3rd Test, Cape Town, Mar 1 - 5 2014, Australia tour of South Africa
494/7d & 303/5d
(134.3 ov, target 511)287 & 265
Australia won by 245 runs
player of the match
David Warner

"So, to win that game, a man with a busted knee comes in to bowl his 25th over, and hits the off stump twice in 3 balls with 140kph yorkers. You really can't argue with that." No, James, you can't. It is great to see Australia back where we have all been used to seeing them. Bloody-minded, tough cricketers who leave it all out on the field. A lot of skill involved too. This pitch didn't have anything for the bowlers on the last day, and they manufactured six wickets with six terrific deliveries. This was just great Test-match cricket. And South Africa have finally been conquered. For the first time in five years. It needed a man on knees that need surgery to bowl two sensational deliveries in the end. That's how difficult it has been to beat South Africa. And we all knew there was only one team that could do it. It had gone missing for a while. We were just waiting for that team to come back and do it. Welcome back, Australia. Thank you, Graeme Smith. Nobody questions the absence of the cover-drive now. Test cricket, you beauty

Time for presentation now

"The courage the guys showed was immense," says Graeme Smith, who is cheered off generously. "We have been outplayed in this Test throughout so it was important to show the fight today. I am really proud of that, but it is important to congratulate Michael Clarke and his team. We have had great battles over the past years, and this one will go down too. Obviously it has been pretty emotional few days. Pretty much on my mind at the start of the series, but for some reason kept putting it off. With my daughter in and out of the hospital… Ever since I moved here as an 18-year-old, Newlands has been my home so this was the perfect place to do it. Since the time I started everybody commented on my style of batting saying I won't make it so to end with these runs is a proud achievement. From a leadership perspective, having been part of so many wonderful results is amazing. When you get the job at 22, a lot of growth needs to happen. It took me a few years to figure out what was needed. This is the first series we have lost in almost eight years. We can be hugely proud of it. We have found ways to win. At home, away from home. Lastly I want to thank the fan. To all the people who have approached me on the streets, to all that have bought tickets, to all that have stayed up late to support us, I am really thankful."

"A massive achievement," says David Warner, the Man of the Match and the Series. "Bit nervous towards the end. Still remembered Adelaide. Phenomenal. Probably got my head screwed on for once. The time that di Venuto has put in has been great. Not everyday you get two guys bowling at 150ks at you. Always a challenge. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Massive. Proud of the guys."

"What a series," says Michael Clarke. "Frstly, I want to think Graeme Smith and his team. The world will be a sad place for him retiring. It has been tough away from home for us for a long time. The way the boys have played is tremendous. The series in India and England were not good. To turn it around is great. All the support staff has been great too. I don't like Morne one nit. Him and Dale keep aiming for my head, and they don't miss too often. Playing South Africa, and in South Africa, has been the greatest challenge. Great to have won here. Mitch and Ryan Harris have been exceptional. Patto comes in and takes wicket. Nathan Lyon. Watto. We will enjoy the series now. I didn't enjoy today a lot. A long day. It was getting really close. There is still a lot of work to do to get where South Africa is."

6pm What a great finish this has been. I love how Ryan Harris put it. He was out there in the middle. These words should stay with everyone who underestimates a Test win. "That out there was proper Test-match cricket. That was bloody hard." Just how Test cricket should have been. Australia didn;t want to come back with regrets. They left everything on that pitch

Alan Gaskon: "I'm as gutted as can be, but it's so nice to see the players respect and forgive one another. Especially steyn/clarke! "

5.50pm "That's unbelievable," says Ryan Harris. "Philander batted very very well, but we bowled really really well. I knew the ball was reversing. Got one through Dale, which had been very very difficult. The first two Tests were disappointing for me personally, I should have been bowling like this. My body is done. Mine is ready for a cleanout. That out there was proper Test-match cricket. That was bloody hard."

"We didn't have thoughts of the draw in our head," says Mitchell Johnson. "It was terrific how Rayno bowled today. All of us did our part out there. They did a great job batting. They were in for the long haul. Not much time left. So great. They stuck it out. We stuck it out."

It's 10 to six. What an end to the match. Don't go by the margin in runs. Australia have won this by 27 balls. They have had to grind for every wicket today. South Africa didn't gift them a single stick today. It was good-old fashioned struggle for a win. South Africa did their best to give their captain a farewell gift, but Australia were just too good. There were some really heated-up scenes in the last session, but now both the sides are congratulating each other. Forget childish sledges and howling dogs, there is also great respect for each other in these two sides. Clarke has the longest chat with Graeme Smith and with Dale Steyn

Harris to Morkel, OUT

Bad knees. No matter. Harris does it one last time. Australia celebrate. This is sensational bowling. Now he can get the surgery in peace. What an absolute beaut Harris is. Bowls this full and fast, beats the inside edge with the angle, and bursts through the gate. The off stumps is rattled. So is Morkel. So is Philander. What a great last ball. That reverse through the gate late. Hit the middle of off

Morne Morkel b Harris 0 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Lehmann coaching from sidelines. Suggested him to go round the stumps

Harris to Morkel, no run

pushes this down leg. One down. 28 to go

Morne Morkel walks out to his song playing in the stands. There are 29 balls to survive. Harris goes round the wicket

Harris to Steyn, OUT

Oh Ryan Harris you beauty. With knees that need surgery. He produces a yorker. The Aussie spirit lives on. Another injured man walks off. Steyn has played 44 balls. Harris gets an outswing yorker, this is just outside off, Steyn looks to dig it out, gets an inside edge. Off bail of off. That terrible sound for Steyn. How terrific for Harris. The bail almost didn't come off. Not for the first time has a bowling change produced a wicket first ball

Dale Steyn b Harris 1 (75m 44b 0x4 0x6) SR: 2.27

"That was a "we've got 2 reviews left" review!" Wouldn't he hate it, James, if he runs out of them and there is a dodgy call in the final over?

end of over 134Maiden
SA: 265/8CRR: 1.97 
Vernon Philander51 (105)
Dale Steyn1 (43)
Mitchell Johnson 34-11-92-3
Shane Watson 9-6-6-0
Johnson to Philander, no run

wide on the crease, gets it to hold its line against the angle, but it is not close enough to make him play

Johnson to Philander, no run

wide length ball, holds its line, left alone again. Another huge cheer

Eight men hoping for a catch

Johnson to Philander, no run

huge huge lbw shout as Johnson slings one past the inside edge. This is surely going down leg, but Clarke has reviewed this. The angle is too big for it to hit the pad within the line and then go on to hit the stumps too. Missing leg by a mile. A review wasted. Precious seconds that could get them an extra over too?

Johnson to Philander, no run

a bouncer that stays low, angling in, and he ducks under it. Gets really really down. Moves to square leg. Adjusts his helmet. Comes back to face

Johnson into his 34th over

Johnson to Philander, no run

short of a length, outside off, another cheer in the crowd as he keeps this out

Johnson to Philander, no run

bouncer, a ripping bouncer. Just outside off. Philander jumps with it, and then sways out of its line. Great bowling, great batting. What a 100th ball

Twenty minutes or 36 balls to go

end of over 133Maiden
SA: 265/8CRR: 1.99 
Dale Steyn1 (43)
Vernon Philander51 (99)
Shane Watson 9-6-6-0
Mitchell Johnson 33-10-92-3
Watson to Steyn, no run

swinging in towards the pad. That is the lbw/catch at short midwicket ball. Steyn has kept this one out too

Watson to Steyn, no run

that's a wide length ball, and has been let enough. Haddin fails to collect it. Doesn't matter. It is another dot

Morne Morkel sipping on a bottle of cold water. Haddin comes up to the stumps

Watson to Steyn, no run

wide length ball, Steyn steps forward and leaves again

TT: "Just got to the ground after work. Tension in the crowd is unbelievable. Some people outside the stand too afraid to watch."

Watson to Steyn, no run

solid front-foot defensive from Steyn. Another cheer. Under 40 balls now

Watson to Steyn, no run

left alone

Tim: "Just as well the floodlights are a precaution, if the umpires turned to Clarke and said 'spinners only' I think he'd actually detonate."

Watson to Steyn, no run

bouncer, from just outside off, Steyn ducks under it