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Somerset vs Essex, Final at London, Sep 23 2020, Bob Willis Trophy

Final, Lord's, September 23 - 27, 2020, Bob Willis Trophy
301 & 272/7d
(T:237) 337/8 & 179/6

Match drawn (Essex won on 1st innings)

Somerset 1st Innings
Essex 1st Innings
Somerset 2nd Innings
Essex 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Somerset 1st Innings (120 ovs maximum)
b SJ Cook2466903036.36
lbw b SJ Cook038000.00
c †Wheater b Beard1943584044.18
lbw b SJ Cook11721731216053.91
c AN Cook b Porter1247621025.53
c †Wheater b SJ Cook2739655069.23
lbw b Porter661361569048.52
lbw b SJ Cook910160190.00
not out 1738453044.73
lbw b Harmer313330023.07
b Harmer013000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 4, nb 2)7
TOTAL102 Ov (RR: 2.95)301
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Tom Lammonby, 1.3 ov), 2-34 (Tom Abell, 15.2 ov), 3-52 (Ben Green, 20.4 ov), 4-94 (George Bartlett, 36.3 ov), 5-139 (Steven Davies, 51.2 ov), 6-266 (Craig Overton, 90.4 ov), 7-270 (Eddie Byrom, 91.6 ov), 8-279 (Lewis Gregory, 93.5 ov), 9-301 (Jack Leach, 101.5 ov), 10-301 (Jack Brooks, 101.6 ov)
36.3 to GA Bartlett, driven, edged, gone! The pressure finally tells as Bartlett drives with stiff hands at a full length delivery, and Sir Alastair Cook's bucket hands are waiting as he crouches at first slip! That's the impact of maiden, after maiden, after maiden.. 94/4
90.4 to C Overton, huge appeal and gone! Porter slides one a touch fuller, straight as a die as ever, Overton's big stride was true, but too gallumphing for that length. Up goes the finger, and the new ball strikes immediately. 266/6
1.3 to TA Lammonby, an inswinger and it strikes him on the pad in line! Lammonby is out for a duck. 0/1
20.4 to BGF Green, bowled through the gate! Somerset are in trouble now and no mistake! A perfect line and length, nibbling back off the seam, into middle and off, and Essex are soaring! Glenn McGrath-esque, taking the ball down the slope on that occasion after moving it away for most of his spell. A worthy wicket. 52/3
51.2 to SM Davies, gottim! Little Chef fillets a thin outside edge and Wheater gobbles it up! Davies had been keen to put bat on ball in that channel outside off, but this was a slightly indeterminate prod, and Cook gets his man - third wicket of the innings for him. 139/5
91.6 to EJ Byrom, round the wicket, thumps the pad, and up goes the finger! A change of angle, a fuller length, Byrom works across the new line but misses. Up goes the finger to end a superb and gutsy innings, richly acknowledged by his team-mates and opposition alike. 270/7
93.5 to L Gregory, huge moo across the line, and Gregory's gone! That's five for Cook, and well deserved too. Very full, very straight, tempting the launch into the stands again, and thudded on the knee-roll. 279/8
15.2 to TB Abell, stunning take from Wheater! Quite the response from Beard, digging it into the hips and flicking the glove as Abell attempted to ride the extra bounce. The ball ballooned down the leg side, but was dipping sharply as Wheater cartwheeled his left glove to the turf, and scooped it up!. 34/2
101.5 to MJ Leach, round the wicket, pins the knee, and Harmer strikes! Nathan Lyon winces ... that's the way to do it. Half forward, a touch straighter, Leach played for turn but it slid into the pad, and Somerset are nine-down. 301/9
101.6 to JA Brooks, bowled him! Well, that was short and sweet, tossed onto a perfect length, outside off, biting the pitch, twisting through the gate as Brooks wafts airily. Now then ... that's not terrible news for Somerset. Runs on the board, and a chance to have a dart with the new ball before the close.... 301/10
Essex 1st Innings (120 ovs maximum)
c Overton b Gregory847540017.02
c Overton b Gregory17228938326059.51
c Abell b Lammonby511372107037.22
c Lammonby b Gregory621240028.57
lbw b Gregory012000.00
lbw b Overton2164853032.81
b Gregory1351612025.49
not out 26651132040.00
c Overton b Gregory038000.00
not out 1447531029.78
Extras(b 4, lb 12, nb 10)26
TOTAL120 Ov (RR: 2.80)337/8
Did not bat:
Fall of wickets: 1-27 (Nick Browne, 13.6 ov), 2-197 (Tom Westley, 65.2 ov), 3-208 (Dan Lawrence, 70.5 ov), 4-208 (Paul Walter, 70.6 ov), 5-264 (Ryan ten Doeschate, 92.1 ov), 6-266 (Alastair Cook, 93.4 ov), 7-303 (Jamie Porter, 105.5 ov), 8-303 (Simon Harmer, 107.2 ov)
92.1 to RN ten Doeschate, pinned in front! Raps him on the knee roll, up goes the finger - Somerset and Craig Overton have barged themselves an opening! First wicket of the day for Overton, who's bowled well. Good pace, maybe seamed in with ten Doeschate stuck on the crease, looked pretty adjacent. 264/5
13.6 to NLJ Browne, there it is, breakthrough for Somerset, Gregory finds the edge from round the wicket and second slip gobbles it up! Immediate success from changing the angle of attack and Browne's watchful innings is over. 27/1
70.5 to DW Lawrence, short, and clobbered straight to midwicket! That's not a good look for Lawrence, he's been properly undone by Gregory's aggression. Climbed into another pull, but his weight was way back, and he simply scooped it to the catcher!. 208/3
70.6 to PI Walter, round the wicket, stone dead lbw! Wow! That's fast, full and straight, Walter was going nowhere, and the finger was up to the batsman almost as quickly as the ball! Essex, suddenly, are feeling the heat!. 208/4
93.4 to AN Cook, huge wicket late in the day! Cook fences to second slip, brilliantly taken low down by the diving Overton! Cook grimaces as he heads off, it's been a magnificent knock but his dismissal has left the door ajar for Somerset to try and burgle a first-innings lead!. 266/6
105.5 to JA Porter, yorker, timber! Gregory has five as Porter's middle stump is uprooted! Well, it's not come quite when Somerset most wanted it, but it's a timely end to a very valuable knock from the nightwatchman. Right up to the blockhole, straight and aggressive. A pleasing sight for any fast bowler.. 303/7
107.2 to SR Harmer, nicked and gone! A fine sharp take from Overton at second slip! Right in the channel from the tireless Gregory, Harmer has to play at it to defend his off stump, and that fizzed into the cordon. That lead could be academic at this rate. Wickets are tumbling again, and there's plenty time for an on-field finish. 303/8
65.2 to T Westley, flicked in the air and straight to square leg! Oh my, what a start for Somerset! There were two men posted for that favoured flick, and Westley spanged straight into the frying pan of a leg trap, for a fine sharp tumbling catch. Now then, that changes things!. 197/2
Somerset 2nd Innings 
c AN Cook b Beard41801106151.25
lbw b Harmer11615120117076.82
c Browne b Porter1521332071.42
b Porter12832003.57
c Westley b Porter521251023.80
c AN Cook b Harmer1950613038.00
c AN Cook b Porter1560020.00
not out 4572944162.50
not out 1629391055.17
Extras(lb 11, nb 2)13
TOTAL76 Ov (RR: 3.57)272/7d
Fall of wickets: 1-105 (Ben Green, 27.5 ov), 2-155 (Tom Abell, 35.4 ov), 3-167 (Eddie Byrom, 43.5 ov), 4-187 (George Bartlett, 49.6 ov), 5-187 (Tom Lammonby, 50.1 ov), 6-188 (Lewis Gregory, 51.3 ov), 7-224 (Steven Davies, 66.1 ov)
35.4 to TB Abell, oh, Abell's gone, chipped to square leg! One ball after raising the fifty stand, Porter breaks through, though it was something of a gift as Abell flicked off his pads, but straight to the fielder. 155/2
43.5 to EJ Byrom, dragged on, Porter strikes again! Wasn't the length for it, looking to force a drive and ends up chopping into his own woodwork... Just 1 off 28 balls, the first-innings centurion unable to get going this time. That'll pep Essex up, with Lammonby looking imperious at the other end. 167/3
49.6 to GA Bartlett, miscued straight to mid-on! Third wicket for Porter, and frustration for Bartlett as he tried to take things on. Stepped out purposefully, but Porter hit the pitch hard and his cross-batted swipe looped tamely towards the edge of the square. 187/4
51.3 to L Gregory, Cook takes a blinder at slip! Porter rips out another, climbing into the shoulder of the bat, the edge flew high and wide of Wheater, but there was Cook, springing across like a lamb gambolling over a stile, grabs it two-handed to his left!. 188/6
50.1 to TA Lammonby, done on the inside, up goes the finger! Harmer strikes at the other end, two in two for Essex, and it's the mighty Lammonby back in the sheds! Slid the ball on with the arm, classic offspinner's dismissal as the left-hander propped out looking for some turn. He's applauded in by his team-mates, a fine knock and it's given Somerset a sniff of that elusive bit of first-class silverware. 187/5
66.1 to SM Davies, turn and bounce, finds the edge, scooped at slip! Beautiful from Harmer, put the lid on the scoring, then served up the killer ball, shifting his line across to off stump, finding some grip as Davies leant forward, and Cook was on hand with his buckets to snaffle the offering! That's a key scalp late in the day, and may determine Somerset's approach from hereon in. 224/7
27.5 to BGF Green, gottim, nips away to find the edge, swallowed at first slip! Beard leaps in celebration, hair flowing in the wake of his Alice band... Essex finally make the breakthrough, looked a good ball, straightening as Green attempted to close the bat face, and nicked straight into Alastair Cook's bread basket. 105/1
Essex 2nd Innings (T: 237 runs)
c Abell b Gregory1326313050.00
c †Davies b Gregory31631015049.20
lbw b Overton067000.00
lbw b Leach35881185039.77
lbw b Leach21841202025.00
c Bartlett b Leach461371645033.57
not out 14801032017.50
not out 034000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 10, nb 8)19
TOTAL80.3 Ov (RR: 2.22)179/6
Fall of wickets: 1-25 (Nick Browne, 7.2 ov), 2-26 (Tom Westley, 8.3 ov), 3-68 (Alastair Cook, 23.2 ov), 4-98 (Dan Lawrence, 36.1 ov), 5-131 (Paul Walter, 52.5 ov), 6-179 (Ryan ten Doeschate, 79.5 ov)
8.3 to T Westley, beautiful length and bang in line, it beats the edge and raps Westley on the pad! The umpire's finger goes up, Westley is gone for a duck and Essex are two down, still 211 shy of the target. 26/2
7.2 to NLJ Browne, full and just outside off angling away, Browne prods and it's snaffled by Tom Abell at third slip! Gregory comes on and makes an immediate breakthrough for Somerset. 25/1
23.2 to AN Cook, gets him this time! Cook stands his ground, but umpire Warren's finger stays raised! Gregory and Somerset are cock-a-hoop, it must have been the slightest tickle as he pushed forward on off... Cook is smiling ruefully to himself as he trudges off. Did he hit it? We'll never know for certain, but Somerset have the breakthrough in the scorebook, and that's all that matters. 68/3
36.1 to DW Lawrence, Massive appeal and Lawrence is gone! He has a long look at his inside edge as he leaves... that was the arm-ball, sliding into the pads, undoubtedly in line. And suddenly this is heading for a cliffhanger!. 98/4
52.5 to PI Walter, trapped him in front! Up goes the finger, Walter has been crowbarred out! Somerset have No.5 and they are almost in sight of the Essex tail... Bit of turn for Leach, straightening from round the wicket, and that looked a good shout (albeit my angle is from long-on). 131/5
79.5 to RN ten Doeschate, walloped across the line, and Tendo holes out to midwicket! Technically, it's not over yet! Maybe the temptation of that half-century was too great, a chance to free the arms but he spooned it. And now it's four wickets in seven balls for Somerset!. 179/6
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Wed, 23 Sep - day 1 - Somerset 1st innings 119/4 (Eddie Byrom 51*, Steven Davies 13*, 44 ov)
Thu, 24 Sep - day 2 - Somerset 1st innings 301
Fri, 25 Sep - day 3 - Essex 1st innings 271/6 (Jamie Porter 5*, Adam Wheater 0*, 98 ov)
Sat, 26 Sep - day 4 - Somerset 2nd innings 227/7 (Craig Overton 17*, Josh Davey 2*, 67.5 ov)
Sun, 27 Sep - day 5 - Essex 2nd innings 179/6 (80.3 ov) - end of match
  • A team must close their innings at 120 overs in the first innings, as per the regulations.
  • Essex in their first innings closed at 120 overs
Lord's, London
TossEssex, elected to field first
Series resultEssex won the 2020 Bob Willis Trophy
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30
Match days23,24,25,26,27 September 2020 - day (5-day match)
Match Referee
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