credit to Rashid."

Player of the Series award goes to Zimbabwe captainSean Williams after the presenter says that Amir Hamza, Ibrahim Zadran and Shahidi were some of the contenders. He says, "I thought it was a fantastic series. The first game, winning in two days, was remarkable. Coming into the second match, we were on the backfoot right away after conceding 545. I thought we missed out on winning the series by just 60 minutes. But congratulations to both teams. Yesterday, we thought we could've drawn the Test match. We thought of taking it by the hour, and try to get Donald to a hundred. It's not a pitch you can score quick runs in. I think being the leader, things have changed for me. But I have a bunch of other leaders in the side. We've got some personnel changes for the T20Is, some interesting, new faces. That's exciting for us. Hopefully some different wickets."

Player of the Match award goes to Hashmatullah Shahidi, pipping Rashid's 11-for. The commentators decided that his double-hundred deserved it more. He says, "It was tough after first Test. We were disappointed there. But thanks from the coaching staff, HD Ackerman, and Nawroz and captain for believing me. We had hard work before coming here. I want to congratulate my whole nation on this win. I just wanted to stay long after a disappointing first Test. I wanted to take responsibility as a senior player. Feeling very good about the first 200, it's a big achievement for me. I hope it's not the first and last one for me."

3.30pm We'll have the presentation soon. Stick around for reactions.

Iain Climie: "Afghanistan are great but they'd be giving their fans palpitations if the target was another 30 or 40 runs. Credit to Zimbabwe too for keeping going."

Noori Tanha: "I Love Cricket"

3.22pm And the series ends 1-1, a fitting result for a quality series. Zimbabwe will probably be more disappointed, having come into the second Test with the lead. But a very poor batting performance in the first innings - especially given how dead the batting deck was - has cost them a first series win since 2004.

The teams bump fists, and the camera focuses on Rashid Khan, who took 11 wickets in 99.2 overs. A solid comeback having missed the first Test. Also makes you wonder if the series result would've been totally different had he played the first game. Don't forget the other records in this match, most importantly, Afghanistan's maiden double centurion in Hashmatullah Shahidi. Asghar Afghan's 165 is now the second-highest score for the country. In a sort of fitting touch, Shahidi hit the winning runs in this match. Amir Hamza and Ibrahim Zadran were excellent across both matches too.

Plenty of positives for Zimbabwe too. On surfaces that have something for fast bowlers, Blessing Murazabani and Victor Nyauchi can be quite a handful. Sean Williams clocked two centuries in three innings. A couple of good batting performances from Sikandar Raza too.

Eventually, even if you supported either team or followed this series as a neutral, it was quite enjoyable. Very few people expected Zimbabwe to wrap up a win inside two days in the first Test. And then very few expected them to force Afghanistan to bat for a second time in this match. Some great individual performances to remember this series for.

Muzarabani to Jamal, 1 run

good length, on leg. Pulled to deep midwicket and Afghanistan win by six wickets!

end of over 2613 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 107/4CRR: 4.11 
Hashmatullah Shahidi6 (3b 1x4)
Nasir Jamal3 (5b)
Ryan Burl 4-1-16-2
Blessing Muzarabani 9-1-24-2

Arun: "Why Asghar has not come out to bat? A fear of drop in average. This stamps his mindset of what was discussed in last few days here" -- Think he wanted Shahidullah - who didn't bat first innings - to try and finish the match and get some confidence by doing so. After that, they're just following the batting order.

Burl to Hashmatullah, FOUR runs

full, on off. Down on one knee and clobbered to deep midwicket for four. Scores are tied

Burl to Hashmatullah, no run

full on middle. Defended off the front foot

Burl to Hashmatullah, 2 runs

good length, on middle and leg. Nudged to deep backward square leg. Avoids being the seventh man to get a double hundred and a duck in the same match!


Burl to Rahmat, OUT

bowled 'im! Burl celebrates. Length ball, on off. Skidding into leg. Misses the dragged flick. Rattles the stumps

Rahmat Shah b Burl 58 (76b 9x4 1x6 109m) SR: 76.31
Burl to Rahmat, SIX runs

full and wide. Comes down the wicket and clobbers a six down the ground! Single digits for Afghanistan now

Burl to Jamal, 1 run

full, on off. Turning away. Defended to cover point

end of over 251 run
AFG: 94/3CRR: 3.76 
Rahmat Shah52 (74b 9x4)
Nasir Jamal2 (4b)
Blessing Muzarabani 9-1-24-2
Ryan Burl 3-1-3-1
Muzarabani to Rahmat, no run

back of a length, on leg. Pulls, but misses. Over the blade to the keeper

Laiq Khan Hamid: "Not a lucky series at all for the debutants. Five duck for the debutants. Good luck next time."

Muzarabani to Rahmat, no run

back of a length, outside leg stump. Smothers a pulled shot to short fine leg

Muzarabani to Rahmat, no run

good length, on leg. Extra bounce. Fended

Muzarabani to Rahmat, no run

back of a length, outside leg stump. Left alone

Muzarabani to Jamal, 1 run

good length, on middle. Pulled to the leg side

Muzarabani to Jamal, no run

appeal for a caught as this short ball hits the batsman. Pops up in the air and taken by the infielder. Jamal offered no shot. They think it's out but umpire Dar says it hit the elbow

end of over 24Maiden
AFG: 93/3CRR: 3.87 
Rahmat Shah52 (70b 9x4)
Nasir Jamal1 (2b)
Ryan Burl 3-1-3-1
Blessing Muzarabani 8-1-23-2
Burl to Rahmat, no run

good length, on middle and leg. Tapped towards the non-striker

Burl to Rahmat, no run

full, on middle. Driven to mid on

Burl to Rahmat, no run

full outside off. Slaps a square drive. Finds cover point

Burl to Rahmat, no run

fullish, on off. Defended off the back foot

Burl to Rahmat, no run

length ball outside off. Turning in. He makes room and defends it to the off side

Burl to Rahmat, no run

good length ball, defended

end of over 233 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 93/3CRR: 4.04 
Rahmat Shah52 (64b 9x4)
Nasir Jamal1 (2b)
Blessing Muzarabani 8-1-23-2
Ryan Burl 2-0-3-1
Muzarabani to Rahmat, 1 run

around the stumps, good length on leg stump. Swivels to pull to fine leg