12th Match (N), Canberra, Dec 22 2020, Big Bash League
(19.3/20 ov, target 153)156/3
Thunder won by 7 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
player of the match
Callum Ferguson
Sydney Thunder

That concludes our coverage tonight from Canberra. The Thunder were too good. The Scorchers remain winless. Thanks for your company. Join us again tomorrow for the Heat Strikers clash.

10.30pm Sydney Thunder win by 7 wickets with three balls to spare. Ferguson and Cutting controlled the chase beautifully after Oliver Davies set them up with an excellent innings on debut. The Scorchers didn't have enough. Mitch Marsh thought they were 25 runs short and he was proved right.

Callum Ferguson is Player of the Match for his 61 not out from 53 balls: "The bowlers were outstanding all the way through. We asked the guys to be really disciplined and they were. We thought the wicket was tacky and thought we'd weather the storm early and then we timed our run into the Bash Boost and then we got ahead of the rate. Cuttsy was excellent at the end. (Davies) did it beautifully tonight and he's got a bright future."

Tye to Cutting, FOUR runs

full toss hammered through cover! Thunder get it done

Tye to Cutting, no run

134kph bouncer, on the money at the head, Cutting ducks very late

Everyone is up now

Tye to Cutting, FOUR runs

cut shot thumped forward of point! That all but seals it. 132kph, wide of off, he hammered it forward of point the sweeper couldn't get there

AJ Tye to bowl the last. 5 to win. 4 and it's a Super Over. Fine leg and third man up. Three back on the leg side. No midwicket in the circle

end of over 1910 runs
ST: 148/3CRR: 7.78 RRR: 5.00 • Need 5 runs from 6b
Ben Cutting21 (13)
Callum Ferguson61 (53)
Jhye Richardson4-0-31-0
Fawad Ahmed4-0-34-1
Jhye Richardson to Cutting, 1 run

slower ball, wide of off, another full toss, he's down on one knee and half sweeping to deep long on

Jhye Richardson to Cutting, 2 runs

104kph, slower ball, low full toss outside off, he reaches out and swats it with one hand wide of long on for two

Jhye Richardson to Cutting, no run

cracking bouncer, 143kph, he was forced to duck

Jhye Richardson to Cutting, FOUR runs

what a shot through cover! 137kph, half volley wide of off, he cleared the front leg and smoked it through cover. The point sweeper just watched it fly to the fence

Jhye Richardson to Cutting, 2 runs

slower ball, 109kph, he hammers a drive to mid off and the skipper Turner misfields, a terrible miss allows two

Jhye Richardson to Ferguson, 1 run

slower ball, way wide of off, it would have been a wide but he reached out with one hand and knocked it through point

end of over 183 runs
ST: 138/3CRR: 7.66 RRR: 7.50 • Need 15 runs from 12b
Callum Ferguson60 (52)
Ben Cutting12 (8)
Fawad Ahmed4-0-34-1
Andrew Tye3-0-17-0

Just three from the over

Fawad to Ferguson, 1 run

skips down and drives firmly to long on

Fawad to Ferguson, 2 runs

lofted inside out over cover, it wasn't quite hit well enough to reach the rope

Fawad to Ferguson, no run

quicker leg break, punched back to the bowler

Fawad to Ferguson, no run

slower leg break again, and again he misses attempting a sweep

Fawad to Ferguson, no run

slower leg break, he tries to slog sweep but misses

Fawad to Ferguson, no run

shorter leg break, he cuts to backward point

Fawad Ahmed

end of over 174 runs
ST: 135/3CRR: 7.94 RRR: 6.00 • Need 18 runs from 18b
Ben Cutting12 (8)
Callum Ferguson57 (46)
Andrew Tye3-0-17-0
Jhye Richardson3-0-21-0
Tye to Cutting, no run

bouncer over leg, it looked high but this isn't called

Tye to Ferguson, 1 run

slower ball wide of off, 112kph, he mistimes a square drive to deep point

Tye to Ferguson, 1 wide

slower ball wide of off and just wide of the guide line

Tye to Ferguson, no run

129kph, cutter angled into leg, it hits him on the pad

Tye to Ferguson, 2 runs

dropped by Marsh running back at cover! Slower ball outside off, he skewed it off the toe high over cover, Marsh ran back but couldn't reel it in with the left hand

Tye to Ferguson, no run

slower ball, full toss, he hammers it back to the bowler

Tye to Ferguson, no run

low full toss, he drives off the bottom of the bat to mid off

AJ Tye