3rd Test, Cape Town, Mar 19 - 22 2009, Australia tour of South Africa
(121.5 ov)209 & 422
South Africa won by an innings and 20 runs
player of the match
Paul Harris
South Africa

What an innings from Mitch. Whaddaplayaaaa! However, despite that glamorous knock, Harris has handed Australia a rare innings defeat. Last time they folded up by an innings was on March 21st 1998 in Calcutta. Thanks Tobes for doing the commentary from tea. It must have been great fun.

The game was lost on day 1 when Australia folded up for a below-par 209. The pitch remained batting friendly throughout and South Africa bossed around with the bat and the ball till Mitch came on to play an entertaining knock.

Kallis: "It's [captaincy] a tough job but it was made easier by guys giving advice around. The guys played well from the start. It was a fantastic stuff from Harris.

On 3-3 in the six Tests between these two sides: "It's probably a fair reflection on how cricket has gone.

Harris is the Man of the Match : First five-wicket haul from a South African spinner in South Africa in 44 years: "I have played good cricket and enjoyed it really well. It was a good Test wicket' nice to see some turn in the end and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing against these guys [Australia] who I have admired a lot.

Johnson is the Man of the series: "I have enjoyed it. Lot of credit has to go team; our bowling attack stuck together and I fed off it. Thanks to the support stuff. It's a bit disappointing to lose here today. I enjoy my batting and hope there is more hundreds in the future.

on 3-3 in the six Tests:" I think it's a fair reflection".

Ponting: "It has been a fantastic series of cricket as the series in Australia was. We came back and rectified, at least in the first two Tests. Full credit to South Africa for playing as well as they did here. Our batting was not up to it in the first innings. Full credit to both the teams; the standard of cricket was very attractive. There is no doubt that with one-day series and 20-20, both teams will put up a good show. These are two very good cricket sides and will be for no of years to come. As a result of the last two months the rivalry is getting bigger and bigger. I have a fair bit of cricket left in me as i hope the senior South Africans. I have enjoyed the contest. "

This was Steve Bucknor's last Test. That's it from us. On behalf of Kip, our scorer, and Tobian Clayton, who did the text commentary post-tea today and had all the fun with the grand Mitch show, this is Sriram Veera signing off.

Harris to Hilfenhaus, OUT

and its all over. Hilfenhaus looks to repeat the shot to mid wicket and nicks the ball to Prince at slip.

Ben Hilfenhaus c Prince b Harris 12 (23m 16b 2x4 0x6) SR: 75
Harris to Hilfenhaus, no run

forward and defends again

Harris to Hilfenhaus, no run

watchful, forward, defends to leg

Australia only 20 behind now and closing fast

Harris to Hilfenhaus, FOUR runs

down the wicket and pulls to a vacant mid wicket

Harris to Hilfenhaus, no run

well forward and defends pushing the ball to leg side

end of over 12114 runs
AUS: 418/9CRR: 3.45 
Mitchell Johnson123 (103)
Ben Hilfenhaus8 (11)
Dale Steyn27-5-96-3
Paul Harris42-9-123-5
Steyn to Johnson, no run

digs in the bouncer. Johnson hooks but can't connect. Hilfenhaus will have the strike next over

Steyn to Johnson, FOUR runs

Johnson takes the opportunity to hit over the field to long on

Boucher brings the field in to keep Johnson from retaining strike next over

Steyn to Johnson, no run

wide ball and he swings and misses at it

Steyn to Johnson, 2 runs

short and pulls again, this time not getting hold of it put there are still runs in it behind square

Steyn to Johnson, SIX runs

out comes the favourite pull shot and he pulls it high over mid wicket for another six

Steyn to Johnson, 2 runs

slashes on off side