2nd Test, Pallekele, April 29 - May 03, 2021, Bangladesh tour of Sri Lanka
493/7d & 194/9d
(T:437) 251 & 227

Sri Lanka won by 209 runs

Player Of The Match
6/92 & 5/86
Player Of The Series
428 runs
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end of over 71Wicket maiden
BAN: 227/10CRR: 3.19 
Shoriful Islam0 (2b)
Praveen Jayawickrama 32-10-86-5
Ramesh Mendis 28-2-103-4

11.25am So Sri Lanka are deserving winners of this Test series, even if their margin of victory here, 209 runs, had quite a lot to do with their luck at the toss. Even so, they did everything right, and in Praveen Jayawickrama seem to have found a genuine talent to invest in for the future. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. We certainly had a lot of fun bringing it to you. Goodbye.

VS: "The biggest difference between strong teams and weak teams is: Strong teams don't complain about the toss!!" -- Mominul had a point, but yeah, it was bad optics to emphasise it so much at the presentation ceremony.

Dimuth Karunaratne, who's also the player of the series: "I was short of runs before this series, and I had to put my hand up here. I did well here, and so did all the other batters. After the West Indies tour, I spoke to the coach, and he said you have to respect the bowling for the first few overs, and that was the secret behind my form here. They batted really well in the first Test, but we had faith that if we put a good score on the board, I felt our youngsters were going to do well. Everything went well, winning the toss, batting first, the spinners bowled really well. Praveen was fantastic and Ramesh too, but I think they need to play Test matches regularly, build confidence, and if they do that, they will fill the shoes of Dilruwan and Rangana for sure."

Mominul Haque: "I think most important thing in this Test match was the toss, in my view. First two days there wasn't anything for the bowlers. Almost 50% the Test match was decided by the toss. Conditions are similar to Bangladesh, other than the humidity, with which we were struggling a bit. When you play international cricket, there will be pressure, and you have to embrace it. We lost this Test in the first innings when we were bowled out for 250. We should have batted better then."

Praveen Jayawickrama, predictably, is the Player of the Match. "There was a bit of pressure ahead of the debut," he says [translated by Roshan Abeysinghe], "but the captain and senior players really helped me."

Ahmad: "Frustrated that Shakib didn't come to play here. More frustrated that he's just benching at the IPL."

Menash: "Since 1980 only the 4th bowler to take 10 wicket haul on debut, first Sri Lankan to do so and since 2008 the only bowler to do so on debut!! Congrats jayawickrama!"

Matthew: "10 on debut...not a bad effort from the fourth choice bowler! He will remember this day forever. "

Aveir : "At least we beat them in the second innings *goes to cry in the corner*"

Vivaan : "This was bound to happen, after Litom's dismissal, it was all about delaying the inevitable, they did well to survive 20 overs after his dismissal."

11.07am It's taken Sri Lanka just over an hour on day five to wrap up this Test match. Praveen Jayawickrama, so good right through this Test match, ends an utterly fairytale debut with 11 wickets. He becomes the 16th bowler to take 10 on Test debut.

P Jayawickrama to Abu Jayed, OUT

and that is that, five-fors in both innings. You almost expected this, looking at the way Jayed defended the previous ball. Again Jayawickrama follows up a sharply spinning ball with one that goes with the arm. Undercutter, released with a lower arm, and quicker. Jayed is trapped on the crease, pulling his front pad away from the line and slicing his bat down desperately. Misses the inside edge and hits the back pad, plumb in front. The review was a mere formality

Abu Jayed lbw b Jayawickrama 0 (3b 0x4 0x6 3m) SR: 0
P Jayawickrama to Abu Jayed, no run

quicker, straightening towards off stump, keeps his front pad out of the way and blocks into the off side

P Jayawickrama to Abu Jayed, no run

length ball spinning away outside off, presses forward to defend and is beaten by sharp turn

Here's the No. 11, Abu Jayed.

P Jayawickrama to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, OUT

ten in the match on debut, and Mehidy falls to a brilliant bit of anticipation at short leg. Tossed up slow just outside off, and as soon as Mehidy shapes to lap-sweep, Nissanka begins moving to his right at short leg. The fielder at slip - Thirimanne, I think - was also on the move, towards leg slip. The ball ends up popping softly in the air, exactly where Nissanka is moving. The ball came straight off the middle of Mehidy's bat

Mehidy Hasan Miraz c Nissanka b Jayawickrama 39 (86b 4x4 0x6 105m) SR: 45.34
P Jayawickrama to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, no run

back of a length, spinning away from middle stump, punched into the covers

P Jayawickrama to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, no run

nicely flighted, pitching on middle and leg and spinning away. Presses forward and defends with soft hands towards gully

end of over 70Wicket maiden
BAN: 227/8CRR: 3.24 
Shoriful Islam0 (2b)
Mehidy Hasan Miraz39 (83b 4x4)
Ramesh Mendis 28-2-103-4
Praveen Jayawickrama 31-9-86-3
Mendis to Shoriful Islam, no run

nice length, spinning away from leg stump, defended with the turn after pressing forward

Mendis to Shoriful Islam, no run

length ball straightening towards off stump, blocked back to the bowler

In walks Shoriful Islam. Another left-hander. Slip, gully, silly point, short leg in place.

Mendis to Taskin, OUT

eight down. Shortish, but Taskin is in no position to pull as this spins sharply from leg stump away from off stump. Top-edges it, and it hangs high in the air before extra-cover settles under it, having moved a few steps to his left

Taskin Ahmed c Karunaratne b Mendis 7 (33b 0x4 0x6 29m) SR: 21.21
Mendis to Taskin, no run

back of a length on leg stump, punched back to the bowler

Mendis to Taskin, no run

tossed up slow on leg stump. Looks to flick, and sends another leading edge back to the bowler

Mendis to Taskin, no run

quick length ball spinning from leg to off, gets on the back foot to defend to short leg

end of over 695 runs
BAN: 227/7CRR: 3.28 
Mehidy Hasan Miraz39 (83b 4x4)
Taskin Ahmed7 (29b)
Praveen Jayawickrama 31-9-86-3
Ramesh Mendis 27-1-103-3
P Jayawickrama to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, FOUR runs

flat, round-arm, angling into off stump. Clears his front leg and slog-sweeps along the ground to the right of midwicket

P Jayawickrama to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, no run

tossed up full on middle stump, driven to mid-off

P Jayawickrama to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, no run

full, flighted ball on leg stump, driven inside-out to the right of square cover

P Jayawickrama to Taskin, 1 run

tossed up full outside off, clipped to long-on, past the diving fielder at short midwicket

P Jayawickrama to Taskin, no run

closes his bat face too early while looking to flick off the back foot, sends it back to the bowler off the leading edge

P Jayawickrama to Taskin, no run

floated up slow outside off. Wants to drive to long-on, the dip and turn make him play it to midwicket off the inside half of the bat

Three wickets to go for Sri Lanka. Jayawickrama continues.

end of over 683 runs
BAN: 222/7CRR: 3.26 
Taskin Ahmed6 (26b)
Mehidy Hasan Miraz35 (80b 3x4)
Ramesh Mendis 27-1-103-3
Praveen Jayawickrama 30-9-81-3

That's drinks.

Mendis to Taskin, 1 run

pitches this short, on about middle stump, and turns it a little. Taskin goes back and stabs this wide of mid on to get a single

Mendis to Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 1 run

tossed up on middle stump, turning towards leg. Mehidy goes back and tucks it to fine leg for one

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