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Australia(W) vs England (W), Only Test at Nottingham, Jun 22 2023, Australia Women tour of England

Only Test, Nottingham, June 22 - 26, 2023, Australia Women tour of England
473 & 257
(T:268) 463 & 178

Australia(W) won by 89 runs

Player Of The Match
40, 4/99 & 8/66
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Scores: @Thilak_Rama | Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
Australia Women 473/10(124.2 overs)
5/129 (46.2)
99 (153)
2/99 (22)
England Women 463/10(121.2 overs)
208 (331)
4/99 (25.2)
Australia Women 257/10(78.5 overs)
85 (168)
5/63 (30.5)
50 (62)
2/73 (17)
England Women 178/10(49 overs)
54 (88)
28 (40)
1/28 (14)
end of over 492 runs • 2 wickets
ENG-W: 178/10CRR: 3.63 
Lauren Bell1 (1b)
Ashleigh Gardner 20-1-66-8
Tahlia McGrath 14-2-28-1

1.05pm: Five-day Test cricket, don't it make ya feel good? The WAshes have tilted Australia's way after a proper tear-up at Trent Bridge, but there are still plenty of points to play for. Stick around for Valkerie Baynes' report, and more reaction from the ground. There's another MAshes Test starting in two days' time, before the women tango again at Edgbaston in the first T20I on Saturday - and you know we'll be back for that. For now, from myself, Sudarshanan, Srinidhi and Thilak, thanks for keeping us company over five (count 'em) enthralling days. Bye!

12.48pm: Just getting ready for the presentations... Lydia Greenway is overseeing proceedings, with Ashleigh Gardner named Player of the Match for her match figures of 12 for 165: "I wouldn't have dreamt of it, but I guess it shows having five days to get a result is super important. There was a bit of luck involved with the conditions, but as a bowling unit we bowled in partnerships and I was the lucky one to come away with wickets. We said to keep the stumps in play, the English bowlers showed that, keep all modes of dismissal in. Some kept low, some turned. Most of mine didn't turn so that was a challenge. Awesome to be able to put a performance in. I bowl a bit quicker naturally, so I can go up and down, important to use the facilities, whether slower or quicker, and try to keep the stumps in play. [Healy keeping] She was fantastic. Shows how pivotal that can be, not only to spin but standing up to the stumps. Knowing you've got a keeper you can trust is super important. [4-0 up, no complacency] Absolutely not, still six matches to go and a lot can happen. Need to celebrate because it's super special, so we'll celebrate this and then turn our attention to the T20s."

England captain Heather Knight: "First of all, what a game. I've been vocal about having five days and this game showed why. Credit to Australia but our girls went toe to toe with them and that was really impressive. Some special performances from Tammy [Beaumont], Sophie [Ecclestone]. Couple of sessions we didn't do as well as we could have, but what a match. In the balance, the way Tammy batted, key partnerships through the middle was outstanding. The way we came back yesterday after a tough final session on day three was unbelievable. We set out to play some entertaining cricket and get the crowd on our side and I think we did that this week. We could have bowled better [on third day], next day we kept it simple. Credit to Australia, they came out hard at us. [Ecclestone] Captain's dream, so consistent to hold up an end and be a threat. Hardly bowled a loose ball all Test. She's tired but has done a brilliant job. To get two five-fors was really special. [Filer] We picked her to have an impact and she did that. She was a massive crowd favourite. My favourite moment of the match was her spell before lunch yesterday, got us back into the match. Pace does funny things. [Turn series around?] We'll reflect on the five days, we've done some amazing stuff, won't be too down. Couple of days off then regroup in Birmingham, T20 is one of our strongest formats. [Sciver-Brunt] Hopefully she'll be all right but I haven't had an update."

Australia captain Alyssa Healy: "Very happy, how good is it to have a result, and pleased to be on the right end. It takes the pressure off the captains and teams to try and manipulate it. Even if it's the potential for a reserve day, if there is rain, it's a great idea. Got my thinking cap on at the toss, we had no doubts in batting. Knew it would be tricky against new ball and the try to bat long. They got pretty close in the end, but we were pleased with those runs on the board. Full credit to Tammy, we probably weren't tight enough at times. When we got it right we were able to take wickets and build pressure. The wicket was good for two and a half days and then started to play a few tricks. [Fifty in second innings] Firm believer you need a bit of luck, maybe it went my way there. Had to slide down the order because I couldn't grip the bat in the morning. Hang in there and take the runs on offer. Having 250 on the board to bowl to, we were okay with, but we wanted as many as we could. [Rotating attack] When you've got eight bowling options, trying to use them at the right time... but I though Ash Gardner and Tahlia McGrath were outstanding. [Captaincy] Stressful, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and really honoured to do it in a Test. [Finger injuries] All good, we'll manage them over the next few days and reassess."

12.32pm: Ashleigh does it, and it's advantage Australia in this multi-format Ashes. Gardner claims all five wickets to fall on this fifth and final day, making it 12 in the match - both sets of figures are Australia records. Danni Wyatt played a valiant hand but there was too much to do after England's collapse of 4 for 18 on the fourth evening. It was a Test that went to and fro, but Australia gritted their teeth and got the job done, sealing a first Test win since the 2015 series - and that means they go 4-0 up in the points-based series, with 12 still to play for over the course of six white-ball internationals

"That's only the second eight-for in Women's test history." Yep, absolutely spot on, Kieran

"Second best innings AND match figures in WTest history for Gardner!" cheers Matthew. "What a performance."

"Few options for player of the match," opines Dave, "Gardner with a 12-wicket haul, Sutherland for her first innings, Beaumont for her double hundred. Wonder who it'll be..."

Rajesh Subraman: "I hope you print this :)Someone was telling me that the Men's Aus v Eng is called the Ashes because of the historic reason.. why is the Women's cricket called that... I replied that with Ash Gardener taking so many wickets (or Ashes), it is aptly named!!"

Gardner to Wyatt, OUT

hit on the pad sweeping, gone! Redfern raises her finger again and although Wyatt asks for the DRS, the end is nigh for England. The ball scuttled through and hit the front knee as Wyatt attempted to access the leg side, and Hawk-Eye says it would have toppled middle and leg. All over at Trent Bridge, Australia have won by 89 runs! Gardner's 8 for 66 are the second-best innings figures in women's Tests

Danni Wyatt lbw b Gardner 54 (88b 5x4 0x6 134m) SR: 61.36

Field up to Wyatt now

Gardner to Bell, 1 run

fizzed down on the stumps, Bell props forward and gets a thick, low edge wide of slip for one

Out strides Lauren Bell, England's last line of defence

Gardner to Filer, OUT

bowled 'er! Gardner uproots another, her seventh of the innings. Filer defends on the back foot but plays fatefully inside the line and the ball just gives off stump a nudge on its way through. Australia one away

Lauren Filer b Gardner 0 (9b 0x4 0x6 7m) SR: 0
Gardner to Filer, no run

over the wicket, pushed through outside off and left alone

Gardner to Wyatt, 1 run

tossed up, Wyatt sweeps and gets a big top edge... but it comfortably clears Healy, and they again take the single

Gardner to Wyatt, no run

fired down wide of off stump, Wyatt cuts and misses

Field spread for Wyatt now, as Australia seek to winkle out the last two

end of over 481 run
ENG-W: 176/8CRR: 3.66 
Lauren Filer0 (7b)
Danni Wyatt53 (85b 5x4)
Tahlia McGrath 14-2-28-1
Ashleigh Gardner 19-1-64-6
McGrath to Filer, no run

hits a length and this rears up nastily as Filer defends from back in the crease, she takes a blow on the bottom hand

"If Gardner was looking at Lyon for tips prior to this Test, I reckon Gaz has a keen eye on this effort right now," muses Ryan

McGrath to Filer, no run

length ball in the channel, chopped towards cover as she backs away to make room

McGrath to Filer, no run

ooh, big inswinger, 60mph/97kph and Filer has to have her wits about her to keep this out. Good, solid block in the end

McGrath to Filer, no run

loopy full toss wide of off, Healy takes it low down as Filer prods and misses

McGrath to Wyatt, 1 run

full and leathered into the covers, well stopped by the diving Jonassen. They take the single, bringing Filer back on strike

McGrath to Wyatt, no run

good length outside off, punched towards mid-off

Now then. Does Wyatt attempt to counter, a la Ben Stokes at Headingley?

end of over 471 run • 1 wicket
ENG-W: 175/8CRR: 3.72 
Lauren Filer0 (3b)
Danni Wyatt52 (83b 5x4)
Ashleigh Gardner 19-1-64-6
Tahlia McGrath 13-2-27-1
Gardner to Filer, no run

flatter and skidding on, Filer jabs the bat down

"10fer for Gardner also right? What a test match this is. So glad it's a 5-dayer." Yes, spot on, James. Gardner the hero (as I like to say at least once a week around my house)

Gardner to Filer, no run

flighted, straightening on middle and off, blocked again

Gardner to Filer, no run

stays round the wicket, floated up around off stump. Filer leans out and blocks diligently

In walks Lauren Filer. Two debutants at the crease for England, who are still 93 from victory

Gardner to Ecclestone, OUT

Ecclestone plays back, hit on the pads... given! There's a review but this looked pretty adjacent, as the ball straightened on middle stump. No bat involved as she flicked across the line, on to ball-tracking, and it's hitting the top of middle! Sue Redfern's decision is upheld and Gardner has another. Australia two away from taking this Test

Sophie Ecclestone lbw b Gardner 10 (33b 2x4 0x6 35m) SR: 30.3
Gardner to Ecclestone, no run

tossed up straighter, 50mph/80kph and flicked with the turn. Midwicket misfields but they won't try to run

Gardner to Wyatt, 1 run

round the wicket now, looped up and dabbed into the covers with an open face

"Hope that A Gardner does not take any more wickets during A Gardner's commentary stint," gurgles Swarnanka. Look, I won't be held responsible either way, goddit

end of over 461 run
ENG-W: 174/7CRR: 3.78 
Sophie Ecclestone10 (31b 2x4)
Danni Wyatt51 (82b 5x4)
Tahlia McGrath 13-2-27-1
Ashleigh Gardner 18-1-63-5

Here's Hypocaust with some stats-u-like: "Danni Wyatt is the first English woman to bring up a 4th innings half-century on Test debut since Lesley Cooke against India at Wetherby in 1986."

McGrath to Ecclestone, no run

stays low wide of off, jabbed away

McGrath to Ecclestone, no run

pitched up on the toes, Ecclestone works it towards midwicket

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
TT Beaumont
208 runs (331)
27 fours0 six
Productive shot
39 runs
4 fours0 six
A Sutherland
137 runs (184)
16 fours1 six
Productive shot
42 runs
4 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
A Gardner
S Ecclestone
Match details
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
TossAustralia Women, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Match numberWTest no. 145
Match days22,23,24,25,26 June 2023 - day (5-day match)
WTest debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsAustralia Women 4, England Women 0
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