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Sixers vs Renegades, 2nd Match at Sydney, BBL 2023, Dec 08 2023 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Match (N), Sydney, December 08, 2023, Big Bash League
(20 ov, T:176) 167/7

Sixers won by 8 runs

Player Of The Match
61 (42)
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end of over 2013 runs • 1 wicket
MR: 167/7CRR: 8.35 
Will Sutherland51 (30b 1x4 4x6)
Kane Richardson0 (0b)
Ben Dwarshuis 4-0-36-3
Sean Abbott 4-0-30-1

Thank you for your company. We hope you'll join us tomorrow for the third match of BBL 13 between Adelaide Strikers and Brisbane Heat. I'm Rvel Zahid, take care and goodnight!

Steven Smith, Player of the Match: I thought it was great off to a pretty good start. We had to dig deep there...McGruk played a good knock, Finchy did not quite get going but he hung around and Sutherland towards the end...we did well to hold our nerves. Our bowlers bowled good overs and that shifted momentum in our favour. We've got a very good culture (in the team). Hopefully it will be a pretty good season for us. It was nice to get off to a start and get a bit of momentum and get to that score, I felt it was a par total. Look, I love playing Big Bash and like opening the batting, it's good fun, it's a great bunch of guys and I really enjoy playing; looking forward to a successful summer. Pakistan is a good side with both bat and bowl. I love playing at the SCG, probably my favourite place to bat in the world, it's been kind to me...I'm looking forward to it, can't wait.

Plenty of twists and turns in this fascinating game of cricket but Sixers made sure they were one step ahead at crucial moments and got a pretty decent total on the board and then picked wickets at regular intervals to thwart Renegades' chase. Tom Curran was ice-cool towards the end and executed his plans to perfection while Sean Abbott was hard to hit as well. Steve O-Keefe bowled some quiet overs in the middle that sapped the momentum out of Renegades' innings. Fraser-McGruk gave them a scare with his clean hitting but they left too many runs in the end even though Will Sutherland took the game deep with a doughty half-century but it wasn't an unblemished batting performance as a unit. Earlier, Steve Smith showed his pyrotechnics and hit the ball effortlessly into the gaps. He surely entertained the crowd a lot with his incredible hitting tonight!

Dwarshuis to Sutherland, 1 run

Sticks to his guns and hits it into the deck on a hard length, he yanks his front foot out of the way and tonks it towards deep midwicket as Sixers win by eight runs

Sowmya : "So smudge keeps pushing for a place in the Aussie WT20 Squad, if not the starting 11 !!!"

Dwarshuis to Sutherland, no run

Nails the slower short ball to perfection and keeps it away from the firing range, he goes for the full-blooded pull across the line and is nowhere near the line of the ball

Dwarshuis to Sutherland, 2 runs

Oh my word! How can you do that? That is exceptional fielding at deep midwicket, one-handed stunning diving save prevent the ball from going over the rope; fraction short on off and he absolutely butchered it

Dwarshuis to Sutherland, 2 runs

Good length spearing it across off, rocks back and smokes it away into the vacant spaces at deep midwicket and collects a double

Dwarshuis to Sutherland, SIX runs

Pounded hard over deep backward square for a huuuuuuuuuuge six! All the way for six to cause delirium in the stands, missed the target fractionally and gets punished

Dwarshuis to Kane Richardson, 2 wide

Banged into the surface and gets it to shape away outside off, well it goes whooshing away past the tramline on off and given a wide, marginal call

Dwarshuis to Rogers, OUT

Sounds the death rattle! Goes too far across his stumps and tries to drag it across the line to fine leg but ends up chopping it back on the stumps and zingers are alight. Rogers has to go back in the hut

Tom Rogers b Dwarshuis 10 (12b 1x4 0x6 20m) SR: 83.33
end of over 196 runs
MR: 154/6CRR: 8.10 RRR: 22.00 • Need 22 runs from 6b
Tom Rogers10 (11b 1x4)
Will Sutherland40 (25b 1x4 3x6)
Sean Abbott 4-0-30-1
Steve O'Keefe 4-0-29-1
Abbott to Rogers, 1 run

Shuffles across his stumps to attempt an audacious shot and guides it across the line to short fine, executes the sweep shot well but can't go for the aerial route

Abbott to Rogers, no run

Skips down and is through the pull shot early, gets a top edge

Abbott to Rogers, no run

Pinpoint accurate yorker on middle and he pummels it back to Abbott who inadvertently stops it with his shoe

Abbott to Sutherland, 1 run

Guides away behind square on off side and they pinch a run

Abbott to Sutherland, 2 runs

Full and straight, bowling gas, prodded down to long-on and the pair hares for a couple

Abbott to Rogers, (no ball) 1 run

Goes fuller on middle and leg, he gives him a charge and gets an inside-edge, ball dies down quickly as keeper charges in and shatters the stumps with a sharp throw but he just made his ground. It's a no-ball!

Abbott to Rogers, no run

It's an uphill task but not impossible. Short of a length slanting across off, no real pace to work with, he swings for the grandstands but misses it completely

end of over 1814 runs
MR: 148/6CRR: 8.22 RRR: 14.00 • Need 28 runs from 12b
Will Sutherland37 (23b 1x4 3x6)
Tom Rogers8 (6b 1x4)
Steve O'Keefe 4-0-29-1
Tom Curran 4-0-23-0
O'Keefe to Sutherland, no run

Gets this one up fuller on fifth stump line, pushes it back to O'Keefe

O'Keefe to Sutherland, SIX runs

Slow and too wide outside off, in his hitting zone and he doesn't miss out, brings out the long levers and thumps it many a mile over long-off - 94 meters smack

O'Keefe to Rogers, 1 run

Tossed up outside off, plants his front leg and carves it away into the covers for a run

O'Keefe to Rogers, 1 wide

Short and hugging the wide guideline on off

O'Keefe to Sutherland, 3 runs

Zips it quicker on middle and leg, inside edge skews away to deep fine and they jog back third

O'Keefe to Sutherland, 2 runs

Not much oomph behind the shot, lofted over the bowler's head, long-on puts in a dive and saves a certain boundary, good length ball outside off

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Over 20 • MR 167/7

Tom Rogers b Dwarshuis 10 (12b 1x4 0x6 20m) SR: 83.33
Sixers won by 8 runs
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