16th Match (N), Brisbane, Dec 27 2020, Big Bash League
(17.2/20 ov, target 149)152/6
Heat won by 4 wickets (with 16 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

That's all from us today. Join us again tomorrow from Adelaide where the Strikers will host Perth Scorchers. Until then, take care!

Man of the Match Lewis Gregory: "It was nice to get a win with the boys. I only got over quarantine a few days ago. It's nice to be able to contribute as much as I can. We made it slightly hard work but we got over the line and it's nice to build momentum. It's nice to play in front of a crowd again. It's been six or seven months since I've been able to do that. So it's a nice atmosphere."

9.30 pm First win for Brisbane Heat. They were smoking at the start of the chase racing to 0 for 73 before a wobble of 6 for 29 opened the door for the Hurricanes to possibly steal victory. But Bazley and Peirson hold their nerve to finish off the match.

Boland to Peirson, FOUR runs

another attempted wide yorker, this time carved back past mid-off and races to the rope to end the match. The Heat made it as adventurous as possible but finally get across the line by four wickets and 16 balls to spare.

Boland to Peirson, no run

wide yorker scuffed back to mid-off.

end of over 1710 runs
BH: 148/6CRR: 8.70 RRR: 0.33
James Bazley31 (19)
Jimmy Peirson12 (13)
Nathan Ellis 3-0-24-1
Riley Meredith 4-0-24-2

Still one run to win after 17 overs. The Heat never used their Power Surge, will become enforced if they somehow play out a maiden here.

Ellis to Bazley, no run

bouncer over off stump, beaten for pace at 136 kph trying to pull.

Ellis to Bazley, no run

yorker on the legs at 134 kph, misses a flick.

Ellis to Bazley, SIX runs

slower ball on off stump at 116 kph, lands on a length and Bazley thumps this high and deep over wide long-on, tremendous crowd catch 20 rows back. Scores level.

Ellis to Bazley, 1 wide

slower ball goes awry down leg. Free run.

Ellis to Peirson, 1 run

slower ball lands on a good length on middle, tucked into midwicket for one.

Ellis to Bazley, 1 run

good length ball on the stumps, played with soft hands behind point.

Ellis to Peirson, 1 run

full on the stumps, pushed into midwicket for one.

end of over 168 runs
BH: 138/6CRR: 8.62 RRR: 2.75
James Bazley24 (15)
Jimmy Peirson10 (11)
Riley Meredith 4-0-24-2
Scott Boland 2-0-25-0

A good over is spoiled on the last ball. Heat would have to do something spectacularly catastrophic to blow the game from here.

Meredith to Bazley, SIX runs

length ball on the stumps, sits up at 144 kph for Bazley to heave this over deep backward square.

Meredith to Peirson, 1 run

full on middle at 145 kph, flicked to deep backward square.

Meredith to Bazley, 1 run

strays too straight again, flicked through square leg.

Meredith to Bazley, no run

attempted yorker on off stump punched out to mid-off.

Meredith to Bazley, no run

slower ball lands on a good length at 124 kph on fifth stump, batsman is fooled playing over the top of it.

Meredith to Bazley, no run

yorker speared in at 146 on leg stump, misses a flick to the leg side and pings Bazley in the shoes. Stifled lbw appeal as it was missing leg.

Meredith to bowl his final over now.

end of over 1510 runs
BH: 130/6CRR: 8.66 RRR: 3.80
James Bazley17 (10)
Jimmy Peirson9 (10)
Scott Boland 2-0-25-0
Riley Meredith 3-0-16-2
Boland to Bazley, 1 run

good length ball on fifth stump, punched gently in front of point.

Boland to Peirson, 1 run

good length ball on fifth stump, punched through the covers.

Boland to Peirson, 1 wide

bouncer wide outside off stump, given wide on the line, though could easily have been given on height too.

Boland to Peirson, no run

slower ball lands full on sixth stump, driven to backward point.

Boland to Peirson, 2 runs

good length ball on fifth stump, shuffles across to flick through midwicket in the gap between long-on and deep midwicket.

Boland to Bazley, 1 run

length ball on fourth stump, tries to heave this over midwicket, falls safely in the gap between long-on and deep square leg. Should've been an easy two but Bazley falls over after completing the shot and struggles to get back on his feet.

Boland to Bazley, FOUR runs

full and tailing down leg, flicked to deep fine leg, diving attempt at the rope can't be corralled and it winds up being a boundary.

Required run rate is still plenty manageable for the Heat, just a matter of not playing any reckless shots with the wickets in hand running out. Here's Boland for his second over.