Final (N), Dhaka, Sep 24 2019, Bangladesh Twenty20 Tri-Series
Match abandoned without a ball bowled
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• The Report by Mohammad Isam

Trophy shared as rain washes out final in Dhaka

Persistent rain meant even the toss couldn't take place as Bangladesh and Afghanistan were declared joint winners in the T20 tri-series

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Scorer: M Venkat Raghav
Commentator: @saurabh_42

9.40 pm: And with that we're officially done with this tri-series, and it's goodnight from Saurabh, as well as Liam, Isam and Raghav.

Shakib Al Hasan: Disappointing for the crowd, they came with a high expectation to watch a very good game of cricket. But unfortunately, we can't control rain. It was an important match for us, we played some decent cricket leading up to the final. I think both teams ended up disappointed not to play the match. Some of the youngsters performed really well. (On CPL) It's going to be a nice experience for me getting some games in before the India series. We know how important that tour will be for us.

Rahmanullah Gurbaz is the Man of the Series: Happy to get Man of the Series. It's a big series for me, I'm feeling proud. Thanks to the coaches and captain who supported me and the fans who prayed for me back home. My first time playing in front of such a crowd. It motivated me a lot to perform.

Rashid Khan: The crowd we had was amazing. We would have definitely liked to have had a game and have a result. But we can't do anything about the weather. It was an incredible performance by the guys, so quite unlucky (to not have a result). Definitely I was going to play (despite his hamstring problem). Thanks to the physio, he has done a good job in the last three days. I was totally ready for this game. (On the tour) From the Test match, the way we delivered and the way the youngsters performed was amazing. The main target was to perform well in the longer version. Then the way we did in the first two games in the T20Is was also amazing. It was very pleasing to see.

9.30 pm: We're not done yet, we're having a delayed presentation ceremony.

Well that was a damp end to what had been a well-contested series. We'll be back with more cricket from all over the world, till then this is Saurabh signing off, on behalf of Liam, Isam and Raghav.

9.05 pm: And officially called off now. So the trophy will be shared.

Tanim Bin Hai: "Well both teams gonna share the trophy Both team deserveit "

Hassan khan: "If the match is dusted by rain today , why not to play the same match tomorrow, won't be there any chances of postponing till tomorrow !!!" - no reserve day for this game, unfortunately.

Tanzila: "I have exam tomorrow but I've been sitting in front of the tv to watch the match.Sadly,neither the match is happening nor did my studies.." - open your books now Tanzila.

9.00 pm: Isam has news, but it's not the good kind if you were hoping for a match. Handshakes all around he says. So it looks like the players also think chances of play are done and dusted?

Nahzat Khan: "The benefit of rain goes to Isam only - as he became more famous." - Nahzat, Isam is more famous than the rain.

8.42 pm: More from Isam: "Five-six Bangladeshi players are out playing a bit of football. Rain hasn't stopped. Umpires are also walking around.

K. Ahmadi: "Here is an idea, If it rains all day during the match then the players should start a football match and who ever that wins can win the game! " - that or count the number of boundaries of course

Khalid : "Perhaps no one would mind of they give Zim also a slice of the traphy in case of no play today " - considering the challenges Zimbabwe's players have had to face with their board suspended, I certainly wouldn't mind!

Its Sohel : "So, I am lucky that i enjoyed the last match live from Chittagong stadium, though rain is beating cricket tonight, Afg nd Bd both won the heart of fans"

Here's what you can do when it's raining:

CookieMonster has an excellent idea: "Petition to make cricket pitches water proof "

RijvyBD: "I am almost 4000km away from the stadium and we also have a clear sky here in Seoul... Ha ha. Tomorrow I have office and it's already midnight here. I don't want to be late at office tomorrow. How long should I wait?" - Cricket > sleep of course Rijvy. Though right now rain is beating cricket. But unless you hang around, you won't know if there's a sparkling comeback in the works...

8.24 pm: Plenty of people sending in weather updates from around the stadium, but at the ground itself, Isam says he can "still see the rain falling."

Niccolas Miller: "How heavy is the rain there? I'm over in Mohammedpur and its just a steady drizzle."

himaloy75: "I live near the stadium, it's been drizzling since more than an hour. Weather doesn't looking good out there. "

Tonmoy: "10 km away from the stadium in Mohakhali, we have clear sky :)"

Thanks Liam, all set for action rain.

8.18pm As an anxious weather watch continues, I'm going to hand back to Saurabh Somani for a spell.

Imad: "@Liam, you should always be commentating, just an awesome person :p Published both of my comments today. You got great taste btw. This is my 3rd :D" -- Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE.

8.00pm Just a reminder that 9.46pm is the cut-off time to get a game in. In that case toss has to take place no later than 9.30pm. The ground has to be prepared and ready by then. However, the match referee can apparently delay that start time by a maximum on 10 minutes, so the very latest we might see play starting is 9.56pm - and this is for a 5-over a side match.

"The next 45 minutes is going to be crucial," reckons Isam. "If rain doesn't stop, groundsman will not have enough time to get the ground in shape for a 9.30pm toss."

Rumman: "The drainage system and ground personnel of the Mirpur are really great. There are quite a few occasions where match has occurred in much more heavier rain than this."

Rofi: "Anyone tell me is there a reserve day? " -- Nope.

Imad: "@Shaqil not when most athletic Afghan is injured :("

Abid: "They can play cricket in Mirpur indoor stadium, which is beside of Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium. I don't see any chance of play today."

7.50pm Well, the good news is that the Shere Bangla National Stadium p.a. system is in good working order, and they have put on some music to keep the crowd somewhat entertained. Meanwhile, some of the Afghanistan players are taking a walk around the ground.

Anwarul Kabir: "We have played cricket just last weekend in heavier rain than this in Kansas. Surely they can do the same..." -- We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

essam rafiq: "A Swimming competition will be a good idea"

Qudrat Halim: "To lose some overs is better then losing the whole game "

Imad: "@Liam, wat do you means Shakib just signed CPL contract? Do you mean during rain break? If not then why this news came out late?" -- Well, one has got to keep busy during rain delays! ;)

7.30pm "Despite the rain getting heavier, there seem to be more people coming into the ground," says Isam. "I think everyone remembers how, as @Miraj said just now, the 2016 Asia Cup final was played despite a lot more rain in the evening."

We are now losing overs, by the way, so whatever happens from here, the match will be reduced in length.

Shaqil: "@Liam, fan doesn't care if their fav superstar is going to feature soon, the anticipation of watching the star consumes him. As the moment comes closer, he prepares himself, his body, for all possibilities, and even a failure is better than the option of alternatively watching his fav another day." -- Are we still talking about cricket here, or ... something else?

Md. Mojibur : "Let's play a Football match between Bangladesh VS Afghanistan. " -- Perish the thought!

Vinod Rajpal: "Hey Liam....Switching tab to Ankur for India vs South Africa Women's T20 match !!" -- It's all about the tab game, sports fans. I, personally, never have fewer than 15 open.

CookieMonster: "If only there was a way for the people in charge of the match schedules to check the propability of rain in a particular day before scheduling a match on it. "

7.06pm We've not yet heard about a possible start time, but Shakib Al Hasan will be in T20 action soon - one way or another. He has just signed with Barbados Tridents in the CPL.

hardik: "I would prefer the team that has taken the most singles to win the title. Lets see whether you get support for that." -- Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Miraj: "A few years back, when I visited Dhaka, I was in the same venue to watch Ban vs Ind match. In the middle it was steadily raining heavily for two hours, then I left the stadium and caught in the flash flood outside. Later the match was played and I had to follow it online, thanks to Cricinfo. This ground has excellent drainage facility."

Samin: "Reporting from the stadium. No sign of rain slowing down, outfield looks....wet. Considering leaving the stadium. Espncricinfo folks, help me decide!" -- Stay there as long as I stay here. We can do this, together.

Muhandiram Weer: "Remember the WC2019 final. Therefore, team who has hit most number of boundaries should get the trophy, if there is no play today. " -- There's actually quite a bit of support for this sort of decider among the commentary feedback tonight.

An epic tale in three comments (with a cliffhanger ending!):

Noble: "There is a very little chance of a game tonight. I am in front of Mirpur stadium and can't see anything positive sign in sky. Confused about entering into the ground"

Noble: "There is no point to stand in the rain to stop. im going back home"

Noble: "Rain stopped now! Going back to stadium gate now"

6.45pm News, folks, and it ain't good. The rain just got heavier.

Habibul Zawad: ""-- So ... you're saying there's a chance?" Anyone else read it in Jim Carrey's voice?" -- I hope so, that's the voice I wrote it in.

Celine, Kuwait: "Mushy probably wants to "feel it in (his) fingers, and in (his) toes" and sing "Love is all around me and so the feeling grows" - Wet Wet Wet. Apt song, Liam? " -- Yep, and now it's stuck in my head. Thanks for that.

Jabed: "What if no play today? Any reserved day for the final? Or champion will be decided on basis of NRR or number of wins or H2H? " -- The trophy will be shared if there's no play tonight.

Vinod Rajpal: "Hi Liam....Good Eve :I think Rain Gods believe that this Trophy should be shared as far as we had seen competitive matches in the series !! what say ?" -- Looks that way. But the night is young!

6.35pm Hello everyone, Liam here. Unfortunately I've got nothing positive to tell you about the weather, but there is a ripple of excitement in the ground as Mushfiqur Rahim walks out of the indoor practice area, and on to the field, Mohammad Isam informs me.

Mishkat: "Weather forecast predicts no rain from 7 pm local time. There should be some cricket tonight." -- So ... you're saying there's a chance?

6.27 pm: Isam tells me that the overs will start being reduced from 7.30 pm onwards, local time. That's about an hour away. Some more rain-time reading - how ready are Afghanistan to handle the pressure of big games? And while you do that, I'll hand it over to Liam.

6.24 pm: There's a lot of crowd still streaming into the Sher-e-Bangla, which is a testament to the passion for cricket in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the rain is still beating down steadily on the stadium. The question is, will the rain stop in time to allow some play?

6.18 pm: Here's some rain-time reading for you. New Bangladesh coach Russell Domingo is setting the bar fairly high for his team. And he's looking for 'the perfect game'.

Md. Anisur Rahm: "Looking at the sky, there is very little hope of play today."

5.58 pm: Uh-oh, Isam is the bearer of bad news now. It's raining again.The cut-off time is 9.40 pm , which is still a fair way off.

Abhijato: "Shorter the game is, the lesser Afghanistan will be hesitant to risk Rashid for glory ..." - might be something in that. If we have a 10-over game, there is less risk of Rashid aggravating his injury... He'll have to field in 'safe' positions of course, which don't require running across the outfield and potentially hurting himself more.

Mustafa: "Suppose the match doesn't starts ..will the trophy be shared or it will be handed over to shakib/Bangladesh because they have won one more match than Afghanistan..." - if it's a washout or no-result, the trophy will be shared. There is no reserve day.

5.46 pm: Isam tells me the rain has stopped. The toss though, is delayed.

Vinod Rajpal: "Good Day Mr.Saurabh ;Lots of action in Six matches,Hope to see these two favourites dish out another masterclass !!" - good to you Vinod.

Md Al Amin: "May be we are going to see a reduced over final clash. In that case Afghanistan will be favouritebut as a bangleshi fan we want to see one tri nation title to the host nation"

Meanwhile, in breaking news from around the cricket world Jasprit Bumrah has just been ruled out of India's upcoming Test series against South Africa.

5.40 pm: The clouds are not only over the stadium, they're hanging over Rashid Khan's fitness too. Will his hamstring be right for this game? We'll know as soon as the rain stops and the toss happens, but till then, Isam's preview has you covered.

Sumoy: "Hello guys, whats the condition of the ground? Is it raining? (If yes, I can stay at office more!)" - Sumoy and all the others asking about rain, Isam's detailed update has you covered.

Isam has some bad news for us first up, unfortunately: It's raining at the ground, and conditions look bleak for now, but there is hope. Here's his update: "There's rain at the Shere Bangla National Stadium and some brave folks have not only been allowed into the stands, but there are thousands waiting outside too. Some are looking for tickets. But the bad news is that the rain is steady, which means it usually takes a bit of time to stop. Drainage at this ground is pretty good, so once the rain stops, the groundstaff usually need 45 minutes to an hour to get things right. Also bear in mind, there's no reserve day, which is a shame given that neither team have any hurry to leave town. Still, we can hope. The cut-off time is generous enough."

5.30 pm: Hello and welcome to our live coverage for the final of this T20I tri-series. Bangladesh and Afghanistan will be vying for the trophy. I am Saurabh Somani and will be joined by Liam Brickhill, and we have Mohammad Isam at the venue.

Liton Das Wicketkeeper batsman
Mahmudullah Allrounder
Mosaddek Hossain Middle-order batsman
Mushfiqur Rahim Wicketkeeper batsman
Shakib Al Hasan (c)Allrounder
Najmul Hossain Shanto Middle-order batsman
Shafiul Islam Bowler
Mohammad Saifuddin Bowling allrounder
Rubel Hossain Bowler
Mustafizur Rahman Bowler
Sabbir Rahman Middle-order batsman
Aminul Islam Allrounder
Taijul Islam Bowler
Afif Hossain Allrounder
Match details
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka
Tossno toss
SeriesBangladesh Twenty20 Tri-SeriesAfghanistan tour of Bangladesh
Series result2019 Bangladesh Twenty20 Tri-Series shared
Match numberT20I no. 000893a
Match days24 September 2019 - night match (20-over match)
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Masudur Rahman
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TV Umpire
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Gazi Sohel
Reserve Umpire
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Tanvir Ahmed
Match Referee
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Graeme Labrooy