1st ODI, Leeds, September 06, 2013, Australia tour of England and Scotland

Match abandoned without a ball bowled

Match centre 
Comms: Andrew McGlashan

1.35pm It's official, folks, the match has been abandoned. Just a quick look from the umpires was all that was needed. Meanwhile, almost at the exact moment Derbyshire have won by two wickets against Somerset. Another huge result in the relegation fight. On that note I'll sign off for today. The weather always looked like it would beat us. The series is now four matches, with the next game set for Old Trafford on Sunday where the forecast is somewhat better. Please do join us for the coverage. For now, though, from Andrew McGlashan it's goodbye.

1.15pm Tim: "What can you tell us about CJ Jordan? I rarely say this about international cricketers but I have honestly never heard of him." He moved from Surrey to Sussex, where his career has been revived and he's enjoyed an excellent season especially in first-class cricket. His selection is another example of red-ball excellence being rewarded with a one-day call (bit like Woakes) so we'll have to see how he goes - although he took 11 wickets at 22 in the YB40. Can bat, too.

Mark Kidger offers some useful insight: "At 18 Chris Jordan was being described as having incredible potential as an all-rounder. His batting hasn't kicked on, but his bowling has come on leaps and bounds this year as Sussex have given him responsibility. He is a real prospect for England in the next 12-18 months, batting 7 or 8."

John: "With Jordan, Overton and Reece Topley (who just got 11-85 in the game against Worcs. and is still only 19, as is Overton) England has some exciting pace bowling prospects. If these lads all kick on, we'll be looking back on the days of Anderson, Broad and Bresnan as the bad old days!"

1.05pm We've had the inspection. The umpires will look again at 1.30pm. And the players are taking lunch. Word from the ground is that it will take more than two hours to get the place ready for action if the rain does stop. That takes us to the cut-off time. Reasons for the extra 20 minutes? I've no idea

Erik Pohl: "The problem with retiring Swann from the shorter forms of the game is that he provides more with the bat than Tredwell. Any one else predict a fast decline in spin bowling stocks after Swann retires in the next few years? Its not going to be the sort of vacuum that Warne left for Aus, but Swann has been so important for England since his pheonix-like rise a few years ago that I really do think England are going to struggle to find another quality spinner after he goes."

It's a big concern for England, highlight, to a degree, by Simon Kerrigan's debut although he should not be written off. Swann's impact for England can't be overstated. Will be a huge hole to fill.

12.55pm A few minutes away from the inspection. Shane Watson and Jonathan Trott walking around the outfield. The umpires still have brollies up.

Kieran : "Swann has been having trouble with his elbow in recent times- perhaps it would be wise for him to retire from the shorter formats and let Tredwell take over?" Yes, there's a very strong argument for that

12.40pm Kevin: "Surely the inspection has been kept at 1 pm, since there must be some hope of play? Else, they would have called it off by now ..." Well, you know how cricket likes its timings.

Nabhay: "You idiots just tell about the match not about swann vs tredwell. For example how is the pitch or are the covers on fools." Haven't seen the pitch, it's been undercover all day. Because it's raining. It's still raining. That's why we are chatting about other things.

12.20pm Fantastic finish at Taunton. Derbyshire eight down, need 28 more.

Rags: "It is the forgotten man of Indian Spin, who is at the centre of the drama at Taunton!"

Morten: "With regards to back-up for Swann, whatever happened to Scott Borthwick, the Durham leg spinner. Had a couple of ODIs and a T20 only 2 years ago. Still only 23 years old and a consistent performer for Durham, who are likely to win the Championship.... again." He's having a super season and has a good chance of a Lions spot this winter.

12.10pm Chris Howard: "Noah Clarke's Test team for that Ark: Two openers (Warner, Rogers), two middle order batsmen (Clarke, Hughes), two all rounders (Watson, Smith), two quicks (Harris,Siddle), two spinners (Lyon, Agar), two wicketkeepers (Haddin, Wade)"

Matthew R Cheek: "All this talk of Swann v Tredwell, I wish the England selectors would admit it: Swann's ODI career is over, they'll never risk him in an ODI now because he's too important in tests, and Tredwell is an excellent replacement. If Swann were to get injured, who could replace him in tests? nobody."

Richard Howes: "Not only do Swann's stats not stack up, he is not prepared to bowl in the powerplay overs. Tredwell offers that and more. It's a no-brainer for me - Tredwell for ODIs, Swann for Tests."

11.55pm The umpires will inspect at 1pm when we may well get a decision about the match.

Mitty: "@will cowling, have you seen tredwell's county season? It's been purely terrible." Yes, his first-class record isn't great but sometimes you need to look beyond the numbers with an experienced player. He wouldn't be an ideal solution, but England's situation with their second spinner is not ideal.

11.50am Will Cowling: "Tredwell v Swann is not the debate. The real debate should have been and should be Tredwell v Kerrigan. The answer is clearly Tredwell." If Panesar doesn't make the Ashes squad, I'd take Tredwell as back-up spinner.

11.40am Arun: "Are you not paid to give an update once in at least 10-15 mins?" Nope, not paid per-update. Otherwise I'd be a millionaire. It's still wet. Very wet.

Flashman: "@John, yes, Coulter-Nile can break 90m/hr, and has done so regularly. Not sure what was up with him in the 2nd T20 as I missed watching it. Don't forget, Broad looked pedestrian at times throughout the 2nd & 3rd Tests, before finding his rhythm at Chester-le-Street and bowling like a demon."

Philip: "Could I put my two neutered pigmy goats on the Ark ?" Feel free, still plenty of space

11.20am Derek: "Tredwell was the silent winner of the ODI against Ireland. He took wickets and was economic, emphasised when compared with the performance of the Irish spinners - Dockrell & Stirling. Swann should be kept on his toes!"

11.00am I believe 3.22pm is the cut-off for a 20-over match to start. Don't hold your breath. This week's Numbers Game, from Rajesh, looks at England's middle order and the impact of Eoin Morgan and Ravi Bopara following their world-record stand against Ireland.

John: "Perhaps someone from Australia can answer this: Was Coulter-Nile bowling at his usual pace in the 2nd T20I? He's listed as right-arm fast, but he never touched 85mph. Johnson and Finn both bowled 91+. Either NCN was holding back or he's nowhere near fast- which is it?"

I wouldn't always trust the speedgun.

Al: "Tredwell picked ahead of Swann on current form? The absence of Broad, Anderson, Cook or Bell doesn't leave us significantly weaker? Has Nick been on the Bostik this morning?"

On the Tredwell v Swann debate, take a look at their respective ODI figures over the last year-18 months. Make for interesting reading. Since January 2012 in ODIs, Tredwell has played 15 matches, taken 28 wickets at 19.46 with an economy of 4.45. Swann has played 15 matches, taken 14 wickets at 42.78 with an economy of 4.76.

10.30am Ark update: 50% complete, the animals are starting to queue up.

A tweet from Tim Bresnan: "Disappointing weather this for the ODI at Headingley always seams to rain when the big games come round. Big shame."

The rain has cleared through Taunton and the match is set for a fascinating finish. Updates on our live blog.

10.20am Golders: "Why is everyone only going on about how few English Ashes players are playing when Australia are exactly the same - I can only see Clarke, Watson and Faulkner from their test team in the squad!"

Perhaps a little different for Australia as their one-day does differ quite a lot from the Test side. Harris, Siddle, Lyon, Rogers were never going to be part of it.

Nick: "On the subject of England's strength, I'm not sure you can argue that England are significantly weaker after resting five players. You could argue that Tredwell would play above Swann on current form, therefore it is only really Carberry, Stokes and Rankin that have not featured regularly in ODIs and perhaps Stokes is a replacement for Bresnan anyway."

10.05am I'll let Rob Wood spark a debate: "Actually a series washout would be poetic justice! With the ECB having duped the paying public into forking out full England team prices to watch the Lions squad, I for one would appreciate a refund on my ticket (£60 for Southampton on the 16th)."

It's clearly a touchy subject, the strength (or otherwise) of this England one-day squad. The risk of injury ahead of the Ashes, plus how the players were after the Test series against not offering a full-strength side to supporters.

Deshan Bodha: "The poor decision to have back-to-back Ashes series have cost the public. I hope that they will consider the impact in future. You can also understand why England want to rest high-profile players." These back-to-back series are meant to be a one-off...although Australia visit here again in 2015.

9.55am James: "I fear this will be like my last visit to Leeds, for the England v West Indies ODI a couple of years back. Abandoned by lunchtime. Let's hope I'm wrong."

Michael Clarke has been off the radar for a week or so since the Ashes finished - he isn't part of the Twenty20 team - and David Hopps ponders what the one-day series holds for Australia's captain.

9.45am Hello everyone and welcome to coverage of what should be the first ODI of this five-match series, the final leg of England's home international season. I say should because it's absolutely tipping down at Headingley, puddles are already forming on the outfield and it looks very bleak. Already talk of a washout. The forecast is grim for the rest of the day. Yesterday it was cracking the flags, which meant a host of Championship came to a finish - you can catch up on all the news here. Also, the Test match between Zimbabwe and Pakistan continues to bubble up nicely.

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Headingley, Leeds
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Series result5-match series level 0-0
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Hours of play (local time) 10.15 start, First Session 10.15-13.45, Interval 13.45-14.30, Second Session 14.30-18.00
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