5th Test, The Oval, Aug 20 - 23 2009, Australia tour of England and Scotland
332 & 373/9d
(target 546)160 & 348
England won by 197 runs
Player Of The Match
37, 5/37, 29 & 1/71
Player Of The Series
474 runs

So that's it for our live coverage of the Ashes. But now the post-mortems begin. You can start with Andrew Miller's bulletin and make sure to check for all the stories to come out of today's play. What a series it has been. So many moments of individual brilliance, so many twists and turns, and such a close 2-1 result in the end. Now to look forward to the rematch in 2010-11! Next on the agenda is the one-day series. Join us for live coverage over the next month. It's been a great pleasure bringing you this commentary throughout the series, thanks for all the emails and feedback. On behalf of Will Luke, from me, Brydon Coverdale, it's goodbye for now.

And there's the tiny little urn on a pedestal, Strauss collects it, the champagne flies, fireworks, the lot! Scenes of jubilation at The Oval, and it's worth noting that Australia have slipped to fourth on the ICC Test rankings list, England are fifth. There's a lap of honour now, Strauss leads his men around The Oval. Well played.

Andrew Strauss: "This is a special moment for all of us. The players have had to dig pretty deep, it's been a very hard series." "When we were bad, we were very bad, and when we were good we managed to be good enough." "Freddie's been an incredible player for England, a great advert for the game of cricket and it just won't be the same without him."

Ricky Ponting: "We've given our all through the series but unfortunately it hasn't been good enough. Full credit to Andrew Strauss, he's led his side well through the series." "There's been countless opportunities for us throughout the series to put our stamp on the series and we haven't been able to do it."

"With us losing here I might even see if I can make it back here for one more go," Ponting says. Hmm, a hint of jesting there, perhaps, but I can't help feeling a grain of truth in it. Ponting to captain Australia in England in 2013? Who knows!

England's Player of the Series as nominated by Tim Nielsen is Andrew Strauss. Australia's Player of the Series as nominated by Andy Flower is Michael Clarke, marginally ahead of Ben Hilfenhaus. "Probably topped the series off, both Ricky and myself getting run out today, pretty disappointed," Clarke says. He's also congratulated Flintoff on his career. The Compton-Miller Medal now, which goes to the player who has had the biggest impact on the series, goes to Andrew Strauss.

The Man of the Match is Stuart Broad, he was the one who changed the game dramatically in one spell during the first innings. Greatest day of your career? "By far." Broad says: "No-one can replace Fred. He's been a fantastic servant to England cricket and as an up and coming allrounder it's been fantastic to play with him."

Right, the England players are out in the middle now, the presentations can't be far away. Graham Onions, twelfth man, has a bottle of champagne. Talk about running the drinks! There's a gigantic England flag now covering one end of the ground, my word that's a large flag! Here's the presentations, and there's two platters, yes silver platters, of medals on the table in front of a vast array of officials.

The England players mob each other, enormous celebrations as they've regained the Ashes after losing 5-0 in Australia in 2006-07. Andrew Flintoff went straight to Hussey to give him a handshake, then a big hug between Freddie and Harmison. Centurion on debut Trott has collected a stump, Flintoff has one. Here come the Australians to shake hands. Ricky Ponting cuts a forlorn figure with his cut lip as he leads his men out having guided Australia on two unsuccessful Ashes tours, but it's congratulations all round for England, they've won 2-1. Flintoff leads England off with a stump in hand, leads them up the race to healthy applause. There's Kevin Pietersen in the dressing rooms, the whole England squad looks to be there, they've all played a part. The Australians are still standing out on the field, waiting for the presentations.

Swann to Hussey, OUT

England have won the Ashes! Hussey prods to short leg and that's it. It's all over!

Michael Hussey c Cook b Swann 121 (328m 263b 14x4 0x6) SR: 46
Swann to Hussey, no run

shortish and Hussey prods to off

It's Swann to continue

end of over 1025 runs
AUS: 348/9CRR: 3.41 
Ben Hilfenhaus4 (8)
Michael Hussey121 (261)
Steve Harmison 16-5-54-3
Graeme Swann 40-8-120-3

Does Strauss have a sense of theatre? Why not throw the ball to Flintoff, see if he can finish things off.

Harmison to Hilfenhaus, no run

punched to cover again

Harmison to Hilfenhaus, no run

short and wide, left alone

Harmison to Hilfenhaus, FOUR runs

well done Hilfenhaus, just keeps his head and pushes it through the big gap at mid off, gets a boundary for his efforts

Harmison to Hilfenhaus, (no ball)

angled in to Hilfenhaus, he blocks

Harmison to Hilfenhaus, no run

defended again

Plenty of people standing in the crowd, just waiting... waiting!

Harmison to Hilfenhaus, no run

good solid defence from Hilfenhaus, pushed to cover

Harmison to Hilfenhaus, no run

angled in to the pads, would've missed leg

The Australians on their balcony are looking glum. Not much chat up there.

end of over 101Maiden
AUS: 343/9CRR: 3.39 
Michael Hussey121 (261)
Ben Hilfenhaus0 (1)
Graeme Swann 40-8-120-3
Steve Harmison 15-5-49-3
Swann to Hussey, no run

good curve from Swann, Hussey can't beat short leg and Hilfenhaus will have to face Harmison

Swann to Hussey, no run

left alone outside off

Swann to Hussey, no run

pushed away to off

All smiles around the England players now, naturally. Strauss is a very happy looking man.

Swann to Hussey, no run

nudged away to off, Hussey turns down a single

Swann to Hussey, no run

straight-bat defence, Hussey doesn't want to be the one to go, he desperately wants to keep batting

Swann to Hussey, no run

pushes it away towards the off side

Meanwhile, Hussey is still there.

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