2nd ODI (D/N), Cardiff, June 24, 2010, Australia tour of England and Ireland
(45.2/50 ov, T:240) 243/6

England won by 4 wickets (with 28 balls remaining)

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Well, two in two for England, and they've cantered to the win both times! There was a little stutter today towards the end, but England looked the slicker, more professional outfit throughout the day and the win is well-deserved. Australia are missing some firepower in the bowling department, and it's really showed in the first two games. Their bowlers are generally quite inexperienced, but their batsmen aren't - Ponting, Hussey, Clarke, even Watson - these guys are veterans but they were disappointing today. England did the basics so well, they obviously had plans - just look at the dismissal of Clarke - and they stuck to them superbly. Anyway, enough of my waffle. For a much more incisive and in-depth look at the game, have a look at Brydon's bulletin while we wait for the match presentation - please stay with us for that.

Ponting: "We havent had much success down here. The game today mirrored the first game, we batted first, started strongly but then lost our way. A couple of injuries hasn't helped, but we've got to look at our strengths and play accordingly. 240 was never going to be enough.

I thought White showed a lot of maturity, his innings gave us something to bowl at, but not enough. When you're batting at the top of the order it's your responsibility to make runs, and i haven't done that so far. All in all, another poor performance from us."

Strauss: "They got off to a pretty fast start, but the bowlers reacted to the condition of the wicket very well, we dragged it back and got them on the back foot again. A little bit of a wobble at the end of the chase, but another good performance. Yardy's OK, just a bit of a groin strain. We've got to make sure we don't rest on our laurels now. It went pretty well for us, and when you're on top you can try a few things. But we've got to keep it going, not get too carried away."

Stuart Broad, on his 24th birthday, is Man of the Match for his four wickets: "We performed well as a team today, but we know how important it is to stand up again at Old Trafford. It was hard work in the gym... it's a fantastic changing room to be in at the moment. We tried to use the short ball and adapt to conditions, a few cross-seamers etc. It's important that the younger bowlers just keep learning. I have opened the bowling in the past, and I hope to do it in the future, but i'm happy coming on first change. Old Trafford is the sort of wicket that bowlers look forward to."

That's all from us tonight, thanks for joining us, thanks for the feedback, and do join us again for the next game of the series, at Old Trafford, on Sunday June 27. The final word from Mark Kidger, because we like him: "7 wins on the bounce now and it includes a few against South Africa and Australia, plus some wins from seemingly lost positions in Bangladesh. Even England fans are starting to believe..."

McKay to Swann, SIX runs

what a shot! It's all over now, and in style! McKay dished up a half-volley on off stump and Swann just murdered it over long-off. The ball never got up high but went way over the rope, and Swann is pumping his fist! The crowd had been very vocal as England closed in on the win, and they're cheering now too.

McKay to Swann, 2 runs

short and wide, cut away behind square and Bollinger sprints round from third man to cut it off

With five overs left, England must now take the Batting Powerplay (Australia having taken theirs after the wicket of Pietersen). It'll be McKay to bowl

end of over 453 runs
ENG: 235/6CRR: 5.22 RRR: 1.00
Tim Bresnan12 (19b 1x4)
Graeme Swann11 (12b 1x4)
Steven Smith 8-0-40-1
Clint McKay 9-0-52-0
Smith to Bresnan, no run

punched to cover, but straight to the fielder

Smith to Swann, 1 run

pushed out on the off side off the back foot

Smith to Bresnan, 1 run

swept out to deep square

Smith to Swann, 1 run

was that a wrong 'un? A flipper? Either way it seemed to rush straight on, striking Swann on the pad but going well over

Smith to Swann, no run

goes down on bended knee to sweep this time, struck on the pad to elicit an appeal, but that was very ambitious... Struck well outside off

Smith to Swann, no run

beaten! The ball was a little short and Swann rocked back to cut, but was beaten by bounce and turn

Smith comes back into the attack, still a slip is in

end of over 443 runs
ENG: 232/6CRR: 5.27 RRR: 1.33
Tim Bresnan11 (17b 1x4)
Graeme Swann9 (8b 1x4)
Clint McKay 9-0-52-0
Doug Bollinger 10-2-46-3
McKay to Bresnan, no run

and beaten again, to finish the over! Fuller, and wider of off and Bresnan flings the bat at it but can't connect

McKay to Bresnan, no run

good ball! Angling in and then holding it's line, Bresnan plays inside it and is beaten. Never got close to it, though

McKay to Bresnan, no run

big swing outside off, Bresnan can't connect

McKay to Swann, 1 run

ooh, that looked nasty! Swann came down the track as McKay slipped one in short, and he wore it right on the side of the helmet. Horrible, clanging sound as it hit the helmet, but he's fine. Little edge on it as well, so given as runs

McKay to Bresnan, 1 run

nice running again, Australia just can't plug the gaps and another cheeky single

McKay to Swann, 1 run

back of a length outside off, slapped out to deep cover off the back foot

Clint McKay comes back - he's been a no-ball culprit today with three to his name, but can he find some redemption? Ponting keeps a slip in

end of over 439 runs
ENG: 229/6CRR: 5.32 RRR: 1.57
Graeme Swann7 (6b 1x4)
Tim Bresnan10 (13b 1x4)
Doug Bollinger 10-2-46-3
James Hopes 5-0-30-1

Just 11 needed by England now to go 2-0 up in the series

Bollinger to Swann, 1 run

swung away bottom-handed towards midwicket

Bollinger to Bresnan, 1 run

pushed firmly into the covers, mid-off scoots round to cut it off so just a single

Runs off no-balls and free-hits have cost Australia 23 today already

Bollinger to Bresnan, FOUR runs

crashed away! Short ball and Bresnan likes them there, hammering a pull in front of square and away to the boundary. England getting closer now!

So, here comes the Free Hit

Bollinger to Bresnan, (no ball)

now he times it! The ball wasn't as full as the other two, and it was wider and Bresnan thrashed him ... but straight to cover. And he's over-stepped! At a time like this!

Bollinger to Bresnan, no run

again Bollinger goes full, again Bresnan can't time the drive. His bottom hand is coming through too hard, he closes the bat face and the ball squirts to leg though he was aiming through the covers

Bollinger to Bresnan, 2 runs

shorter this time, Bresnan rocks back in a flash and pulls out to deep square. Good, hard running gets them two, and just 18 needed now

Bollinger to Bresnan, no run

very full, Bresnan stretches forward to drive but can't time the shot