(N), Sydney, December 30, 2011, Big Bash League
(20 ov, T:141) 134/7

Renegades won by 6 runs

Player Of The Match
16 (14) & 3/21
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112.16 ptsImpact List
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Thunder Innings
Match Flow
Melbourne Renegades  (20 ovs maximum)
Aaron Finch  b Doran41343841120.58
Brad Hodge c Floros b Doran44313651141.93
Glenn Maxwell  b Abbott1015170066.66
Shahid Afridi c Khawaja b Butterworth16143110114.28
Nathan Reardon c Khawaja b Edwards4880050.00
Abdul Razzaq  b Abbott13131701100.00
Andrew McDonald (c) b Butterworth011000.00
Graham Manou run out (†Dunk/Abbott)2460050.00
Shane Harwood not out 00100-
Extras(lb 1, w 9)10
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 7.00, 81 Mins)140/8
Fall of wickets: 1-82 (Brad Hodge, 10.3 ov), 2-86 (Aaron Finch, 10.5 ov), 3-107 (Glenn Maxwell, 14.4 ov), 4-120 (Nathan Reardon, 16.2 ov), 5-128 (Shahid Afridi, 17.4 ov), 6-129 (Andrew McDonald, 17.6 ov), 7-134 (Graham Manou, 19.4 ov), 8-140 (Abdul Razzaq, 19.6 ov)
Luke Doran302628.6683100
10.3 to BJ Hodge, fuller ball on the middle stump. Comes down the track and lofts to wide long-on where Floros takes the catch comfortably. 82/1
10.5 to AJ Finch, flighted delivery on the middle stump. Looks to defend it and is beaten by the straighter delivery. The ball hits the pad and crashes on to the middle stump. 86/2
Chris Gayle201407.0052000
Scott Coyte302107.0062000
Fidel Edwards403017.5061030
16.2 to NJ Reardon, . 120/4
Sean Abbott402125.25142100
14.4 to GJ Maxwell, good length outside the off stump and coming in. Maxwell looks to slog it and is beaten. The ball hits the outside half of the off stump. 107/3
Luke Butterworth402726.7550110
17.4 to Shahid Afridi, Khawaja has pulled off a corker here. Afridi looks to loft and gets a top edge. Khawaja comes running in from long-ff and takes a superb catch. 128/5
17.6 to AB McDonald, fuller ball. Looks to pull it away and is beaten. The ball hits the timber. 129/6
Sydney Thunder  (T: 141 runs from 20 ovs)
Tim Cruickshank c Reardon b Shahid Afridi1522221168.18
Chris Gayle c Reardon b Harwood75548135138.88
Usman Khawaja c Reardon b Shahid Afridi1722281077.27
Daniel Smith (c)st †Manou b Shahid Afridi3570060.00
Ben Dunk c sub (WD Sheridan) b Tait3660050.00
Jason Floros not out 57121071.42
Luke Butterworth  b Harwood1220050.00
Sean Abbott  b Tait42410200.00
Extras(lb 3, w 8)11
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 6.70, 89 Mins)134/7
Fall of wickets: 1-59 (Tim Cruickshank, 7.2 ov), 2-101 (Usman Khawaja, 14.4 ov), 3-114 (Daniel Smith, 15.6 ov), 4-119 (Ben Dunk, 17.3 ov), 5-122 (Chris Gayle, 18.2 ov), 6-125 (Luke Butterworth, 18.6 ov), 7-134 (Sean Abbott, 19.6 ov)
Dirk Nannes401002.50160000
Shaun Tait403127.75143120
17.3 to BR Dunk, Dunk looks to drive and only manages to scoop it in the air. Sheridan, the substitute, runs back a few yards from cover and takes the catch. 119/4
19.6 to SA Abbott, fuller ball on the off stump. A full-toss, rather. Abbott looks to scoop it and misses. The ball hits the off stump and that's the win for Renegades. 134/7
Shane Harwood302628.6672100
18.2 to CH Gayle, . 122/5
18.6 to LR Butterworth, looks to loft it away and is castled. 125/6
Glenn Maxwell1017017.0021200
Abdul Razzaq302006.6661100
Shahid Afridi402135.25120120
7.2 to TD Cruickshank, finally Renegades have a wicket. Cruickshank comes down the track and lofts the ball to long-on where Reardon has to run back a few yards to take the catch. If he had taken two more steps backwards, it would have been a six. 59/1
14.4 to UT Khawaja, Reardon gets his second catch of the day as he runs to his right and takes a good one as Khawaja came down the track and lofted that ball. 101/2
15.6 to DLR Smith, . 114/3
Andrew McDonald10606.0010000
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  • CH Gayle 50 off 34 balls in 44 mins, 3x4, 4x6
Stadium Australia, Sydney
TossMelbourne Renegades, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Shahid Afridi
Hours of play (local time)19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.15, Interval 20.15-20.30, Second Session 20.30-21.50
Match days30 December 2011 - night (20-over match)
T20 debut
Tim Cruickshank
Tim Cruickshank
TV Umpire
Match Referee
PointsMelbourne Renegades 2, Sydney Thunder 0
Win Probability
MR 100%
100%50%100%MR InningsST Innings

Over 20 • ST 134/7

Sean Abbott b Tait 4 (2b 1x4 0x6 4m) SR: 200
Renegades won by 6 runs
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