28th Match (N), Brisbane, Jan 4 2021, Big Bash League
(19.1/20 ov)175/5
Heat won by 5 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Joe Burns
Brisbane Heat

Varun Shetty's report would be up shortly. The BBL returns tomorrow, and we hope you will join us then. For now, from scorer Binoy George and myself Debayan Sen, this is goodbye and good night.

9.47 pm That ends what has been a really entertaining game of T20. That's also the halfway stage of the tournament, though not all the teams have played their seven matches. We thought Thunder had put up a pretty challenging total, but they didn't help their own cause with their ill-discipline. Chris Lynn got some runs, and Joe Burns led the chase with a composed half-century for his team. Jimmy Peirson with some crucial runs right at the end, when Heat appeared to suffer a bit of a late wobble. Crucial three points for the win for Heat, and they also get the Bash Boost point. Joe Burns gets the player of the match award.

Sangha to Peirson, 2 runs

that should be the win for the Heat! Length, and a lot of turn from outside off, and Peirson has done well to pierce an infield of six fielders, three on the off side, but placing this to the left of cover. Before the sweeper in the deep can rifle in a low throw, they go through for the second

end of over 197 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 173/5CRR: 9.10 RRR: 2.00 • Need 2 runs from 6b
James Bazley4 (3)
Jimmy Peirson13 (10)
Nathan McAndrew4-0-37-1
Adam Milne4-0-38-0

Sangha comes on, with a hat-trick ball to start things with. No hat-tricks in the past for Thunder bowlers in BBL history

Tanish : "Will Brisbane Heat do a KXIP??"

McAndrew to Bazley, FOUR runs

length, and punished. Swatted away towards deep mid-wicket, and goes through for four. We are denied a potential grandstand finish. Or are we?

McAndrew to Bazley, no run

good pace, short length, and Bazley looks to pull this away but gets nowhere near it as it fizzes past his right ear

McAndrew to Bazley, no run

fuller ball, and where has this one gone? Yorker length, and he looks to get some bat on to it. Perhaps just hit it off the toe-end, and almost on to his stumps, but it bounces through to Billings

Here's Bazley

McAndrew to Burns, OUT

short, and he has cut this straight to point. A very good Burns innings comes to an end. Couldn't be blamed for that dismissal, would have gotten four had he just managed to place it wide of Khawaja, or perhaps just clear him. In the end, a good sharp catch by the latter, and Heat lose their fifth

Joe Burns c Khawaja b McAndrew 52 (38b 5x4 2x6) SR: 136.84
McAndrew to Burns, no run

sharp, short, and close to the batsman. Burns ducks under this

McAndrew to Burns, 1 wide

length, well wide of off. Eight wides and one no-ball delivered today by Thunder

McAndrew to Burns, 2 runs

length, around middle, and worked away towards deep mid-wicket. They go for the second, and a direct hit at the non-striker's end could have made things interesting!

end of over 1811 runs
BH: 166/4CRR: 9.22 RRR: 4.50 • Need 9 runs from 12b
Jimmy Peirson13 (10)
Joe Burns50 (35)
Adam Milne4-0-38-0
Nathan McAndrew3-0-30-0
Milne to Peirson, FOUR runs

length, good pace, and he cuts him after making some room. Superb placement from Peirson yet again, bisecting the gap between backward point and short third man

Milne to Burns, 1 run

back of a length, drifting down the pads, and he looks to pull this away. Off the glove towards square leg, and Burns brings up fifty. Shorn of his woes with the red ball, he has played a proper gem of a white-ball innings today

Milne to Peirson, 1 run

length, around off, and he drives to mid-on and picks up a single

Milne to Burns, 1 run

length, driven to mid-off, and they pinch a single

Milne to Burns, no run

yorker, bowled at 147.6 kph, and it goes between bat, legs and stumps through to Billings

Milne to Burns, FOUR runs

fuller length, a bit of late movement back in, and Burns is able to squeeze it off the outside edge. Runs away really quickly to the left of short third man


end of over 178 runs
BH: 155/4CRR: 9.11 RRR: 6.67 • Need 20 runs from 18b
Jimmy Peirson8 (8)
Joe Burns44 (31)
Nathan McAndrew3-0-30-0
Chris Green4-0-20-1
McAndrew to Peirson, FOUR runs

fantastic innovation from Peirson! He walks right across the crease and exposes his entire set of stumps, and McAndrew follows him somewhat. He's ready to face a fuller length ball, and smacks it over mid-off. Well hit, because it lands just short of the long-on fence

McAndrew to Burns, 1 run

fuller, straighter, and he is forced to dig this out towards mid-off

Good discipline with the ball and in the field from Thunder thus far

McAndrew to Peirson, 1 run

length, around off, and a firm drive, but straight to deep point

McAndrew to Burns, 1 run

length, cut away towards deep point

Chris: "Gregory must have realised how close Heat is to winning. Can't possibly have a Heat match without some drama towards the end."

McAndrew to Peirson, 1 run

length, cut hard towards deep point

McAndrew to Peirson, no run

back of a length, down the leg side, and a loud appeal for caught behind as Pierson looks to go down to fine leg. That was quick, bowled at 143 kph

Heat go for the Power Surge

Chase: "Have to give credit to Sangha...still tosses the ball up after getting hit for boundaries and he's only 19." --- Worthy owner of the Golden Cap then