4th ODI (D/N), The Oval, Jun 30 2010, Australia tour of England and Ireland
(42.4/50 ov, target 291)212
Australia won by 78 runs
Player Of The Match

No whitewash for England, they never got close today. Ponting and Clarke finally gave the Australian bowlers something to work with, and England, chasing a daunting total, could never get going as Harris ran through the top order.

Important win for Australia, with Tait in the side their bowling has a touch more devil and it has made a real difference. It was a return to the old Australia really, powerful and professional. For their part, England looked a touch flat throughout. Anyway, Brydon Coverdale will have a much more revealing assessment in his bulletin, which will be ready for you shortly, so check that out.

Strauss: "Disappointing day, the batting was a bit of a return to the old days, lost too many wickets too quickly and it's always hard to keep the runrate in check when you lose wickets too early."

Ponting: "We've played a lot better today, our batting was back at the level it should be. Shaun Tait has forced the opposition on the back foot and I'll be talking to him about reversing his decision to give up the longer form of the game! It's been a frustrating series but the boys bounced back well today."

Ryan Harris is named man of the match and says he's happy to perform well today after disappointing at Old Trafford.

Right, that's just about it from us today. Thanks for all the emails, and I hope you'll join us on Saturday for the final game from Lord's.

Harris to Broad, OUT

That's it! Harris has five and Australia break their duck! Broad chips it tamely to cover where Hussey takes the catch.

Stuart Broad c Hussey b Harris 4 (7m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 80
Harris to Broad, no run

clears his front leg, and aims a big heave outside off stump, but misses

Harris to Broad, FOUR runs

touch shorter here, Broad swats, a touch aimlessly, and gets a top-edge that sails over the keeper for four

Harris to Broad, no run

Harris has really bustled in, full of pace and effort, and this hurries Broad into an uncomfortable defence

end of over 422 runs • 2 wickets
ENG: 208/9CRR: 4.95 RRR: 10.37
James Anderson0 (2)
Stuart Broad0 (1)
Doug Bollinger 8-0-38-2
Ryan Harris 8-1-28-4
Bollinger to Anderson, no run

Bollinger lands a yorker which Anderson manages to dig out

Bollinger to Anderson, no run

Anderson doesn't see much of his first delivery, zipping past his hanging bat and going through to Paine

Bollinger to Yardy, OUT

Yardy gone this time! Short and Yardy pulls without much timing straight to mid on

Michael Yardy c White b Bollinger 57 (88m 63b 5x4 0x6) SR: 90.47
Bollinger to Broad, 1 leg bye

almost goes first ball as Bollinger, who is really racing in, arrows a yorker into Broad's pads, it was slipping down leg, however, and thudded off the pads for one

Stuart Broad is the new man. He used to be able to bat, not so much these days. Anyway, he needs a miracle.

Bollinger to Swann, OUT

and another one goes! Bollinger is too sharp for Swann! Bounced up into the rib area, Swann tried to fend it away and could only glove it behind to Paine

Graeme Swann c †Paine b Bollinger 1 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Bollinger to Yardy, 1 run

full and angled in from round the wicket, Yardy is backing away again and squeezes it out to point for a single

end of over 418 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 206/7CRR: 5.02 RRR: 9.44
Michael Yardy56 (61)
Graeme Swann1 (1)
Ryan Harris 8-1-28-4
Doug Bollinger 7-0-37-0
Harris to Yardy, 1 run

Yardy backs away and aims a gentle drive and gets a single to mid off

Harris to Swann, 1 run

touch shorter here from Harris, Swann nudges it off his hip for a single to midwicket

Harris to Yardy, 1 run

follows up the boundary with by squeezing a full ball behind point for a single

Harris to Yardy, FOUR runs

Yardy keeps swinging, and this only just passes mid on, once it beats the infield though, it skips along the quick outfield for four

Harris to Bresnan, OUT

Harris strikes again, what a game he's having! Bresnan attempted to clear the one man at deep long on, curious shot-selection really, and he ended up skiing it straight to Watson on the boundary

Tim Bresnan c Watson b Harris 22 (34m 26b 1x4 0x6) SR: 84.61
Harris to Yardy, 1 run

fifty for Michael Yardy, and he's played rather well, his first significant effort with the bat for England since his comeback, but it'd take a lot more to give England a chance

Yardy and Bresnan have just about kept England above water, but here's Ryan Harris.

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