5th ODI, Lord's, Jul 3 2010, Australia tour of England and Ireland
(46.3/50 ov, target 278)235
Australia won by 42 runs
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
238 runs

Australia have come back very strongly from 3-0 down - they've beaten England comfortably in the last two games. It was Mike Hussey and Shaun Marsh's partnership that first turned the game towards Australia, but Shaun Tait nailed home the advantage. His opening burst was as exciting as anything I've seen in a long time. It left England feeling anxious and they never quite recovered, despite Collingwood's defiant 95.

England do of course take the series, but ahead of the Ashes there was enough for both teams to take with them to Brisbane.

Brydon will have his bulletin ready for you soon, so check that out. And for the visually minded we have a gallery of the best of the day's action.

Michael Atherton leads the presentation ceremony. Ponting dead-bats Atherton's invitation to speculate about Tait's Test future and rightly praises his side for coming back so strongly in the series.

Shaun Tait is named man of the match he really deserved it. From his interview he looks like a man with more pace than words and is surprisingly soft-spoken. He too has none of Atherton's invitation to turn his Test retirement around, saying he struggles enough to get through 10 overs in an ODI game.

Eoin Morgan is man of the series. Like Tait he's a man of few words but says, somewhat predictably, that he would was disappointed not to contribute more in England's last two games.

That's about it from us. There is of course plenty more cricket going around and Australia are back in action against Pakistan on Monday.

Tait to Swann, OUT

that'll be all! Tait finishes it off, which is apt, with a slower ball, which isn't! Swann backed away and tried to carve it over mid off but he couldn't time it and ended up gifting a catch to mid off.

Graeme Swann c Harris b Tait 33 (21m 21b 5x4 0x6) SR: 157.14
Tait to Swann, no run

touch too swift for Swann that, banged in short and zipping past Swann's neck as the batsman tried to swish it away

Tait to Swann, no run

Swann has Tait to deal with, who bangs in a short ball, Swann had backed away outside leg and missed his swipe

"This is really interesting," writes Nitin. "Swann has 605 test runs at a strike rate of 87.42 but 250 ODI runs at a mere rate of 76.21. What a time to make up for it!"

end of over 466 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 235/9CRR: 5.10 RRR: 10.75
James Anderson5 (4)
Graeme Swann33 (18)
Doug Bollinger 8-0-26-1
Ryan Harris 8-1-38-1
Bollinger to Anderson, no run

short and Anderson was looking to find an upper-cut but it whistled past him

Bollinger to Anderson, FOUR runs

Anderson this time finds his a boundary, which is fairly unlikely, it was a full toss, Anderson gave himself some room and landed a rather stylish drive through the covers for four

Bollinger to Swann, 1 run

Swann shuffled down the wicket and outside leg, Bollinger shoved it in short and followed him, in the end Swann could only wheel a pull shot away for one to fine leg

Bollinger to Anderson, 1 run

short and wide, Anderson flapped an upper-cut down one-bounce to Harris at third man. Swann back on strike

Bollinger to Anderson, no run

Anderson needs a single, but won't find one here, yorker and dug out back to the bowler

Bollinger to Broad, OUT

Duggie has done it! Terrific caught and bowled! Broad mistimed a check-drive back down the wicket, Bollinger stuck out a hand and found the ball in it! That should finally settle this game

Stuart Broad c & b Bollinger 3 (14m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.5

Bollinger comes into the attack, he's got Broad to bowl at. Australia want him to stay there.

end of over 4513 runs
ENG: 229/8CRR: 5.08 RRR: 9.80
Graeme Swann32 (17)
Stuart Broad3 (7)
Ryan Harris 8-1-38-1
Steven Smith 10-0-49-2
Harris to Swann, no run

nothing here for Swann, he backed away but Harris was good at following him and landing it full, cramping any room and Swann couldn't connect

Harris to Swann, FOUR runs

and again! Swann still believes, and why not!? Full toss crashed straight back over the bowler's head for four more

Harris to Swann, FOUR runs

four more! Swann picked the slower ball, waited and waited and then swung in between mid on and midwicket for four

Harris to Swann, no run

nicely bowled from Harris, Swann was backing away looking for a shot over cover, Harris followed him and cramped him entirely

Harris to Swann, FOUR runs

very nicely done from Swann, was a gentle delivery, full toss, but Swann moved across his stumps and clipped it past the short fine leg for four

Harris to Broad, 1 run

Broad doesn't quite manage one of his handsome off-side drives and instead gets an mistimed single

Those two boundaries, have inspired England to finally take the Batting Powerplay Ryan Harris will bowl

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